Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2019

Jolie Fit

Today I did CL All in Upper Body # 276 and loved it! This workout is 30 exercises, no Core or Abs, and is done one exercises after another, never repeating an exercise except for dips she did twice. First you work Shoulders and Biceps, then Chest and Triceps and lastly Back. Back is so difficult because your arms are so spent that it is hard to do the pull action in each exercise. Workout was 50 minutes but mine was 56 because I added 3 AB exercises at the end. Total calories burned was 424. I have NO idea how I will blow dry my hair this morning LOL! I want to workout tomorrow, TM work so I will at least have gotten 3 days of exercise in this week. However, I have to drive my son to the airport in the morning so I might not be able to squeeze it in like I would like to.

Doreen, nice job on the workout today, I haven't done that CL workout yet. I am walking on steep inclines on my TM to work legs right now since I have to lean them out big time!!!!

Have a wonderful day, BBL to read your posts.
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I just finished my workout. Jessica Smith Walk Strong and Have Fun two workouts: Step and Stride, 163 calories, heart rate average 133, max 157, 3,413 steps and Steady Read Go 31 minutes, 190 calories, heart rate average 142, max 173, 3,237 steps. I then did Step Boss Abs 2 which uses the step, 11 minutes, heart rate average 114, max 132, 133 steps, 36 calories finishing with Step Boss Chair Stretch, 16 minutes, heart rate average 101, max 117, 27 steps, 25 calories. TOTAL TIME 88 minutes, 414 calories, 6,810 steps :) I will come back in awhile. My husband is off today and I need to get showered.
Today I did a Max Trainer workout, I did Max 10 Peak Burn with Amy Dixon. This one is only 10 minutes but dang, it's hard. It has 10 - 10 second sprints alternating from 4% to 6% incline. Killer! Love this one.

Workout was 14 minutes, burned 99 calories, went .37 miles and did 932 steps. HR are 135/156.

Then I got on my treadmill and did 25 minutes, burned 174 calories, went 1.25 miles and did 2957 steps. HR 125/177.

Hope you all have a great day!!
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Roselyn, I hope that you had a nice Christmas too. Nice that you are still getting your workouts in. I hope your recovery is going well.

Doreen, I have Split Sessions. I have used it quite a lot. The express workout sounds good too.

Jolie, nice calorie burn today. I hope that you can get your treadmill workout fit in tomorrow.

Debbie, nice mix today with both pieces of equipment. I was going to use the interval setting on my my Versa 2 when I was doing the interval cardio the other day and realized it is meant to do your own intervals. It is timed with pauses. I remember setting something somewhere on the times. I don't know if you have checked it out. I just thought it was another exercise setting.


This morning I did step sync Mish mosh premix with the bonus step and then combo one and two. 53 minutes. The intermediate routine really slows things down so I imagine it would be good for those new to step.

Roxie 1965

Good Afternoon,

Rainy here today. DH and I did the treadmill and spin bike together last night which is nice we can be together and workout and this morning I did Raw Kickbox and Pump 2 and like Debbie said the music was perfect. I am looking for a good fitness journal any recommendation?

Jolie Fit

No workout today, there was a lot of traffic from the holiday so I had to leave earlier than I had originally thought to take my son to the airport to go back to school for football practice. They are practicing for the Idaho Potato Bowl on Jan. 3rd and leave tomorrow for Idaho. He should be back around the 6th of January for a week or two.

Doreen, great job on the workout today.

Roxie, that was nice that you and your DH could workout together.

Debbie, great job on the Max trainer and walk today.

I will be working out tomorrow, I am really sore from yesterday's workout.

Happy Saturday,


This morning I did Kelly Coffey one on one cardio sculpt overload. This was the first time I have done the whole workout since I got them. I wore a 4# vest(I think Kelly said somewhere she was using a 6# one) I used the 2# for boxing moves and 12 for most of the rest except snatches which I used 10. Kelly uses 12#. This was 52 minutes, 249 calories, heart rate average 128, max 161, 3,436 steps, met 5.6. I then did Jane Adams 7 practices for your day morning energy, 17 minutes, 40 calories according to map my fitness since I forgot to start my fit bit. I also did Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga back and chest flow, 21 minutes, 30 calories, heart rate average 94, mas 123, 27 steps, met 1.7. Total time was 90 minutes, calories burned 319, 3,528 steps.

Doreen, the bonus step does slow down the moves quite a bit. I like it though. Nice work today.

Roxie, nice that you and your husband worked out together. I don't use a fitness journal. I purchase an agenda book that has lines for writing daily and write down my workouts and stats in that. They are the Bloom Daily Planner. It has been ages since I bought one that was a fitness planner. It has been so long since I spent money on one I cannot remember the names. I used to pick up one at Target years ago. I like room to write.

Jolie, I hope the drive was not too bad going to the airport. So does you son have a long holiday from school? Maybe you needed a bit of rest from yesterday's workout.


Good evening,

Sorry for not checking in yesterday. I did do a 60 min walk on the TM at the gym. We went to the News museum yesterday. Today I took a rest day sort of...we went to a few placed around DC. This evening we went to see the Zoo lights.

I will catch up on personals tomorrow. Great job everyone.
Hi everyone! Can't believe the holidays are almost over. I just got done making all my foods for the week, really need to get back on track. I'm so sick of sugar I can't even stand looking at it. I went way overboard this year. :( I will be weighing myself tomorrow and my goal is to get down to 125# again. I bet I'm at least 132 right now if not more.

Diane - I also tried using the Interval setting on my Fitbit when I had my Ionic and it did what yours did, set an automatic timer to buzz every 10 or 20 seconds. Weird. I was hoping I could use it for interval training. I use the Workout setting instead. I just wish that one would keep track of steps. I know I can see the steps when I look at the details of the workout through the app, but it would be cool if it showed it on the watch like it does when you are on the treadmill setting. Nice job on your workouts this weekend.

Doreen - Step Sync sounds fun. I might have to buy that series. I really don't need anymore DVD's, though. Nice job on your workouts.

Roxie - That is cool that you and your DH workout together. I didn't think he was much into fitness? My DH sure isn't. Great job on your workout and I hope your Christmas was great!

Jolie - Hope you have a great workout today!!! I should get off my lazy butt and do something, but I just don't have it in me. One more day of being lazy and then I'm back at it.

Belinda - Sounds like you are having fun in D.C.! Cool that you got to see the lights at the zoo. I wanted to do that this year at the Cleveland Zoo but we never had time. Maybe next year.

Have a great day everyone!!

Jolie Fit

Today I had a kick butt cardio workout on my TM. I walked 1 hour, 6.5 incline, 3.4 speed and traveled 3.5 miles burning 661 calories. My foot and ankle are still a little sore, I probably need to have a professional adjustment, though I have to say, I did a great job myself! If feels so good to move again! I had a huge Green Juice yesterday and that tasted great and fresh after eating all of that bad stuff during the holidays. I gained so much weight this year, my goal is to loose 10 pounds by my Birthday in June. I know I can do it, so I need you all to motivate me when I need it. :) All of my tests for my Cervical issue came back perfect and well as my blood and the MRI on my arm, nothing bad. I feel really good going into this year health wise, the only thing is managing my stress due to my son. Other than that, things are looking up!!!!

Roselyn, good luck, you will do great! It is super easy just stay relaxed and remember, "you got this, you are prepared"!

Debbie, you should get on your TM and walk, it will make you feel sooooo good today:) You have to try that upper body workout that I did the other day, it was Awesome!!!! I love that type of workout, Cathe nailed that one, I am still sore. :)

BBL to read your posts. Have a happy Sunday. I am starting to take my Christmas decorations down, I have had them up for 2 months.

Going to juice today, lots of veggies and some fruit.


I did some of Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga before church this morning. My hips and low back were stiff when I got up this morning. Nothing else though.

Belinda, it sounds like you are busy having fun with your family.

Debbie, I wish the fit bit would show the steps while I am working out so I can see how to increase them. It seems I use the workout setting a lot. I do use kickboxing and yoga. Sometimes I will use circuit, but there is so many different types of circuit training. Then when I do a Home Gym Interval type workout I just use workout. I didn't notice a treadmill setting. I will have to check it out next time I use the Tread Climber. It may not work as well there though. Have you tried logging your foods in the Fit Bit dashboard? It seems to have a pretty good food database. I tried it yesterday and today. I wish it showed saturated fat and cholesterol though.
I have those years where it seems I am eating sweets like crazy and those where I am proud of myself for being careful. It is tough when people send you things like homemade candies and fudge and leave pies. I had two pieces of pecan pie left for me in the freezer and ate one after Christmas and felt so ill afterward. So that ended the sweet tooth.

Roselyn, good luck tomorrow. I hope that all goes great for you.

Roselyn, nice workout today. I am so happy that your tests came out good. I am sure that lifts a load of stress off of you there.


I did CL #26 - CycleFit for 30 minutes this morning and then Stepboxing2 workout one this morning.

Have you guys ever seen the extreme hip hop step with Phil DVDs? I see some of his step workout clips pop up on Youtube every now and again and they look fun. I've looked at his DVDs before but they were really expensive!! I discovered this weekend that he has a streaming app and I'm thinking of checking out the 7 day free trial.
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This morning I did CL #276 - All In Upper Body, the one Jolie did. It is a fun workout. 30 exercises and only 1 is repeated. I think I overdid it with the shoulder and back work, though. My right trap and neck is tight and sore again. :( Sick of this crap. But I did have a great workout. I will be back to this post later and add the exercises so you can all see how it went.

That workout was 1 hour (50 minutes but I was writing down all the exercises), I burned 437 calories, did 1622 steps and HR was 134/171.

I also walked on my treadmill for 35 minutes, burned 35 calories, went 1.68 miles and did 4114 steps. HR was 118/128.

I will be back later!

Jolie Fit

Ok, this is soooo weird!!! I did Cathe live All In Upper Body like Debbie did and got the exact same calorie burn!!!!!! I wrote it down before I even read her post and it is exactly the same. I wrote down the exercises today so if you all want to see it here you go. I did not put the rep count, I couldn't keep track.

Shoulder Press
Bicep curls with Band
1 Arm Shoulder Press
Bicep Curls with Band
Upright Rows
W Curls
Front Raise
Hammer Curls
Lateral Raises
Sweeper Curls

Dips, I did Lying Triceps Ext.
Pushups, I did Chest Press
Standing Overhead Triceps Ext.
Triceps Pushups I did Kickbacks
Close Grip Press to Wide Grip Bench Press Alternating
Kickbacks, palms to the sky
Chest Flies
Triceps Cable Press Downs instead of using the band
Dips, I did Lying Triceps Ext.

Hip hing rear delt flies
Seated T Band Pulls, I did Wide Grip Cable Pull Downs
1 Arm Rows
Band Straight Arm Press BAcks
Straight arm Band pulls
1 Arm Horz. Rows
Posture Pulls
1 Arm Back Flies
Close Grip Band Pulls

Wow, I went a little heavier on a couple exercises and will probably go up some more the next time I do the workout.

Debbie, nice job on the workout, sorry your back and shoulder area feels bad again :( Maybe a nice stretch is in store. How nice that you had the time today to walk on the treadmill too! Great job :)

Doreen, Nice job on the workout today. NO , I have not heard of that workout.

Roselyn, good luck today.

Belinda, I love that Cathe live workout you did today, I have done it quite a few times in the past.

Diane Sue, I hope you have a good workout today. I have to get serious with my food so I am making extra lean ground turkey with zucchini for lunch and dinner today. I sprinkle a tiny bit of parmesan cheese on the zucchini and it is really good. I am also going to sprouts to see what looks good in terms of veggies, maybe I will make some kind of Goulash to eat this week.

Have a nice day, BBL to read personals.
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This morning I did Step Boss Step Sync mish mosh all step + double finished product. This is the finished product done 4 times. This was 65 minutes, 336 calories, met 6.0, heart rate average 128, max 153, 6,797 steps. I really felt the calorie burn was off as Cathe had 516 and 7.20 met in the workout manager and Map My Fitness had 531. Oh, well I got a lot of steps. I then did the Step Boss extended stretch lying 10 minutes, 17 calories. Total time was 75 minutes, 353 calories, 6,797 steps. My watch is not wanting to sync this morning, Wasted a lot of time. I finally shut the phone down and restarted and I got the cardio to sync but not the stretch. I wanted to do some good weight work this week to build strength back, but my left trap and neck are hurting and my low back is sore. So, I just did the cardio.

Debbie, I feel for you. I know though that the left side of my neck is where the space is narrowed so I have to be easy on it. I was hoping that all of this stretching would open things up a bit. I guess it is inflamed and I have let up on most of my supplements. They are so costly. May be some of my problem though. I still have my multi, B,C, E,D, magnesium calcium, and tumeric that I am taking. Eventually I will start picking back up on the other items. Oh, and I did add ubiquinol to my arsenol. I need to replace the krill with astaxathin supplement back and l glutamine. I think that l gluthione would be better though. You had a great workout today and lots of calories. I hope that soreness lets up for you.

Belinda, I remember buff upper body. It is a good workout.

Doreen, the Phil workouts sound interesting. I have not heard of them though.


Jolie, I guess I was typing when you posted. Nice work today. That is funny that you and Debbie got the same calorie burn and everything. That looks like a good workout. I love zucchini, but have kind of eliminated it because I read that if you have ragweed allergies you should not eat zucchini. I have a recipe that I love and made a lot in the past that used diced chicken and zucchini and was done as a stir fry. It was always simple and tasted great. I need to go shopping so have been limited on meal choices lately. I told my husband we are eating some of the things I need to get rid of anyway.
I passed I am a cosmetologist thanks for all the encouragement

Today I did shoulders and walked on treadmill I think tomorrow I am going to try a leg barre workout i am 6 weeks post op going to go slow and see how i feel I am ready to start cardio but see surgeon Jan !0

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