Hardcore Fitness Maniacs December 2018


Roselyn, I saw some of those rotations on Les Mills. They looked like they would be good ones.

Jolie, if I could put a sad face with the like on your post I would. That is one of those bad flu viruses for sure. I remember one like that where it was so hard to even go to the bathroom. I remember literally crawling there. After two different flu viruses like that, I decided to always get the flu shot. Sometimes even if it is not the correct one, it makes the flu not quite as intense. Too bad you couldn't get in earlier and get Tamiflu. I hope you both get better soon.

Debbie, I really do feel annoyed when Fit Bit is way off like that. That is the reason I use Map My Fitness at the same time. It picks up from the Fit Bit. Still sometimes it is a bit high for weight work even using weights as the setting. I hope the heat really helps a lot for you. I had to do that before. I think ice is only good at the start of an injury. Not necessarily when it is another type of problem. Epsom salts in a hot bath helps me a lot. I have a heating pad I pull out sometimes.

Doz, I can't stick with just one thing for too long or I become really bored. I think the streaming workouts have helped some of my boredom. After Cathe's workouts come out I will probably pick up one or two at a time. I didn't pre-order. I like doing step a lot and kickboxing workouts.

Belinda, sometimes a break is good and the walk sounds nice. I usually am more explicit on my workouts because I remember when I would read posts I would not know what people were talking about when they just put down a bunch of letters to describe their workouts.

New year, new beginning.

This morning I did Cardio Coach #8. That’s it. I didn’t sleep good last night. Maybe 3 hours, and it showed, felted like I wasn’t going to get through my workout, but I made it. I’m headed to GNC out of my chewable C vitamins.

Jolie- hope you are feeling better:) my son is sick too, he has a bad habit of not wearing his coat, duh tell him all the time put on your coat lol.

To everyone else have a wonderful day;)
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No workout for me today, not feeling it. I want to rest as much as I can to get this hamstring to heal. I'll do Back/Biceps tomorrow and probably Shoulders on Friday. Trying to get my eating under control. I am done with the junk food! Looking forward to my normal routine.

Happy New Year everyone!!

Jolie Fit

Happy New Year! I think I am on the turn for the mend. Last night I broke 3 major fevers and I am breathing better today. I got on the scale and I have lost 10 pounds! I have open sores all over my body from all of the meds and I cant wait to start detoxing. I really need to do a Kidney and Liver flush to get all of this crap out of my body.

Diane Sue, I will be getting the Flu shot going forward no doubt about it! I literally couldnt even get my head off the pillow for days or get to the bathroom by myself either. I can see where this kind of flu and be deadly.

I am walking into this new year with such great friends like yourselves and I am going to make it the best year ever! Now I need to get back some strength so I can tackle the new year.
Jolie - so glad you are feeling better! That must have been horrible!!

We need to start a new January thread. I will do that now so don't post on this one anymore. :)
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