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I realized we had not started a December Check in. This morning I did Les Mills on Demand body pump #105, 60 minutes, met 4.2. 278 calories, 1,174 steps, 106 average heart rate, 142 max. I followed this with Coffey Fit Raw Stretch first 15 minutes, met 2.0, 33 calories. Total time was , 75 minutes, 311 calories.
I was going to put the rundown of the tracks, but I can only see the list on the television on details. They are not there when I pull it up on the computer. There is no time to write through the workout. I mainly used 30# barbell and 25# barbell along with 15# dumbbell, 10# weight plate, and some 5# dumbbells for mac raise.


Belinda, welcome back. You did really well on keeping your workouts up, way to go :)

Jolie, I feel that way sometimes. I have been pushing harder on workouts lately. I can already tell the difference and it has not been that long. If I can just keep the set backs out of the way. Sometimes I think that we need those slower times for a bit to recover some and not hit all out for too long a stretch at a time.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I did StudioSweat Spin Recovery Ride w/Mike 26 minutes 7.6 miles 307 calories burned. I thought I signed up for Beach Body Friday but I couldn’t access it so redid it last night and again I couldn’t access it so I did a chat and they told me my credit card was declined so I called them and they said the charge had gone through but again BB said it didn’t so I had to threaten them with fraudulent charges and finally someone fixed it so now I am set for tomorrow. Headache is finally gone but not sure I want to start the new medication.

Jolie-I really need to crack down on myself and push myself more.


Roxie, I am glad that you got the BB on demand problem fixed. I don't blame you on not being sure if you want to change medications. You never know how you are going to react to them or what new problems will settle in. I hope that you enjoy your new streaming.
Today was Week 3 of LIIFT 4 - Chest & Triceps. I had a great workout but had to cut it short due to going into work early. Frustrating when I have to do that.

3 sets/10 reps with little rest
SS #1
Chest Press: 25's
Chest Flyes: 20's/22's/22's

SS #2
Rotating Chest Press: 25's
Kickbacks: 10's

SS #3
Skull Crushers: 15's/15's/12's
Triceps Pushups: Mostly on the knees, I was done at this point

HiiT: 3 sets/60 seconds each exercise
180 Squat Jump (I modified)
Soccer Runs
Plyo Lunges (I modified)
I only did 1 set of these - 2 reasons: time and I didn't want to irritate my hamstring

Abs: 3 sets/30 seconds
Reaching Situps w/Dumbbell: 10#
Side Crunches

Workout was 36 minutes, burned 226 calories and HR was 127/162.

I tried to update my Fitbit last night, started it around 8:15 and it was still updating when I went to bed at 9:30. Looked at it this morning and it errored out. Why is it so hard for Fitbit to get these updates to work on the first try?? So annoying. Now I have to try it again tonight.

Nice going with your workouts everyone! Roxie, sorry you had trouble with BB. I'm glad you are on it, though!!
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Good morning,

W5 Chest & Tricpes:

3 sets/10 reps
Chest Fly 15#
Tricep Press 12#

Rotating Chest Press 15#
Skull Crusher 12#

Chest Press 20#
Tricep Kickbacks 12#

HiiT: 3 sets/60,45, 30 seconds each exercise
Single Leg Squat Jumps
2x2 Mountain Climbers
High Knee Run

Abs – 30 seconds each:
DD Toe touches 10#
Windshield wipers

Time: 38 min. I need to up my weight next time.

I will be back later.

Jolie Fit

Today is a rest day. Yesterday I got in a 4 mile walk and it was cool and beautiful out and a little breezy. This is my favorite time of the year. I burned 671 calories and I walked for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Debbie, Nice job on the workout even though you were short on time.

Belinda, excellent workout and don't you love when you need to go heavier!

I will check back in to see what you all did today for workouts. I have to make an appointment for an eye doctor, I cant see a thing anymore without my readers on and it scares me what growing old does to your body!

Have a nice day.


We did start a check in for December. I am going to have to go back and read posts put in November. My daughter called and took me to lunch :) . I did Body Step 110 classic from Les Mills on Demand, 57 minutes, heart rate average 129, max 170, 4,313 steps, met 5.9 371 calories.

Debbie, I have never had to update my Fit Bit watch?? I checked for updates and there are none. I always thought it kind of updated on it's own when syncing since the app updates periodically on it's own. I see it update. Once in awhile after an update on the app I will notice it is not working right and I shut it down and restart it and sync and it usually rights itself. If not I re pair it with the bluetooth on the cell phone and watch.

Belinda, nice workout today. How many weeks is that rotation?

Jolie, enjoy your rest day. I have readers now. I had a two step laser surgery about 10 years ago. Last year the eye doctor suggested readers to help with reading. I try not to rely on them too much though. It seems I have to adjust when I take them off. Nice that you got a good walk in yesterday.

Doz, Les Mills has some good core work. That is good that your brother is doing better. That workout and 4 grandkids would leave anyone pooped ;)

Roxie, I hope the medication helps you.

Roselyn, I had two wisdom teeth out the first time and it literally took hours. I swelled up like a chipmunk and was in so much pain. I think the dentist should have opted for an oral surgeon. I was so worried the second time around with the other two. Different dentist (the one I have now) and no pain at all. Those Grit workout look tough. I think it was one of the other ones that I tried that it suggested for getting ready for the Grit workouts that moves a bit at your own pace, similar moves. It was tough.
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Diane Sue - great job on your workout today. The rotation is 8 weeks. My husband likes the workouts a lot. We may do another round after this one.

Jolie - great job today. I do like it when I have to go heavier.

Debbie - you cancel your preorder too :) I am thinking on signing up for LM too. They will have another great offer on xmas. Great job on your workout today.

Roxie - so sorry you had trouble with BB on Demand. Glad everything worked out. Have fun tomorrow with your On Demand workout.

Roslyn - great job on grit. I will do one this week. Did you sign up for a year or monthly?

Hallo Doz!
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Today was LIIFT 4 Back & Biceps. Awesome workout!! I like this one because there is no HiiT. Hee hee!! I used Cathe's GS Shoulders, Back & Bi's to warmup with. The warmups in LIIFT aren't that great. Like probably not even 3 minutes long. I need to warmup more that early in the morning.

The trainer was adamant about upping the weights. I did at first but my bi's got burned out pretty fast. It is amazing how these exercises creep up on you.

3 sets/10 reps hardly any rest

Round 1
Pullovers: 30#
Top Curls: 17's
Reverse Flies: 17's
Bottom Curls: 17's/17's/15's
(I was dying by the 3rd set!)

Round 2
Wide Rows: 15's
Wide Curls: 12's
Dumbbell Rows: 22's
Hammer Curls: 15's
(This was tough!)

Burn Out Set - 3 sets/30 seconds
Supermans (I actually did these!)
Biceps Curls: 12's (should have gone a bit heavier)

Abs - 3 sets/30 seconds
Dumbbell Crunch - 12#

Workout was 41 minutes, burned 206 calories and HR was 112/148. I swear my HR spiked up there more than that. I was sweating like crazy with this one.

Walked on my treadmill for only .5 miles, just wanted to get some steps in. Hamstring is feeling better but I could still tell when I was walking on my treadmill that it is not fully healed. I will do as planned and not run until after the holidays. I think I need the break with my feet, calves, knees, etc anyways.

DOZ - Hope you find this thread, I see you are still posting on the November one. I'm glad your GS is doing better, did he have the flu?

Belinda - Nice job with Chest and Tri's. I really like this series. I am seeing some great results. This has really kicked my metabolism up, I seem to be able to eat anything right now (still healthy stuff, just more of it) and I'm not gaining weight. Awesome series!

Jolie - Hope you enjoyed your rest day. I'm with you with the eye thing. I have contacts because I'm blind and can't see anything far away and I have to wear readers because my contact prescription is so high. I can't win!!!

Diane - I've had to update my Ionic twice now and both times it takes forever to get it to work. I'm not even sure what's changing because I read the changes and my watch does everything it says. When I sync to my phone it shows on the app that I need to update it and that the firmware has changed. It's a pain. Great job on your workout. I will probably do Les Mills after I'm done with this series unless I find another on BB that I want to do. LOL!!

Roselyn - So I'm thinking you like Les Mills? LOL!!!

Roxie - Glad your headaches are somewhat better. Wish I could say the same!!!

Happy day everyone!!


Good morning,

I did Back & Biceps this morning. I will post my workout later. My daughter owns her own business and I am her accountant. I work from home, I need to catch up on work since I been on vacation for a few weeks, lol.

Debbie - I really like these workouts too. I am seeing definition in my abs too. I sweat like crazy on those workouts. Great job this morning.

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Jolie Fit

Good morning! Today I did Cathe Live Strong Upper Body and Core and had an awesome workout. Each Giant Set is 3 rounds and 12 reps each. The workout was hour and I burned 439 calories. Most of Cathe's live workouts have an AB segment so I am certainly getting AB work in lately!

Warm Up

1 Arm Rows- 25# x 12 ( 3 rounds of each Giant Set )
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50# x 12
DB Pullovers- 12's x 12

Seated Overhead Press- 17's x 12
Rear Flies- 10's x 12
1 Arm Lat Raise- 10# x 12
Upright Rows- 15's x 12

Chest Press- 20's x 12
Chest Flies- 15's x 12
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x 12

Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's x 12
Cross Body Ext.- 10's x 12
Kickback 8's x 12

Traditional Curls- 15's x 12
W Curls- 12's x 12
Hammer Curls- 15's x 12
Alternating Curls with a twist- 12's x 12


Wow is all I can say.

Debbie, great workout today. I am glad that your hamstring is feeling better! I had a similar issue when I kickbox a lot and I change to something else and it seems to go away. Resting sounds like a plan!

Belinda, way to go on getting in all of your workouts in while on vacation! I bet you have some personal things to catch up on prior to Christmas!

Roxie, I hope your medication helps and you have a great workout today!

DOZ, I hope you have a nice workout today. STS I think?

Roselyn, I checked out the Grit workouts last night and WOW!!!! I would love to do those but there is NO way I could do all of that high impact. Do they have a modifier? I didn't see one on the YouTube videos I watched.

Diane Sue, Have a nice workout. I will be back later to read your post.

Have a wonderful healthy day!
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Hey guys,

Thanks Deb lol,

Today’s workout, Cardio Coach #2 and STS chest shoulders biceps. On my way out, I promise I will check in later. My GS is being released today, so freaking happy, ttyl :):)
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I just got my workout in this afternoon. I went to my grandson's Christmas program and then ran to a couple of stores. I am tired now. I got up extra early to get ready and go out.
I did Les Mills On Demand, Body Combat Short workout #72, 21 minutes, 139 calories, met 6.0, heart rate average 142, max 177, 1,376 steps. This worked for a good warm up :) I then did Coffey Fit Raw really Raw, 38 minutes, heart rate average 118, max 159, met 4.6, 193 calories, 1,260 steps. Total time 59 minutes, 332 calories, 2,636 steps. This turned out to be a great workout. The pace was perfect and I loved it. I really like the use of the kettle bells.
I used a 15# kettle bell for most of the warm up where Kelly is using ropes. I did swings. I started out and ended with a few jacks. This is 30 seconds work and brief rest
1 arm dumbbell rows 15# , kettle 1 arm rows 20#
body weight squats knee up body weight, 15# kettle bell squats, 20# kettle bell squats
body weight knee turn in alternating sides and up
boxing side to side center punch
5# dumbbells side to side center punch
repeat boxing with no weight and then 4# dumbbells
kettle bell swings 15#, 20# 30#, ending with 15# American swing
bench- triceps extensions with leg extension 12.5#, , 20#, then 30# without leg extensions
lateral raise 12.5# 2 sets,
alternating arm upright row 20# kettle bell 2 sets
boxing hooks then speed hooks
upper cuts then speed upper cuts
hooks then upper cuts with 5# dumbbells
single leg deadlifts (scales) 15# kettle bell, 20# kettle bell, 30# kettle bell
abs on the bench, 15# kettle bell get ups 2 sets
sit ups on step 15# kettle bell 2 sets

Belinda, that is great that your husband loves the workouts so much. Good luck catching up on the business work.

Debbie, I find it interesting how some workouts sneak up on you like that. I am glad that things are getting a bit better. It seems like if it is bothered by the running, you may need to try and figure out a way around that when you go back to the running. Maybe not as often? I went and watched a youtube on how to update your Fit Bit and tried what it said and it never showed an update. Generally the only updates I have ever gotten were in the app and that has only been 2 or 3 times in all of the time I have had my blaze. When that happens, I end up having to shut it down and pair it all over again because whatever they have done does not work correctly. I often feel I am working harder than readings I am getting. Today I got pretty good heart rate readings for the workouts that I did. I was feeling energetic though. Maybe because it is in the afternoon and I had just drank a Rebel Cold Brew Coffee with Maca in it :) I never quite understand how those things figure out stuff. Sometimes I get higher readings with a workout I felt was not that intense.

Jolie, I noticed that a lot of Cathe's live workouts had core in them. Les Mills fits core into a lot of theirs too. With the Body combat I was on the floor doing a tough little core segment which would be hard to describe. The russion twist part was lying down with head elevated and fast up and over side punches done fast and hard. The other was on hands and knees, one knee elevated slightly off the floor the other leg extended to the side, then hoping the other leg out to the side and going into an upright position with one knee on the floor and one foot on the floor. Hard to explain as it was a martial arts move.

Doz, way to go on getting the workout in. That is great news that your grandson has been released. He must be doing much better.


I am back: I also did LM Combat #77 today. Needed a break from working all day.

Here is my workout from this morning. Back/Biceps Circuit

Round 1: 3 sets/10 reps
Arm Row 20#
Top Curl 15#
Wide Double Arm Row 15#
Bottom Curl 15#

Round 2: 3 sets?10 reps
Pullover 25#
Hammer Curls 15#
W Rows 12#
W Curl 15#

Burnout Round: 3 sets/30 sec
Bicep Curl 15#

Abs: 30 sec
Straight Leg Bicycle Twist
Low Plank rocks


Diane Sue - great job with your workouts today. I did caught up on work today, thank goodness!

Jolie - I don't have time to prepare for xmas. Too much going on, lol. tomorrow DH is doing a father/son thing. I will hang out with my daughter and daughter in law. We probably go to China Town get some Ramen Noodles. Those are the best. I had to catch up on a lot of work related stuff. I didn't bring my computer on vacation, now I play catch up. lol. Your Cathe workouts looks intense. Great job!

Roxie - what workout did you do?

Roslyn - glad you like LM too. Love the music.

Roz - great job with your workout today. Glad your grandson is doing better.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.

I will be back later.
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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I did LiiFT 4 Wk 1 D1 and I used 10lbs for everything but the second and third round of skull crushers went down to 8’s my elbows started to hurt and I skipped some of the HiiT stuff I might just skip it do the abs and some other cardio not a big HiiT fan. I liked the weight stuff it felt good and I liked that there is ab stuff. I am finding with this new medication that stuff taste different so guess I will give up my diet Dr Pepper taste flat.

Debbie-good job today looking forward to no high intensity stuff.

Diane Sue-sounds like a busy day.

Belinda-good job today.

Jolie-nice workout.
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I am really missing my runs, this sucks. Hamstring is still acting up, what could I have possibly done to it? Very frustrating. I've been heating it with a bean bag every night and that makes it feel good, but doesn't seem to be helping much. It's definitely not as bad as it was when it initially happened, but it's still tight and hurts a bit. :(

I did Cardio Pump Kickboxing workout this morning and loved it. This is Kelly's best kickboxing workout I think. I like it because there is no kettlebell in it, just straight kickboxing, and now that I know the moves, I really like it. I wish she'd put a pure kickboxing one on RAW, maybe I'll email her and ask her to.

Workout was 31 minutes, burned 249 calories and went 3072 steps. HR was 144/186.

Belinda - I am seeing definition in my abs as well. I love workout series that include abs, that's one thing about Cathe, you always have to do her add-ons for abs most of the time. Once I'm done with the already hour long workout, I don't have time for abs. Love that they add them on to each of these. Nice going on Back & Bi's. That is tough. My triceps are still really sore from Monday's workout!!

Jolie - Great job with your workout yesterday, that one looked tough! Glad there were abs at the end, read what I wrote to Belinda above. LOL!!

DOZ - I am so missing my cardio coach workouts. I sure hope this hamstring issue goes away soon. Nice job with your workout and so happy to hear your GS is doing well!

Roselyn - Glad you are enjoying those workouts.

Diane - Is Really Raw new? I don't remember seeing that one yet. I'll have to check it out. Great job with your workout!! I wonder if just the Ionic needs the updates? I still haven't tried it again. So frustrating!

Roxie - So glad you are trying LIIFT4 - you can modify the HiiT, that's what I do. They are fun, I just don't like all the jumping. Are you sore today?? If not, you have to go heavier with your weights. Challenge yourself!! Nice going, hope that elbow is ok. Sometimes mine hurts too.

Have great workouts everyone!!!
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