Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2019

I'm back to post the exercises for my workout. I got lucky and Jolie posted them first! I, however, kept track of reps, etc. :)

All In Upper Body #276

Shoulder Press: 10's - 16 singles/4 - 1.5's/8 singles
Bicep curls with Band: 5's
1 Arm Shoulder Press: 12# - 16 reps each side
Bicep Curls with Band: 5's -
Upright Rows: 12's - 26 reps
W Curls: 10's - lots
Front Raise: 12# - many reps, weird rep speeds
Hammer Curls: 12's
Lateral Raises: 5's
Sweeper Curls: 15's - 12 reps

Dip: 48 reps (I stopped early)
Pushups off Bench
Standing Overhead Triceps Extensions: 10's - 12 reps
Triceps Pushups
Close Grip Press to Wide Grip Bench Press Alternating: 15's - 13 reps
Band Kickbacks: 20 singles/4 pulses of 3
Chest Flies: 15's
Triceps Band Pressdowns: 8 singles/32 pulses
Pullovers: 15# - 10 reps (went really light here)
Dips: 36 reps (I stopped early)

Pullovers: 15# - 8 - 1.5's
Hip Hinge Rear Flies: 10's
Seated T Band Pull: Tons, I hardly did any of these
1 Arm Rows: 20# - 20 reps
Band Straight Arm Press Backs: 48 reps (I stopped way early)
Band Y's: 24 reps (I stopped early)
1 Arm Horz. Rows: 15#
Band Posture Pulls: 10 singles/3 hold pulls
1 Arm Back Flies/1 Arm Row/Back Fly: 8# - 12 flies/4 rows/8 flies each side
Close Grip Band Pulls: a million reps (I did 10)

I cannot believe how many reps of the Close Grip Band Pulls she did, I bet at least 100, they went on forever. No wonder people are getting injured!!

So my right side is REALLY sore and tight. After this workout I stretched for quite a while. I have knots again and I'm pressing them out right now. My DH got me electrodes to try on my muscles but I'm scared to use them. Have any of you ever used them before?

Jolie - Too funny that your burned the same calories as me, that is weird!!! Great job on the workout!! I had extra time to workout today because I'm off until Thursday. Yay!!

Diane - I am taking all the supplements you listed, I'm starting to think none of them are doing anything but wasting my money. I'm about ready to find a good One A Day supplement and say goodbye to all the stuff I am taking. Nothing helps my muscles, it's so frustrating. Great job with your workout!!

Roselyn - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew you'd pass. So now what? Will you work in a salon? How exciting, I am so happy for you!!! I'm also glad to hear how well you are recovering from your surgery. You a da bomb!!!

Belinda - Nice job on Buff Upper Body, that is a fun one!! Kicking butt!!!

Doreen - I have not heard of those workouts, either. Have you tried the Jingle All The Way CL workout yet? That one looks fun, I might try it tomorrow or Wednesday.
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Debbie, great workout. I keep thinking the same thing about all of the supplements. I have read up on a lot and the medical end of it suggests that most do not even get even get absorbed well. Better to eat right according to most of the things I have read. Anyway I do remember noticing a difference when I first discovered collagen. At the time I was using glucosamine chondroitin and always still hurt. Then I bought some skin supplement that had collagen in it and when I ran out I realized that it was what was helping my joints because the pain had receded and it came back. But, I think the body adapts to things. Periodically I have let something go for awhile. Then all of this heart stuff and the nodule on my lung and I wondered why I was trying so hard. I have been pretty good with diet and use of fish oil for quite some time. The only thing I can think of with the heart stuff is maybe too much of fat in general? Maybe too much coconut milk and coconut oil although they have no cholesterol. So, I am working on the diet again.
Oh, is that the tens unit?? They did that every day with them attached to my upper back just below the neck on left and right and two a bit lower and back of shoulder blades. They gave me a hot pillow which was a pad heated and put inside a pillow case with a towel around it and then put the tens unit on me. It is supposed to help the brain pain thing. That is what I was told. Funny, they would ask me when I felt it and when they should stop as they turned up the current. For some reason I had to have it really high to feel it much. Twice their alarms went off and said it was too high. I kind of liked the feel. It was better than the pain. LOL My brother got one for his knees. I don't think it has helped him much. Anyway that is how they started with me having that on me for 10 minutes. Then I started all of the stretching and moves. You should try it anyway and see if it helps.
Nice workout. They had me do the posture pulls, I am guessing that is with the arms held close to the sides and rotating out and in, at PT. I have done them at home too. They never had me do more than 30 repetitions of any move. Some of the movement patterns are hard to count. I try to get it down , but it takes a few times through the workouts to get some sort of idea how to count the moves. Sometimes I just write "lots"


Good morning,

I went to the gym at 5:30 a.m to get my workout in :) I did Cardio Coach 4 got almost 7000 steps in. Had an amazing workout this morning.

Last night I took a intro Pilates reformer machine class. I was very intimated by the reformer machine at first. Working out on the reformer is hard. The instructor had use TRX bands, a pilates ball while on the machine. I never used the reformer before. DD takes the adv. pilates reformer classes 2-3 times a week. She loves it and wanted me to try one out. I liked it. It's harder than I thought. Felt it in my core/hamstrings.The classes are expensive here in DC. One hour class is $39 :( They do have for hotel guest deal for $60 for a week. I probably will do the hotel deal when I know I will be staying in DC for a week.

Jolie - thanks for the recommendation on CL Buff Upper Body. Really like it. The workout you and Debbie did yesterday looks amazing. I still have a lot of downloads I have to go through before I sign up for CL.

Roselyn - congratulations! How is your hip doing?

Debbie - that workout you and Jolie did yesterday. Looks amazing. Fantastic job! Enjoy your time off. You deserve it. Sorry you still dealing with your shoulder.

Doreen - I have heard of him years ago, but like you said his workouts are expensive. The hip hop step workouts look like fun and very fast moving. He doesn't give any instructions from the video clips I saw. I guess, you kinda have to know what he is doing. It does look fun! Let us know how you like it.

Diane - great job on all your workouts yesterday.

Roxie - hope you having an amazing workout today.

Wishing you all Happy and safe New Year!
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Today I tried the newest CL live - #277 Jingle All The Way. Very fun workout, but high impact, of course - I modified a lot. She broke it down to 10 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of legs, 10 minutes upper body and about 8 minutes with abs. I did the cardio, legs and abs section. I didn't use any weights for the leg section, just my body weight and I still really felt it. My upper body is really sore and my upper back is still tight. I had fun with this workout, it went fast.

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 339 calories (which surprised me), did 2901 steps and HR was 149/211.

Then I walked on my treadmill for 20 minutes, burned 131 calories, went 1 mile and did 2451 steps. HR was 118/141.

Fun stuff.

It is snowing here and I am staying home and putting all my Christmas stuff away. Tired of looking at it.

You all have a wonderful day!!! I'll be back later for personals.
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Jolie Fit

I cannot believe that it is the last day of 2019! I am glad to see it go... I had some really good times this year but it was tough too. I am going into this year with a different mindset, I am lowering my expectations so I don't get disappointed as much :( However, my workouts are another story. Really going to work on working out smarter to avoid injury. Now that I have a treadmill again that will help a lot. I will be lifting lighter and working on better form and probably higher reps. I am also going to focus on a little more cardio and paying attention to my diet better. I want to lean out and be pain free!!!!!!

Today I walked on the TM, 60 minutes, 3.3 miles, 5.5 to 7.0 incline, 3.2 to 3.4 speed and I burned 587 calories. I had to stop half way through to get a granola bar, my blood sugar got really low and I felt light headed. I think I need to eat prior to working out.

Debbie, great workout today and sorry about your soreness. Yes, I have EMS and I love it. I did it total body in the 1980's and boy does it work. I think I might use mine on my lower abs where my C section scare is to help with weak muscles. Start low and work up to higher pulses. I put all of my Christmas stuff away on Sunday and it feels so good to have a less cluttered house and a clean house. I like to go into the new year with less clutter.

Roselyn, congrats on passing your tests! Now you get to start working and getting creative. I would love to go back and get my license again, I love doing hair. I cut my hair off to a really short pixie yesterday and love it. Now I have to get it high lighted though I would like to color it all on color but the upkeep is rough.

Belinda, awesome that you got to take a reformer class. Boy, that is expensive for one class! Great job on your workout this morning, I love getting in a great workout.

Diane Sue, i hope you have a great workout today.

Happy New Years Eve my friends!!!!! Lets kick some butt in 2020!


I did Sculpting RX WO1 this morning.
Then i tried out Extreme HipHop Step 1 with Phil. Woah! What he does isn't really that hard - its just done FAST!! So his basic patterns include step knees, three knee repeaters, LSteps, over and back, ham curls corner to corner, etc..... but it is faster than any other instructor I have ever done! His classes then add their own "extras" like spins and variations on the three knees, etc. It certainly is fun and would be a huge calorie burn/step count once you get it all down!

Then my son came down and wanted to go for a bike ride. (Its 26 degrees here). So we did 3 of the hills by our house. So hard to climb up and so much fun flying back down!!

Anyone getting anything from KCM new year sale?

Debbie - I have not done the Jingle All the Way yet!
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This morning I did Kelly Coffey Strong and Lean weights/strong workout 1 + bonus extension 37 minutes, heart rate average 121 max 159, 897 steps met 4, 145 calories. I then did Strong and Lean workout 2 kickboxing/lean, 32 minutes, heart rate 144 average, 167 max, 200 calories, met 7.4, 3,199 steps. I finished off with Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga neck and shoulder flow, 19 minutes, heart rate 116 average, max 151, 62 calories, met 3.5. Total time was 88 minutes, 4,138 steps, 407 calories.
Strong weights this uses, a barbell me 25#, dumbbells 12# me, tubing I am not sure what Kelly is using as she has one plate on each end of the barbell.
barbell curls 25#, hammer curls/alternating hammer curls 12# dbs, tubing standing reverse fly
rows barbells 25#, plie position rows dbs 12# dbs, standing reverse fly tubing
Lower Body
squats 25# barbell, side to side lunge 12# dbs, side to side step tubing
overhead press/push press 25# barbell, alternating upright row 12# dbs, lateral raise front raise tubing
barbell dips 25#, skull crusher 12# dbs, seated kickbacks tubing
bench press 25# barbell, single arm flys 12# dbs, seated fly/pec dec tubing
BONUS Extension
barbell bridges on step
knee pulls on step, lying on step get up with 1 db I used 10#
lying on step feet on the floor reverse crunch

Debbie, nice job on the workout. Cathe has a hard time doing low impact. Even her low impact workouts seem to get some hopping and jumping around. Sometimes it is best to modify for our own needs. I hope things get better for you.

Belinda, I think Orange Theory has reformers as part of their classes. We checked them out once and I think they were more than 39 dollars for a class. When they gave us a price we thought it was for a month LOL. Who can afford that. Much cheaper for your own equipment and do it at home. Except you get to have classes an learn something. Maybe they have online reformer workouts. The creativity of instructors can make the workout better.

Jolie, I know you had a tough year. You rely on others for happiness that is for sure. You find your own joy and happiness and let it shine. I hope this is a much better year for you. Don't push so hard on those workouts. Numbers are meaningless if you are in pain. So is EMS the same as 10's ? We put the Christmas stuff away Saturday. It sure feels like we have more space :)

Doreen, I don't think I would ride a bike in that cold of temperature. I bet it was fun though :) I think that I have all of Kelly's workouts but 3. I do wish she had her first Step Boxing on her 30 min to fitness on her Raw channel. I don't have the body weight workout or the your healthy back. But they are on the Raw channel. Speaking of the Raw channel, I am having problems getting it back on Roku. My husband accidentally deleted it off the Roku when he was getting rid of things he does not watch. Now it does not seem that Roku has VHX anymore. :(


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