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Debbie, I know you don't have facebook, but Kelly usually takes requests on her facebook page for ideas. I sometimes would like a kickbox only too. I would also like some body part only workouts. Have you tried stepboxing following the no step person? Really Raw is her newest workout along with I think a floor work or no weight workout which I only did a little of because it started out with pushup plank type moves and my shoulder and chest was bothering me. I like really raw and the way she does some single sided work. Like when she moves to the kettlebell bench presses, they are done one sided. Same with biceps curls with the kettlebell, and the single leg deadlift. This one she filmed a workout that she had just planned on doing as one of her routine workouts. She kind of gets into the music and I know you will recognize the tunes. It is a good one. Love it. Do you think it is tightness in the hamstrings or a pull or something that just needs to heal, maybe without stretching? Maybe just heat for healing and some epsom salts soaks.


Good morning,

BODY ATTACK 99 full workout is done. I should have done the Express one, lol.Very fun and sweaty workout and fun moves. I had to modify a lot of the high impact moves. Still got a good workout in.

Debbie - sorry about your hamstring. Hope it feels better soon. I had my share on injuries. I know how you feel. Great job on KCM this morning. I am still sore too. LOVE, LOVE these workouts. I agree :) working your abs into a workout is better than doing it as a add one. I always skipped the abs in Cathe's workouts :(

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
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Jolie Fit

Today I did Cathe Live Hard Strikes using 1 pound gloves and then for the weight work I used 10#, 12# and 15# DB's. Workout was 1 hour and 2 minutes and I burned 548 calories! I added a few extra exercises at the end because I don't like planks so I did other AB exercises. WOW, this was really hard but it is low impact HIIT workout and I could do almost every exercises!!!!! No need to modify since it really was low impact. I have to tell you, there are so many leg drills that this can be my legs for the week! :)

Debbie, nice workout and do the kicks hurt your hamstrings? I cannot kick when my hamstrings or hip flexors are tight. My son who plays football says to icing your injury like they do in football with ice baths. Maybe the heat isn't right and cold should be applied? IF it wasn't winter I would say to sit in a ice bath but that could be hard for your since it is so cold for you outside already!

Roxie, great job with the workout!!!!!!! Keep up the good work girl, you are killing it!!! :)

Belinda, I hate HIIT too! There is such a dread factor for me that I tend to skip those workouts. At least they have a modifier for people to follow, that certainly helps. I always resort to some sort of squats to sub because my legs are my worst part of my body in terms of fat!!!!

Roselyn, I hope you have a great workout today!

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout today. I am making turkey meatballs today Greek style with spinach, garlic and some greek cheese. Yum. I ate some of my mom's home made cookies yesterday and that was a big NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! Back eating better today but gosh it is hard during the holidays with treats around the house for the guys. My son wants to put on 15 pounds while he is home for the New Year so that is going to kill me!

DOZ, I hope you have a great workout today.

I have to finish my Christmas shopping and get my cards out!!!!!


Today I did Les Mills Body Step #109 full workout. I kind of think it is better to get familiar with the workout because because they change step height and angles. This workout changed the height several times. THis was 56 minutes, heart rate average 131, max 172, 371 calories, met 6.0, 4,308 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Floor Work # 2 since I still had not done this one. Yep, Debbie, I heard a toilet flush LOL This was 41 minutes, met 3.0, 136 calories, heart rate 99 average, 134 max, 202 steps. Kelly says you can add light ankle weights for those hip exercises, but I did not use any this time. I had light weight work in the body step (5# dbs) and want to do a heavier weight work either tomorrow or Friday so did not want to push it. Total time was 97 minutes, 507 calories, 4,510 steps. I need to type up the moves. I will post them.

Belinda, those body attack workouts are tough. My problem is I have this thing of pushing to do what the instructors do. Down to doing heavier weights like the guys on Body Pump. I am getting a bit better about it though, just because I do not enjoy the pain when I mess myself up ;)

Jolie, holidays always are tough. I had this crazy urge for apple pie the other day so I made a healthier version of apple crisp with coconut sugar, gluten free oats, pure maple syrup, grass fed butter etc. Still a calorie and sugars thing. I missed not having a fruit pie on Thanksgiving. I am going to take one to my daughter's for Christmas. Not too many goodies here though with just my husband and I. I am getting ready to whip up some sugar cookie dough ahead of time because my granddaughter will be home from college next week and will stay here a couple of nights while she is doing the before and aftercare at the school she used to go to till their Christmas break. We are closer. I also have the 4 and 9 year old overnight on Tuesday and taking them to school Wed. Sunday is family brunch and we are doing sandwiches and chips which is another tough one. I am more prone to hitting the chips. I was thinking about making a buffalo chicken dip and put out some veggies. I bought some almond thin crackers. Maybe that will help a bit. It seems like packing on 15# over the holidays would be mostly fat doing it that quickly. Not necessarily a healthy thing.

Roxie 1965

Good Afternoon,

I did a StudioSweat Spin Christmas Slay Ride w/Cat 35 minutes 9.0 miles 364 calories burned.

Debbie- I requested pure boxing workout from KCM and I can request a Kickboxing workout for you. I am really sore in my chest and triceps today had trouble getting out of bed.

Jolie- thank you I am trying.

Diane Sue-good job today

Belinda-nice workout
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Roxie, nice work today. That must have been some fast pedaling for that ride :) I think that my legs would be toast.

Doz, nice work on the slow steady jog and core attack. Maybe tomorrow won't be so crazy. Things happen though ;)
Today was LIIFT 4 Shoulders and I had a great workout. Loved the way he combined the exercises in this one, very tough.

I warmed up with Cathe's GS Shoulders, Back and Biceps.

3 sets/10 reps each and the HiiT movements were 30 seconds each.
SS #1
Front Raise:
Upright Rows: 20's
HiiT: Alternate Jump Squats (I did moderated version)

SS #2
Lateral Raise:
Shoulder Press: 15's/15's/12's
HiiT: Speed Skaters
I do not know why I can't increase on the shoulder presses. I only got to the 8th rep with the 2nd set.

SS #3
Shoulder Flies:
Swimmers: 5's (these are hard but I liked them)
HiiT: Squat Jumps (did moderated version)

Abs: 3 sets/30 seconds
Weighted Side Crunch: 10#
Windshield Wipers with Legs straight

Workout was 36 minutes, burned 233 calories. HR was 130/160. I also did the Stretch workout they provide and it was pretty good, only 9 minutes but enough to stretch out. I liked it.

Diane - I emailed Kelly and she responded and said that she was planning on doing a pure kickboxing RAW workout but she's waiting on Lori to find time to do it with her. I can't wait!!! I will check out that RAW workout, I won't be able to do it until I'm done with LIIFT, though. I'm not sure what is going on with the hamstring, I can't believe it's torn. It happened when I did RAW Hips & Glutes and that was mostly all pizza presses and hydrants. I'm thinking my hamstring just got knotted up and it's taking forever for it to release. I hope anyways. I tried ice last night like Jolie recommended and it does feel a bit better today. I will keep doing that for a few days. LOL on the toilet flushing!! That cracks me up. I have done a few workouts where they change the step height and I don't care for those kinds of workouts. I can't use a step much anymore anyways. Oh, and I haven't tried Kelly's Step Boxing yet, I will and I will follow the moderator. Maybe I'll do that next Wednesday.

Belinda - Is Body Attack 99 a Les Mills workout? Thanks on the hamstring, I know we all have gone through something like this at some point. It comes with the workout territory!! Nice job with your workout.

Jolie - Kelly's kickboxing doesn't have much kicking moves, the only thing she adds in is jumping jacks and shuffles and some side kicks here and there, but nothing major. And that doesn't seem to bother my hamstring anyways. I took your advice and put an ice pack on my hamstring last night. The muscle reacted to it immediately. I actually could feel it doing something, it was weird. I will keep doing that for a few days, hopefully it will help. Ice is the only thing that helps the knots in my upper back, I should have tried it on my hamstring. Thanks for the advice! Great job with your workout!

Roxie - Nice job with the spin workout. 9 miles is awesome!! I bet you were sweating up a storm. I emailed Kelly and she will be doing a KB workout soon! Yay!!

DOZ - Nice with your workout yesterday! How did you like Core Attack?

Roselyn - Hope you had a great workout yesterday!!!
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Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

I did LiiFT 4 Back & Biceps I liked this one no HiiT just lifting. I think I am going to go back and start at the beginning with before LiiFT and 50/50 to do the program right. I saw the clip for Cardio Partynand I really like this workout Cathe looks like she is having fun.

Debbie-I knew she was waiter Lori to do a pure boxing workout. Take care of that hamstring and good job today.

Diane Sue-at one time the speed of the music was 115mph but with my short legs I could only get to 111.
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This morning I started with Les Mills on Demand Body Attack Express #101, 31 minutes, heart rate average 141, 164 max, 2,827 steps, 205 calories, met 6.0. I followed this with Les Mills Remix Combat and Yoga #1 doing the combat monitoring and the yoga separate. This was from Combat # 198, and Body Ballance Body Flow 69. Combat was 31 minutes, heart rate average 142, max 177, met 6.1, 209 calories, 2,762 steps. The yoga segment was 15 minutes, met 2.0, 34 calories, 50 steps. Total time was 77 minutes, 448 calories, 5,639 steps. There were so many push ups in this Body Attack. The last segment was so many push ups and just when you think you should be done they go for 32 more. I got up and did jacks and jogging!

Debbie, great workout today. That is odd that that Hips and Glutes workout would do that. Maybe it just pushed something that was already there to it's limits. I hope that you can work it out. I find ice works better for me most of the time over heat. I put ice packs on my neck and shoulder when it is painful just to help the inflammation and swelling that is probably causing pressure on the nerves. I could not use the step for quite some time when I had the knee problem. I just have to remind myself now that I can get away with it, but not to do it as a steady daily thing. The Step Boxing is fun and the moderator seems to do a good job of intensifying the floor moves. I have followed her for portions of the workout just to get a feel for it when doing the workout.

Roxie, that is pretty fast for speed. I will have to check out the clip. I did not pre-order, but am sure at some point I will be purchasing.

Jolie Fit

Today I did Cathe Live Upper Body Sculpting and loved it! Workout was 56 minutes and I burned 459 calories. This was a tuff workout because I am sore and tired from yesterdays workout. I know that I am lifting almost everyday but my body is loving it! I am not lifting really heavy since I am doing higher rep workouts. I have also cut out some protein and added more carbs and my body is loving that as well. My arms are getting really ripped that my boys actually noticed and said something to me:) This workout moves very fast and there are NO rests.

Seated Over head Press various pattern- 15's x 24
Rear Flies- 10's x 10, x 10, x 10 ( not rest except for 5 seconds between sets )
Lateral Raise Thumbs Up- 8's x 8 Super Set with x 8, x 8
Front Raise- 8's x 8, x 8, x 8
Arnold Press- 12's x 16, x 16

1 Arm Rows- 25# x 16, x 16 ( 2 rounds of this Giant Set )
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50# x 16, x 16
DB Pull Overs- 24# x 16, x 16
Narrow Grip Pull Downs- Palms facing down- 30# x 16, x 16 ( these were tuff stuff)

Chest Press- 20's x 16, x 16 ( 2 rounds )
Chest Flies- 15's x 16, x 16
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x 16, x 16
Narrow Grip Chest Press- 12's x 16, x 16

Lying Ext.- 12# x 16, x 16 ( 2 rounds )
Cross Body- 10# x 16, x 16
Kickbacks- 8's x 16, x 16

Traditional Curls- 15's x 16, x 16 ( 2 rounds )
W Curls- 12's x 16, x 16
Hammer Curls- 15's x 16, x 16
Hammer Curls with a twist- 12's x 16, x 16
Conc. Curls for 40 seconds- 10# x 27 each side


DeadLifts instead of Planks- 15's x 20, x 20


Debbie, I am so glad to hear the ice is working. I called my son last night and his Trainer at football for the University said to ice it as much as possible. IF there is inflammation, which he said there is because that is what causes the pain, heat wont work. He also said to sit in an Epson Salt Bath and that will really do a lot too! Great workout today.

Diane Sue, wow on the workout today. I just cant do that many push ups anymore. It seems to aggrivate my shoulder and then I cant lift. I have never done a Body Attack Workout. Do you enjoy doing them?

Roxie, way to go on the workout! You are doing a great job and we are all proud of you! I love the Cathe Live workouts, something new! Have you ever tried them? They sure burn a lot of calories :)

DOZ, Good job on the workout yesterday.

Roselyn, I will check back later to see if you checked in.

Belinda, I hope you have a great workout today.

Have a nice day!
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Hi ladies,

I did Jessica's Smith new 4 mile Power walk this morning. I will do L4 Shoulders once DH gets home from work I will post my workout tonight.. Last night DH and I went to DC, we didn't get home until midnight. Slept in a little.

Jolie - great job with your workout today.

Roxie - great job with your weight workout this morning.

Diane Sue - great job on LM this morning. Need to look into that one.

Debbie - yes, it was a Les Mills workout. Very fun one too. Take care of your hamstring. Great weights this morning.

I will be back later.
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I am listing the moves in Kelly's Raw Floor Work # 2 that I did yesterday as I will copy and paste it into my documents and print myself a copy for my folder.
41 minutes, 30 sec on 10 sec rest Stretching and strength body weight
4 sets push up, elbow up down
4 sets all right all left done 2 times plank leg side back down
side lying triceps push ups 2 sets on the right then 2 sets on the left
abs explosive sit up knee in 2x, abs split legs pull in, then single pulls in on the second set
down dog cobra 2 sets, cobra crunch 2 sets
Hips side leg lifts 2 x can add ankle weights
hands and knees knee circles all right then all left then 2 sets alternating leg circles
roll back half straddle (stretch) 2 sets alternating
pull back stretch
Abs banana holds 2 x (long holds)
up down banana holds 2x
dolphin push ups 4 sets
(Not sure it this is in the right order, but I think it is)Should have done this yesterday while it was fresh
Low table butt blaster up down, cross leg up , bent leg side, butt blaster pulses all done on right then all done on the left (can wear light ankle weights)
crunch pelvic tilt
crunch, reverse crunch keeping knees tucked in
side plank hip lift right 2 sets, then left 2 sets


Finished my workout:. I modified all the Hiit moves. I don't like doing a weight workout at night. At least it's done.

W5 D3 Shoulder Intervals

SS #1: 10 reps/ 3 sets/ 30 sec
Upright rows 15's
Shoulder press 15's
Plyo Jumps

SS 2: 10 reps/ 3 sets/ 30 sec
Front raises 8's
Lateral raises 8's
180 degree Squat Jumps

SS 3: 10 reps/ 3 sets/ 30 sec
Shoulder flys 5's, 8's, 8's
Y raises 8's
Twisted Mountain Climbers

Core: 3 sets/ 30 sec
Dumbbell drivers 5# that one was a burner
Prayer crunch


Diane Sue - wow, on your workout today. Looks intense. WTG!

Good night, everyone.

Today’s workout, Cardio Coach #8 and STS back Triceps. Things will be back to norm for me soon.

Diane Sue - Sounds like a good workout, nice work

Baynergirl - Hello, why does that name sound so familiar, I been a Cathe fan for year, uses to go by name teddygirl.

To everyone else, hello.



Today’s workout, Cardio Coach #8 and STS back Triceps. Things will be back to norm for me soon.

Diane Sue - Sounds like a good workout, nice work

Baynergirl - Hello, why does that name sound so familiar, I been a Cathe fan for year, uses to go by name teddygirl.

To everyone else, hello.
Daughter of Zion - did you checkin with me in another check in? I been a Cathe fan/check ins for years. My daughter bayernbaby used to check in as well. Your name teddygirl sounds familiar to me too. I few years ago my daughter and I went on a few Cathe RT's.


Good morning,

W5 D4 Leg 50/50 is done. This one was tough. Workout time was 42 min. My next round of L4 I probably will use a BB instead of DB's. I can lift much heavier than with DB's. My DB's are to bulky for my short hands.

Front Loaded Squat 20's
Calf Raises 20's

SS# 2
Goblet Squat 35's
Reverse Alternating Lunges 20's

SS# 3
Deadlifts 20's
Alternating Side Lunge 15's, had to drop to 10's. My fingers started to cramp up.

HiT: 60, 45, 30 sec. I followed the modifier.
Fast feet Burpees
Sumo Jumps
Triple Bear

Core: 30 sec each
DB Extensions
leg lifts

Cool down. BBL!
I'm really bummed that I can't do the LIIFT4 leg workouts, but I'm trying to make the best of it. I'll get to them one day. Today I did Kelly's new Step Boxing 2 workouts and ended up doing Workout 2 and finally started sweating towards the end. I wanted to keep going so I did Workout 1 as well. I followed the girl without the step and did pretty well with the choreograph. They are both fun and once I know the moves, it will be really fun and more of a workout. I hardly broke a sweat with this today but it was perfect for what I wanted to do. I'm trying not to aggravate my hamstring and didn't want anything too intense. So perfect for today and I got a great step count!!!

Workout was 55 minutes, burned 399 calories, went 5830 steps. HR was 134/178.

Happy with those stats!! Those were really fun! Love Kelly!

Roxie - What do you mean you want to go back and start at the beginning of LIIFT 4? Didn't you start with Week 1 Workout 1? I hope you are enjoying these workouts, I find them very fun and seeing some major changes to my physique. Great job with Back & Bi's yesterday!! Proud of you for sticking with your workouts! Keep it going!!

Diane - So is Combat a kickboxing type workout? I wouldn't want to do all those pushups either, my wrists can't take that. I usually use dumbbells to hold onto when I'm doing pushups and that helps, but still. I don't know if Hips and Glutes pushed my hamstring to finally get tight, I usually don't have any issues at all with my right side. My left side is the side that is always tight. So it is a mystery why it happened. Maybe my body just needs a rest from running, who knows. I iced it last night and today after my workout. It is feeling better but that has happened before and then it starts to hurt again. Hopefully by the New Year I'll be good to go again. Great job with those workouts yesterday, they sound tough!! Thanks for posting that workout from Kelly's RAW.

Jolie - Nice job with Cathe live!! I love when people notice my muscles. That looked like an intense workout, I really need to try some of Cathe's live soon. I am doing the ice treatments and they seem to be helping so thanks for that, and tell your son thanks as well! Hopefully it will heal soon.

Roselyn - Nice job with Body Pump!! Did you ever join the On-demand Beach Body?

Belinda - I don't like working out at night either. Nice job, though. You had a two-a-day yesterday!! Sweet!! Great job on legs this morning too, I'm really missing out not doing those. I'll have to do this series over again once I'm feeling better.

DOZ - Wow on CC #8. That one is a tough one! And good going with back and triceps as well! You are smokin' again!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Hi all! Mind if I join this check-in? I've been with Belinda and Diane Sue on another check-in for a while now and thinking of switching over. Thanks!
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