Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Check-In for June, 2019

Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

KCM Raw 888 only 7 rounds due to tome crunch now headed on our trip.

Diane-this was a tough one.
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This morning I did IMAX 2. I did modifications for most of the plyo moves to keep it lower impact but still a good workout.
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Today I did two workouts and had a blast. First I did Kelly's RAW R&R May - the one with the bag intervals and that was fun other than the workout kept stopping. Is anyone else having trouble with the RAW workouts playing? It did this several times during the workout. It would just stop and say "loading" on the screen. Frustrating. I did the cardio intervals on my Max Trainer and did the 10 second workout I made up. It worked out perfectly for this workout. Fun stuff!!

Workout was 48 minutes, burned 306 calories, went 4484 steps and HR was 122/147 although it felt higher at times.

Then I did Kelly's Total Body Kickboxing workout #2 - the sculpting one. I did a little bit of this last week and wanted to try the whole workout. I wore my 2# gloves and had a great workout. This one is fun, it is slow with the punches because you are wearing weights and I really enjoyed it.

Workout was 31 minutes, burned 273 calories, did 2654 steps and HR was 150/195.

I'm almost at 9,000 steps already! Woo Hoo!!!

Doreen - Great job with the RIPT workout, I love those workouts. I should get those out again, I like how quick and intense they are. Great job with IMAX 2 as well!!

Roxie - So cool how you are doing the RAW workouts. They are fun and hard. Love them!!! Hope you and your DH have fun!

DOZ - Great job with STS Strength Legs, those are my favorite. I love how heavy you can go because the reps are so low. I didn't know Stein Marts still existed! LOL!!

Jolie - I noticed when it gets hot outside I have start having hot flashes again. Lately I've been good because it's freezing here. Last night it dropped to the lower 50's and it will only be 72 today, which is fine by me. They become very annoying, though, I hate when I get them. Sorry you aren't sleeping well because of that. Great job with your workout!!

Diane - Great job with your workout yesterday and today. I don't think I've ever done 888 although I typed up the workout sheet for it so may I did once? I don't remember it. I hope you have fun with the ladies today! Are you having trouble with the RAW channel?

Belinda - You have a lot of workouts to do if you are running through all of Cathe's. You should try her live stuff, it is fun and different. I think you would really enjoy the workouts, there are tons of them out there.

Roselyn - Still doing BB? You must really love those workouts!! LOL! I'd like to do those as well but I'm having fun with Cathe and Kelly right now. Great job with the workout, I hope school is going well.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning,

Today I did Yvette Kickboxing No Equipment Big cal burn. The workout was around 60 min. I really love this one. She did standing abs in-between at the end she did some lower body. I also enjoyed the nice stretch at the end. I did everything low impact. I burned 565 cal :) Not bad! I can't wait to try one of her other workouts.

Jolie - which Yvette full body strength workouts do you recommend? I haven't done any of there workouts in a very long time, forgot how great she is. Now I want more.

Debbie - nice cal burn today. It would take me years to go through all my Cathe dvd's and other workout dvd's. That's funny you mention her Live workouts, my friend has a subscription she always wants me to come over and workout with her. I will ask her to come over, since I have a huge workout room with lots of weights. Maybe I will try a few before I sign up. I always end up doing other workouts instead, lol

Roxie - great job on your workout today.

Diane - I sure have more than enough Cathe workouts to get through. It would take me years to go through all my workouts. Great job yesterday.

DOZ - great job on STS legs yesterday. Are you doing the 3.6 month rotations?

Roselyn - great job yesterday. I haven't done BB in a long time. Maybe I find a way to mix the workouts in.

Doreen - great job with IMAX 2 this morning. I always have to modify the Plyo jumping. Maybe I should try the high impact on my rebounder.

I am a sweaty mess. I will see you all tomorrow. Have a great day, everyone.
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This morning, I did a slow steady 30 minute run and STS Back & Biceps. Then I had to hurry and give my puppies a bath, waiting now for his 12:30 appointment; for his haircut. This puppy is a trip, we tried taking him to different shops; I tell ya, he won’t let NO one cut him. We use to have Bear put to sleep, just to get cut that was wayyyy to expense, now we have Dog truck company come, he still act up, but he’s getting better, just have to give him a pet talk first, argh....... well I’m off, ttyl.
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Jolie Fit

Today is a rests day for me. I had some appointments this morning and my low back is sore, probably from the deadlifts. Also, I need to take a few days off this week to catch up on some personal stuff and to give my body a break.

Belinda, Yvette has some great upper body workouts, I always do the ones with the step work so I can get a high calorie burn. However, I don't think she has one workout that works total upper body. The way she does her workouts, one has Chest and Triceps and abs/core and another might have Back/ Shoulders/ and Biceps. I modify a lot of the workouts, and I add extra exercises in at the end if I want to hit more body parts. My favorite workouts are the ones with Core added into the circuits. They usually include 1 minute or 45 seconds of cardio, 40 seconds of lifting and then 30 seconds of core or abs. I go on YouTube and while I am laying in bad I preview her workouts. I like all of the step ones thus far, I haven't tried any that do not have step yet. I want to try the kickboxing workouts too!

Debbie, great job on the workouts and the calorie burn this morning!!!!

Doreen, nice job on the imax 2 workout, those are so hard!!! way to go!

Doz, nice workout today, you really do some long ones! I gave my dog a bath today too:)

Diane Sue, i hope you get a nice workout in today or maybe you are taking the day off :)

Roxie, have fun on your trip.

Have a great day.
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Jolie Fit

Belinda, my favorite Yvette workouts are as follows in no particular order.

Step/ Heavy Weights/ Core Circuits- 652 calories

Low Impact Step Class- (chest and Triceps )- 656 calories

Cardio Strength and Core Circuits- 689 calories, I did extra at the end

Moderate impact step/ multi muscle group training - 659 calories ( legs/shoulders/ back )

Cardio Hiit/ Biceps/ Back/ Core Circuits- 629 calories

Moderate impact step/biceps/ shoulders/ triceps/ core- 659 calories

Hiit/Heavy weights/stability ball- My favorite by far!

Hiit/step with kettlebell and heavy weights- One of my favorites

Moderate impact step cardio emphasizing biceps, shoulders and triceps- Love this one too!

Cardio step with shoulder burn is good too

I always use 3 risers because I am tall and I like the calorie burn i get compared to 2 risers.

Have fun, i am doing these workouts!


Jolie - thank you so much :) I couldn't believe the cal burn today. Very fun workouts. I will do another one tomorrow or Thursday.


Roxie, enjoy your vacation.

Doreen, nice work with I Max 2.

Debbie, nice job today. You really got in the steps this morning. Those are both fun workouts. The Raw channel is working fine for me right now. I have had a few times in the past where it wouldn't load or I would do one workout and wanted to do another and then I could not get another to load. Then sometimes I check again after I do a dvd and it will be working. But, not lately. I think this was the third time that I have done 888.

Belinda, nice work with Yvette today. You got a great calorie burn.

Doz, I think most dogs do not like the sound of things like clippers. I tried one of those pedipaws things with my dogs for their claws and they kept their distance as soon as they realized I was getting it out. I used to try to blow dry my dog when she was little. They always say if you keep it up regularly they get used to it, but I am not so sure about that. Nice workout today.

Jolie, enjoy your rest day. I did Raw 888. It was just posted early. Today was my fun game day with the ladies :)

Roselyn, nice work today and that is great that you are half way through school.
Today I did Cathe Live Total Body Giant Sets 3 from 6/6/19 #251. This was a fast paced fun workout, I really enjoyed it. I need to find Total Body Giant Sets 2 because I only have one other one so there must be another somewhere. Some of the leg exercises hurt my right knee so I only did as many reps as I felt safe. Other than that, I did the workout as is.

GIANT SET 1 - Legs
2 times through
Static Lunges: 12's - 16 reps
Side to Side Sumos: 12# - 16 reps
Squats: 12's
Deadlifts: 12's - 16 reps

GIANT SET 2 - Upper
2 times through
Pullovers: 30# - 10 reps
Rear Delt Flies: 12's - 10-5-5 reps
Close Grip Press: 15's - 20 reps
Incline Pushups: 8-8-8 reps (killer)

GIANT SET 3 - Legs
2 times through
Rear Lunges off Step (3 risers): 12's/10's - 6 sets (only did 4 sets)
Lateral Walks: 10's/8's - 8 sets (only did 4 sets, these hurt)
Pickup Side Lunges - 10's - 10 reps
Push Dips: 10's - 16 reps

GIANT SET 4 - Upper
2 times through
Dumbbell Curls: 12's - Lots/10 reps
Triceps Overhead Extensions: 20# - 10 slow reps
W Curls: 10's - 6 sets/10 reps
Lateral Raise: 5's - 24 reps
Upright Rows: 12's/10's - 16 reps (killer after the lat raises)

GIANT SET 5 - Core
2 times through
Situps/Pushups: 5 reps each 2 times - skipped
Side V-Ups: 12 reps each side - skipped
Down/Down/Up/Up Planks: 8 reps - skipped
Reverse Leg Lifts: 8 reps - skipped
W Planks: 8 times - skipped
Skipped this set due to time

Workout was 56 minutes, burned 446 calories and HR was 143/184.

Be back later!!
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I did RWH Legs this morning. Good news was I remember the workout being harder? Maybe I didn't use as heavy of weights as I have done in the past.... its been a while.
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Hey guys :)

This morning, I did Kick Punch & Crunch premix (SL) I’ve had it with this workout lol I’m moving on.......My energy was low for some reason, but I made it through.

Debbie- Nice work.

Diane- That’s so true, Jacob uses to shake so bad when getting a bath, poor thing, I thought he was going to pass out. Now he love getting bathe. BUT...Bear omg, just hoping he grow out of it; 21st of this month they will be 17 months, see why I still call them puppies.

Rose, Jolie, Belinda Roxie and Doreen, hello, hope I didn’t miss anyone. Have a wonderful day all.
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Jolie Fit

Today I did Yvette's HIIT/ Heavy Weights/ Stability Ball. This workout is 3 brutal rounds of Cardio, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps and core. Then at the end it is a lot of cardio using a stability ball, which today, I did extra step cardio with weights and also did extra weight lifting. This workout took me 1 hour 26 minutes because I had to pause a lot to catch my breath and do some extra exercises at the end. I was absolutely drenched at the end, so wet I almost lost my shorts on the last set of jumping jacks LOL! I burned 806 calories, average heart rate was 127 and max was 182! I cannot workout tomorrow because I have to go to the oral surgeon to get the final step of my implant completed so I can then get the crown on, what a process!

Great workouts everyone, we are killin it!!!!!!! I got a compliment on my arms and shoulders while I was out running my errands yesterday, that always makes me feel that all of this hard work is paying off :)

Roselyn, congrats on completing half of your cosmetology school! you go girl!

Debbie, great workout today, you killed it. My knees and elbows have been hurting so bad later, not because of the exercises, but because of my sugar intake. I have really investigated this and this has to be the issue. I am on a total cleanse and I am feeling so much better. I get inflammation really bad due to any sugar and It is time I buckle up on it and cut it out of my life :( Have you always had knee issues?

Diane sue, I am glad you had a great time with the ladies:)

DOZ, great job on the workout!

Roxie, have a nice vacation.

Doreen, Good job with RWH legs today, that is always a great workout!

Very warm and humid here today, I am going on Amazon and buying a small portable air conditioner to put next to my bed so I can sleep better and wake up more refreshed.
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Quck check in: I am in DC for a business meeting. No workout for me today. I will drive home tonight.

See you all tomorrow.
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This morning I did Coffey Fit Raw Interval Training #1 which was the challenge workout for raw today, 34 minutes, heart rate average 131, max 172, met 7.5, 232 calories, 2,616 steps. I then did Raw Step # 2, 40 minutes, heart rate average 146, max 180, 3,665 steps. met 8.0. 283 calories. Total time 74 minutes, 515 calories, 6,281 steps. My daughter and grandchildren came over and we went swimming :D

Debbie, nice work on Giant Sets # 3 live. I am sure the number 2 one is in there somewhere ;)

Doreen, I am always amazed when I remember a workout being really tough and then find it feeling fairly easy. Even when I am using the same weights as before. Nice work.

Doz, maybe you just didn't get enough of the right kind of sleep. That happens. My dog loves her bath. Since she is a big dog she gets in the shower. She gets excited and runs in there if she thinks it is bath time. My last 3 dogs all loved baths in the shower. I use a hand held and I take treats with me. They love the treats. My dog Gertie that I have right now does not want the treat till after the shower is over. When I still had two dogs it was a process of shutting one of them out, because I was not putting two big labs in the shower at the same time. My other dog had anxiety with the shower and kept her tail tucked, but loved the treats. She was still good about the shower though and climbed right in, but I always knew when she was worrying about something we were doing. The same thing with car rides, she would circle and whine and then get in the car. Gertie just jumps in.

Jolie, sugar really does ramp up the inflammation in joints. I have to be careful as I really notice when I consume it. So, not a lot of sugar for me. Even fruit sugars count. It is hard to cut out all sugars though. I stick mostly with berries and more tart crisp apples. Usually only a half apple in a day diced on my salad with some blueberries and walnuts. I try to choose things that are anti inflammatory. Good luck with that. Sugar seems to be in everything when you start reading labels.

Belinda, I hope you find some enjoyable time in DC besides just business. Good luck.


Fit Split Kickboxing this morning for a quick 30 minute workout.

Jolie- How fun to have your arms noticed - yes, the hard work is paying off!

Doz, Debbie and everyone else- great job on your workouts!
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Everyone, if you could keep me in your prayers for a few days, I would appreciate it. Remember about a month ago when I had that pain in my side and we thought it could be a kidney stone? Well, it did go away but not totally. Every now and again I would notice a pinch there. I went to my doctors on Monday just for a wellness check up and I mentioned it to her. She had me give a urine sample and at first she thought it would be a urinary tract infection, but also said that as we age we get these pulips (sp?) on our kidneys caused by strawberries and nuts - which I eat frequently. She told me to stop eating them (like what the heck? I can't even eat anything healthy now?) and she gave me an antibiotic that should take care of both problems. My urine sample came back negative so no infection there so that leaves the kidney. The pain has been getting worse since I've been on the antibiotics so I'm hoping it is just because the infection is fighting the antibiotics. If the pain persists after I am done taking the prescription, I will make another appointment to see my doctor. I am worried, this is a weird pain, and it's not even painful, it just feels weird, hard to explain. Anyways, I would appreciate the prayers. Thanks all!!

Today I did Kelly's RAW Boxing and Drills and had a great workout. Haven't done that one in a while, love it. Wish it was longer.

Workout was 31 minutes, burned 291 calories, did 2769 steps and HR was 162/211 (yea, I don't think so!)

Then I walked on my treadmill for 1.25 miles, burned an additional 170 calories, did 3018 steps and HR was 115/133.

- Great job with your workouts!! Funny how you thought the workout you did was harder before. You are getting stronger! :)

DOZ - Does that mean you are sick of KP&C? Can't say as I blame you! LOL!!! Nice job!

Jolie - The workout you did yesterday sounds crazy hard! Great job with it!!! You must be cut as heck right now, I'm sure you are getting a lot of compliments. I love when that happens! My knees have hurt on and off for years now. Just too much high impact, I think. I'm sure sugar has a lot to do with it as well, but in all reality, who can stop eating sugar? I can't. I love fruits, I love my protein shakes and they are all up in sugar count. I do try to stay within my limits, but it's hard.

Belinda - Don't you hate business meetings? I do!! Nice job with your workout this morning!

Diane - Today my RAW channel was fine, maybe out internet was quirky yesterday. Nice job on your workout yesterday!!

Roselyn - Glad school is going well with you!

Roxie - What are you up to?

Have a great day everyone!!!


Debbie - I will keep you in my prayers. So sorry you are going through this. Yes, I hate business meetings. I am glad I work from home, don't have to go into the office to much. I probably have to go into the office Monday. I am trying to get out of it, lol. Fantastic job on your workout today.

Jolie - I think I will do the Yvette you did yesterday next week. Looks fantastic. I really like her workouts. You are killing it with those workouts. WTG, girl. BTW, I found a great German workout. It's funny to hear someone speak German in a workout, I am so used to hearing English in workouts. The workout looks very fun and good. I will give it a try next week, maybe sooner.
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