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Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

I did LiiFT 4 Week 1 D3 Shoulders and holy cow Inhad to drop Down to three’s on the last two rounds of my shoulders were fried, mainly used 10’s and 8’ started with 5’s for the first set of the last two exercises then dropped to threes modified on the burpees now everything is sore. I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes after. The clips of the new workouts are making me excited.

Debbie-there is a before LiiFT too get you ready they are 20 minute workouts but I think I will just stick with these they are fun.


Belinda-I have small hands two so the bigger weights are hard to hold onto
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Debbie - I know how you feel not getting your leg workout in. Hang in there! Great job this morning.

Roxie - great job on shoulders this morning. Those are tough. Small hands makes it tough to hold heavier DB's.

Doreen - welcome! Does that mean you stop posting in the other thread :)
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Jolie Fit

Doreen, welcome to this check in!

Today will be a forced rest day because I went to bed with a sore throat and slight cough so today I am laying low. I do not want to get sick for my trip to Nevada at Christmas to visit my son at school. Also, I have an early appointment to get my hair highlighted so it would have been a rushed short workout anyway.

Everyone is kicking butt on their workouts this month! I have to stop eating so many holiday treats!!!! :(

I will check back later to read all of your posts. Happy Friday.
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Jolie - sorry to hear you are not feeling well today. Rest is always good. Enjoy your trip to Nevade at Christmas with your son. I hear you on the holiday treats. Usually I do better. Bought some cookies for a cookie exchange. I thought for some reason it was on Thursday. The cookie exchange isn't until Saturday :( Well, can't stop eating them :( Thank goodness, I only bought a few I like.


This morning I did Coffey Fit Raw Compound Moves, 31 minutes, heart rate average 105, max 146, met 4.1 140 calories, 809 steps, using 10# dumbbells. I then did Raw Intervals # 4 using 15# dumbbells for everything except the overhead press moves which I switched to 10's for. This was 41 minutes, heart rate average 127, max 175, met 5.9, 267 calories, 2,485 steps. I finished off with Les Mills Body flow 19 minutes of #72, met 2.0, 42 calories. Total time 72 minutes, 449 calories. I have to go out on errands so will come back and read posts in awhile.


Belinda, nice work today :) Holiday baking throws me off. I have family here this Sunday and grandchildren around next week, plus a ladies game day and brunch Tuesday so I am making cookies and coffee cake. I know I won't, not eat some of the goodies. Plus chips will be in the house Sunday!!

Debbie, I have to remind myself to cross train. It could be, because you mostly run. My knee surgeon told me to cross train. He said he was an avid runner for years and had to stop. Maybe once you get past this, switch up the cardio. I tend to forget and start doing a lot of one thing and have to remind myself to mix it up. Yes, Les Mills Combat is kick boxing. Different types of martial arts moves. The music is so much fun and I have always loved the workouts. Maybe I can find a video clip. Do they have any of the older Les Mills combat workout from the dvds on demand? The abs and core work is tough too. I really do like it :) It is my right hip and hip flexor that gives me problems. It did not used to do that, but after the left knee torn miniscus and healing it seemed to have caused some sort of imbalance I am having to deal with.

Doreen, welcome to the check in ;)

Roxie, nice job on the workout today.

Jolie, I hope you get to feeling better. Feeling great for the trip is the most important thing. I color my own hair and my husband cuts it, so there is no trips to a salon unless I just feel like it :)

Roselyn, those Grit workouts look like they have a lot of high impact. I have been a bit afraid to try after doing the Les Mills Cardio which was sort of a pre-curser to the Grit workout. The Body Pump workouts are fun and really do have the muscles on fire.
Today I did a bodypump class I think I will keep Les Mills for awhile the workouts are different and at first i thought bodypump really is not a high weight workout but soon learned why!! Alot of reps and I think bodies need a shock sometimes.

Welcome Doreen
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This morning I did Les Mills On Demand Body Combat # 68, 64 minutes( actual less as I started a few moves from another and switched and a run down stairs twice for Gertie) heart rate average 125, max 158, met 6.0 424 calories(I used Map My Fitness Setting for Body Combat and it says 505) 5,294 steps. I then did Les Mills CWORX # 28, 15 minutes, heart rate average 97, max 113, met 3.1, 51 calories, 68 steps. This had bear crawls and weighted side planks along with holds. I used 10 and 5# weight plate. Total time was 79 minutes, 475 calories, 5,992 steps.

Roselyn, Body Pump is rather a shock. Really with all of those workouts I can see why the instructors are so fit.

Jolie Fit

Today I feel great, I think I needed a rest day and a good nights sleep with a ton of Vitamin C! Today I did Cathe Live Hardstrikes, I love this one because it is boxing with leg drills and weights. A ton of variety and I get the best workout and it is low impact. I used 1 and 2 pound gloves and boy did that make the difference from a hard workout to a really hard workout. I also used heavier weights than Cathe but went at a slower pace. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 561 calories.

Diane Sue, I cut my own hair, I went to Cosmetology school when I was young, but I cant do the highligths with all of the foils myself. I actually like to treat myself and have some girl time because I do everyone's hair in my family. Nice job on the Les Mills today and nice calorie burn too!

Roselyn, I have never tried Body Pump. I really need to do these workout when I am done with Cathe Live. I believer we need to shock our system to get better results. I am doing these different types of workouts now and seeing tons of results compared to heavy lifting. Variety is the spice of life!

Nice workouts everyone. Have a wonderful day.
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Hi everyone,

I did iClimb today. It was a blast from the past. I need to remember to pull those out once in awhile.

Jolie - glad you are feeling much better today. I love kickboxing workouts. Good job on Hardstrike today.

Diane Sue - holy smokes on your workouts this morning. You sure using LM :) I love the variety on LM. I did really good not to eat a lot of junk, not sure what got into me :( I will not take any cookies home. They all can keep them.

Debbie - hope you enjoy your weekend.

Roxie - what are you up to today? Hope you having fun.

Roselyn - I also enjoy LM workouts. Good job!

DH and I will go to a cookie exchange :) I bought all the cookies today, I will not take any home.
Hey guys :)

Just checking in seeing what’s up with you heavy players. Hm....I realized I didn’t post Friday workout, dang....

I did Kick Punch Punch premix standing legs & abs. I really didn’t feel like working out, I was sore, but I pushed myself and thought you rest Saturday and I had a fantastic workout did some X to.

In a bit I’m headed to Sam’s Club, get some things; I’m cooking for my son birthday party tomorrow night.

Nice workouts guys. Check in tomorrow.


Jolie, that is a good Low Impact version of Hard Strikes. That is good that you got some rest. I have not slept well the last few nights and am starting to really feel it.

Belinda, I think these Les Mills workouts Combat and Pump are a bit more intense than the dvds. Kind of like the Combat deluxe set dvds. I find myself doing more burpees and jumping than are in the original sets and there are different move combos on the Pump workouts.

Doz, have fun cooking dinner. I made cookies last night and today for our family get together. Fortunately it is easy with sandwiches and chips :) Have fun and great job with the workouts.


Good morning,

W 6 D1 Chest/Tricep Circuit is done

# 1/ 10 reps/3 rounds
Rotating Chest Press 25's
Skull Crushers 15's
Chest Flys 15's
Cross body ext. 12's

# 2
Chest Press 25's
Triceps Press 25's, dropped to 20's...my arms were fried at this point!
Decline Press 20's
Triceps Kickbacks 12's

Burnout round;15 sec break/ 3 rounds
Wide pushups
Triceps pushups

Side Crunches
DB Flutter Kicks


Diane Sue - I agree, the workouts are a lot tougher than the dvd's. I haven't done any Pump workouts yet. I am to tired after L4 to do another weight workout. Maybe I will give it a try soon.

I will be back later.
Today I started Week 4 of LIIFT4 and worked my Chest & Tri's. I'm telling you all, if you use heavy weights with this series, you will feel it. OMG, my arms are still like jelly. This one was brutal!!!

3 sets/10 reps per circuit round
Round 1
Chest Press: 22's
Close Grip Dumbbell Press: 15's
Chest Flies: 22's
Kickbacks: 10's
Very tough to get through. Great group of exercises!

Round 2
Decline Chest Press w/Bridge: 22's
Skull Crushers: 15's
Rotating Chest Press: 22's
Cross Body Extensions: 10#
Another great group of exercises, my triceps were screaming.

Burnout Round
Wide Pushups
Triceps Pushups
3 sets 30 seconds each with minimal rest. I could not keep going on these, they were HARD!!!

Reaching Situps
3 sets/30 seconds each with minimal rest.

Workout was 47 minutes, burned 318 calories and my HR was 129/181.

Ran out of time so wasn't able to do anything else.

Diane - Thanks for the video on Les Mills Combat, I will check it out later.

Belinda - Awesome job this morning, that one is like mine. You used some excellent weights there! Nice going!!!

No time for personals, nice job with your workouts this weekend!! Have a great day everyone!!!


Debbie - haven't lifted that heavy since I did the Pyramid Up/Down STS rotation. Two more weeks, I am done with the first round of L4. I will do anther round after this one. Love the workouts and time. Fantastic job on your workout this morning and weights too.
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Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

LiiFT 4 WK2 D1 and man this was killer but I feel it in my Tri’s and Shoulders more than my chest. I used 12’s,10’s and 8’s had to skip the last set of wide pushups and tricep pushups my shoulders couldn’t take it. I stopped the headache medication last night it wasn’t helping and I didylike the way it was making me feel.

Debbie-good job today, even without going extremely heavy these workouts are great, but hopefully I will work my way up.
Hey guys,

Well, start by saying NO workout in two days, Saturday after me and sis left Sam’s Club, we end that night with drinks, and oh boy! Sunday got up with a bit of a hang over, thinking about all I had to do for son my BP mainly cooking I decided or should I say didn’t feel up to working out. Lasts night, was his party, went really good, got up late. However back with my workout tomorrow.

And too, I got up this morning and I did the big chop, yep cut my Locs after having them for 13 years, I just felt like I needed a change; and besides that they was way to long and heavy. I feel free, my sis coming over after work to trim my it’s itsy bitsy Afro.

Man oh man, checked out Cathe new series, love it. I waited for her to preview before I brought them love this series.

Okay guys, I’m off to Marc’s to pick up few things, see you tomorrow have a great day.:):):)
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This morning I had so much wasted time. I am not sure how much time I will have for workouts this week. Map My Fitness was not working on my tablet and I kept trying to get a new password and it would say it was sent to my email to reset and nothing. My Fit Bit did not do the sleep stages last night so I shut it down this morning and made sure it was charged. It did terrible for the workout.
I did Less Mills Pump and forgot to write down which # it was. It was a full workout. With interruptions and adjustments it took me 63 minutes, originally supposed to be 56 minutes. LOL Fit Bit had me at 156 calories, Map My Fitness(I used my cell phone since) with the Body Pump setting and it said I had 550 calorieso_O So, I used my heart rate and calorie calculator along with my usual met value and came up with 313 calories at met 4.5 which is probably correct, 1,253 steps. These are non stop fast paced workouts. This one was particularly filled with shoulder work, including the warm up.
Workout was like this tracks generally around 5 minutes give or take a minute
squat track 40# barbell
back track 30# barbell and 12# dumbbell in place of single plate they used
this was squat presses with deadlifts and rows
Triceps track used a weight plate 12# dumbbell for me
overhead extensions, dips, push ups
Biceps 25# barbells , 12# dumbbells in place of plates ( I noticed the guys were using 22# plates and the girls lighter) curls with variations and the breaks are row and curls
lunge/squat track 15# dumbbell instead of plate The ladies were using 11# and the guy that was using a weight plate 22# This is reverse lunge sequences with pulses and some speed as it builds with a squat pulls as a break between all right then on to left
shoulders track 20# barbell and 8# dumbbells is what I used the guys used 11# weight plates and I think the bar was loaded to around 27# total. This does the same moves with the plates as they do the barbell alternating. upright row, front raise, and push press. I was worried about my shoulders on this. So many overhead presses today.
Abs done with a plate . I used 10# this was crunches, weight plate twist right left 2X then crunch repeat as a sequence It was not a long track and did not have any plank stuff.
I have to run a couple of errands and get some things done today.

Debbie, nice work with week #4

Roxie, I was struggling with some of the push ups today and my shoulders are fried. I hope you will be okay without the headache medicine.

Doz, I bet the hair cut made you feel like a new person :) Sorry you were not up to the workouts. I just ate too much junk over the weekend. I always pay for it.

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