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  • Hi jnka825! Just noticed your post and was curious how you were liking the 2 mo RWH rotation. I am thinking of starting a round of STS and then the 2 mo RWH right after. Are you happy with the results you are getting? Are you changing it or following it to a T? Thank you!
    Hey Cookie, this is Kristin. I just eat my egg whites scrambled with a little bit of ketchup and a piece of ezekiel bread or some almonds. I tried to eat them with salsa once, but did not like it, but a lot of other people like it like that. I cannot eat a lot infirst thing int he morning, so I don't do more than 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup of egg whites. I'll definitely be joining the group :).

    I was worn out on Sunday. It took about 3 hours to drive home. My boys were so happy to see me. We just hung out and rested. I did not work out yesterday, so today it is "back-at-it" day! I am htinking gym styles to give myself one more day before I jump into cardio all over again.

    Thought of you this morning - made a egg white omelet with veggies! How do you eat your egg whites?
    Told one of my checkin friends about meeting you. Hope you join our group - commit to get fit. I post as Cookie, my childhood nickname.
    Are you tired? I'm worn out.
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