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Hallo again,

My husband wanted to go for a walk, but's it's freezing outside. My iPod wasn't charged, I had to use the disc instead. Had no idea they played in my dvd player? What that be considered cheating if I count it as a dvd?

I will be back tomorrow. Have a great day and workout, everyone.

Today I took a yoga class, afterwards went to the track to do challenges on Cardio Coach 4 but only managed 10 min. because the power went out (they had emergency lights on) at the gym & they closed it. One woman (gym member) was telling me how we needed to leave but I told her I needed a few minutes to cool down (was at a level 4) she didn't understand but the staff did at least:rolleyes: The parking lot was a mess between everyone leaving & others coming ino_O I was thinking all the benefits of yoga was undone LOL.

Belinda - It was really cold outside today, especially after a 60 degree day yesterday. It's not cheating:)

Iris - Are you doing a rotation?

Waves hi to Kristin, Cookie & Cyndi

ood morning,

Today I dd Cathe Timesaver #4 and Intensity Boot Camp Premixes: #2 Core only, #3 Kickbox only, #4 Upper body only, #5 Lower Body only. I also did Muscle Endurance premix : #2 Legg Press ( just the three leg press cycles)

Debbie - sorry you had to leave the gym during your workout. That's sucks! It's freezing cold here.

I will be back for personals later. Need to shower.
Quick check in : I also did Cathe Yoga Relax premix #2 :) I am so done for today :p

I will be back tomorrow. Have a wonderful day and workout, everyone.
Hey guys. Yesterday was a rest day. Today I did MM, timesaver premix.

So yesterday. . . at work. . . we had a bomb threat. A student's Instagram account stated that our school would blow up at 9:45 a.m. Students reported it to my principal and by the time she saw the actual online message, it was 9:35. She immediately had us evacuate the building, but to the back field, which is all fenced in. It was 25 degrees outside BTW. The gym classes where in their indoor uniforms of t-shirts and shorts and we were outside for 40 minutes!!!! The Police came and "swept the building." They deemed it was safe and yet they didn't bring their dogs and they didn't search lockers. Does that sound like a thorough sweep to you? We were allowed back in the building, but nothing was told to us about what happened until the end of the day. My principal had a faculty meeting to inform us what the situation was and a few people let her have it. The back field traps us. . . God forbid someone calls in a bomb threat, but the real threat is at the back field, we would all be in serious trouble. What kind of search did the police do without dogs or going through lockers? Who is the kid? Then she told us they think the student's account was hacked and that someone else posted the threat. Craziness!!!

Tomorrow I am giving a presentation to the union. It is for all chapters of the union and I am beyond nervous about it. As a matter of fact, when I am done typing this, I am going to go over and fine tune my speech.

Iris! Welcome back! It is good to see you on here. How have you been? How is married life?

Belinda- That is some workout today. Creative mix of exercises!

Deb- That stinks with your gym losing power. I had to giggle when you sad all the benefits of yoga was undone.

Waving hello to Cookie and lovetocamp.

Belinda, glad you have the seating arrangements work out. Now, did you get a dress? When is the date of the big event?
Kristin, lol at your mom and sneaking snacks! It is like we're the parents and our parents are our children. It is far too crazy in schools these days. The back yard situation sounds scary. We had no heat for two days. Two days. The coldest days of last week and parents were not even notified!
Deb, I feel like I'm always waiting for my mom or someone else to not be well. Crazy, I know. While I'm thankful for how everyone is right now, it seems like the other shoe is always about to fall. I'm sure the stress of ds's illness affected me. I'm sure your yoga was completely undone by having to leave the gym so quickly and unceremoniously.
Cyndi, how are you doing?
Iris, missed you girl! Looking forward to hearing how your life is these days.
Had another dr.'s appt this afternoon, and they've changed meds again, increased food sensitivities and tests scheduled. Now if I could only get some energy injected, I would feel better.

Today I did some kettlebell exercises. It is going to be so cold tomorrow don't think I want to leave the house;) I'm off so maybe:)

Belinda - Wow that was some workout today!! I think you will have DOMS all over tomorrow:)

Kristin - That is a scary situation at school:( who would have thought that schools would ever be an unsafe place to be. Good luck with your presentation!

Cookie - Hopefully the change of meds will help. Can food sensitivities change?

Waves hi to Iris & Cyndi

Good morning,

I did today : ICE Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox -BLIZZARD BLAST : 14 min and X Train All Out Low Impact HiiT - Bonus Workouts:
Bonus Core # = 10:26
Bonus Burn Set Chest=14:10
Bonus Burn Set Shoulder =14:19
100 Rep Challenge Scarecrows =5:47

Shoulders feel like noodles :)

Cookie - the date is the end of this month. I did find a dress. I hope the meds will help. Sorry about the food sensitivities :(

Kirstin - that is scary :) What's going on these day's. Schools are not even safe anymore. Good luck with your presentation.

I will be back later.
Hey girls,

I just finished Cathe Timesaver DVD (Body Blast) #5. I can't believe DH and I leaving for TX next weekend :) I am already packing my workout stuff for the trip:D Friday I will spend the day with my DD Aleisa in DC, we are also getting our hair done :)

I will be back tomorrow.

Today I decided to take an afternoon hot yoga class, the only thing is thought it was at 1:00 but it was at 12:00:oops: It was so cold, knew I shouldn't have left the house! I came home and did Muscle Max Upper body premix.

So, how many of you played the Powerball Lottery? I have 2 tickets & lots of dreams:D

Belinda - Just don't forget to bring the "dress" otherwise you'll be wearing your workout clothes on the dance floor;) How is the RV in bad weather?

Waves hi to everyone

Good morning,

I will do cardio today, not sure what yet?

Debbie - I hope I don't forget to bring the dress:D wearing my workout clothes wouldn't be a bad idea, I would be really comfy :) The RV is fine in bad weather. We took the RV to the test over the last 11 years, lol. Sorry about your hot yoga. Yesterday I had to run some errands, it was so cold outside :) Did you win the Powerball? We bought some tickets too. Didn't win :(

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
Good morning,

ICERock'm Sock'm Kickbox - MishMosh Premixes : Double It + BB #2 Warm Up + Main Routine + Main Routine + Blizzard Blast + Stretch - 95:20 min is done :p

That's it for me today. I will be back tomorrow. Have a wonderful day and workout, everyone.
Belinda, are we going to see a photo of the dress, or are you waiting in case it is workout clothes? Do you still have your house in TX? Glad the rv is good in bad weather.
Kristin, how did the presentation go? Hope things were calmer yesterday and today at school.
Iris, how are things?
Cyndi, how is your week?
Deb, it sucks going out in the cold and then the class was already held. When do you go to FL?
I haven't worked out but did go to work today. Even a shower, done hair, and makeup must not have covered up how I was feeling, since I received lots of comments about how I wasn't looking good.
Hey guys. I just finished RWH LI 1, plus bonus abs two. That is such a good core workout. Anyway, yesterday ended up being a rest day. I gave my speech to the union as part of my Action Committee's presentation, and I got major applause at the end, so I felt good about it. I was nervous as hell, but I told myself I was going to "fake it until I make it," and I faked my confidence until it came to me, lol. A lot of good comments after the presentation. Hopefully, we have inspired members to get more involved.

Cookie- Things have been better this week. Still a week of intensity. The union had a meeting with our principal about the lack of discipline that is coming from the top down. She seemed to listen and seems willing to tighten up the ship, so to say. We shall see. If it doesn't improve, we are going to grieve her.

Belinda- that is some workout!!!! 95 minutes! Good for you!

Deb- I had a lot of dreams for the powerball. Someone won $50,000 at the gas station I go to in the district I teach!!! I would've been happy with that, lol. Alas, it wasn't meant to be!

Waving hello to Iris and lovetocamp!


Today I took a yoga class it was so cold (the a/c was on & they lock the thermostat box) at one point the instructor said we could even put our coats on if we wanted LOL. I guess there is a conflict of interest because the classes around yoga are cardio & strength training where they welcome the a/c.

I didn't win the lottery either:(

Belinda - That's good that the RV can handle bad weather, just in case! It is one event you can't/don't want to miss;)

Kristin - Great job with the presentation, the fact that you can even stand on the stage, let alone speak is amazing. At least a winning ticket was close to you:) A smaller winning would be easier to manage too!

Cookie - We leave for FL in 3 weeks to go visit my Dad & we have a birthday/get together with a bunch of DH's friends. At least you made it through the day. On the positive side you must really look good when your feeling better.

Good morning,

Alesia and I getting our hair done today. Who is going to Cathe's RT this year? I am gonna be on the road, not sure if I can sign up.

Cookie - I saw a photo of the dress. It's really petty :) It's a Vera Wang dress. Sorry you still not feeling better ((HUGS))

Kirstin - fantastic job on your presentation! I am trying to go through as many premixes as I can, plus I wanted the longest one gone :)

Debbie - that's cold if you need a coat at yoga :p We are leaving next weekend for the wedding, the wedding is on Jan 30. Even if we do run into bad weather, we have enough time.

I will be back later. Have a great Friday, everyone.
Good morning,

ICE Metabolic Total Body MishMosh Premix - Scrambled #2 Changes the order of some rounds and mixes in some Blizzard Blast intervals. - 53:22 is done :)

Gotta run, getting my hair done today. I will be back later.

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