Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2024

Good morning,

XTRAIN - All Out Low Impact HiiT - Premix 01 Low Impact HiiT + Core #1 - 49:22 is done. Forgot that I did the Core #1 yesterday :). Abs are on fire.

Cookie - American weddings are so different than German weddings :( Germans have a small wedding(very close family members) not invite over 120 people. I just don't get it:eek: Plus, I can't wrap my head around, that the mom and dad don't sit at the head table, WTH? The brides mate all sit at the head table :( Serious? I must be old fashion :( I haven't had time too look at dresses. I don't even know what to wear? Everything is so cookie cut......arrr :( I know my son's fiancé is wearing a gray dress. I am not wearing a gray dress, since I can't find anything I like :)

Debbie - I did an indoor walk, not outside. LOL, good for your neighbor.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in today. I will be back tomorrow.
Hey guys. I had a late union meeting yesterday, and my cough was pretty bad, so I took a rest day. Today I did Step Moves. It was the perfect amount of intensity for me still having a bit of a cough. Tomorrow will be a weight workout of some kind. I am leaning towards Athletic Training.

Good news. . . I got my write-up back after the post meeting we had before break, and my principal changed my ratings to highly effective on 4 out of the six she gave effective. It pays to stand up for yourself, lol.

Belinda- good job on your workout today! I agree with you on American weddings, way over the top. DH and I had to pay for our wedding ourselves and we were really young. We ended up keeping it small, 100 guests and paid for everything in cash. Not bad, especially for living on Long Island. Weddings are a major thing here.

Cookie- I think you are so right. I eat bad food when I am stressed too. I was stressed a lot last month too. Maybe I did get it from DH, but I won't tell him that, because he acted like he was dying, lol.

Deb- I hope you are feeling better and do not have to go get tested for strep throat. I would be intimidated to go to a yoga class where most students have been practicing for 5 years.

Okay, off to shower and relax.


Today I did ICE Chiseled Lower Body, I started modifing the blasts & skipping them at the end when I was coughing too much:oops: I did do all the strength moves which were good. I did some returns, errands & went to one of my stores it ended up taking all day:rolleyes:

Belinda - US weddings can be "big" events I think someday that will change because of the expense. I was at one wedding and only the bride & groom were at the head table. You will have a wonderful time with so many memories, I guess think of it as a big party;)

Kristin - Kudos on standing up for yourself and having a positive outcome!! It's weird I feel bad at night and the mornings but not during the day.

Cookie - The ski resorts must be happy it snowed:)

Good morning,

I have an appointment this morning for my knees :( I need to get them checked out, they been bordering me for to long.

Kirstin - your post made me laugh :) A small wedding in Germany is considered like 15-40 people. Weddings are expensive in the US. Thank goodness, I am not paying for it :) Not to mention, how they will have time to talk to everyone ? He better spent time with us, I am driving 4 day's just to get to El Paso.

Debbie - I talked to them about expenses :( She wanted a big wedding, my son just agrees and lets her do what she wants :( Well, it's considered rude and disrespectful in Germany not to have your parents at the head table :(

Hopefully I will get in STS D40 Legs in later today, if not I will switch with D36. BBL!
Good afternoon,

I went and saw my doc this afternoon about my knee. They been bordering me for a few month now :( He took some x-ray's. He wants me too keep everything low impact, no more jumping :) Which I haven't been doing anyway :) He thinks I have arthritis in my knees from exercising, running, high impact :( I have to wait a few day's for the X-ray's results.

I just finished STS D40 Legs and LS Firm 30.

Good night, ladies.
Hey everyone. I did ME the express premix. It is amazing how out of shape I feel after not working out most of the last two weeks. The squats were killing me. I even thought about lowering my weight. Ugh! It is very frustrating.

Belinda- I am laughing at your post now, lol. 100 people was small for a Long Island wedding. DH is Italian. We had to invite his aunts, uncle, great aunts and uncles, second cousins, lol. I had my dad's side of the family, my mom's. We really didn't even have friends outside of our wedding party. I don't know why we don't have our parents at our table with us in the US. My dad picked the guests for his table, lol.

Deb- how is your cough? Mine is getting better for the most part. It did feel good to stand up for myself. I am definitely running for union rep at the end of the year, so it was good practice, lol.

Waving hello to Cookie.


Today I did ICE Chiseled Upper Body. I've been getting caught up around the house but still so much to do. We are going to visit my Dad & have a birthday party/get together with some friends in Florida so booked a trip for February. I'm excited.

Belinda - There were some reality shows about US weddings such as Bridezilla's & Say Yes to the Dress, I never saw but I bet they were funny:) What would they do for arthritis of the knee?

Kristin - I'm struggling to get back after taking it easy for the last few weeks:( I feel alittle better, hoping I wake up healthier tomorrow;) What are your chances of winning the union rep position?

Waves hi to Cookie & Cyndi

Good morning,

I did KCM 30 Min to Fitness: Kickboxing workout #2 = 30 min and Brazil Butt Lift Cardio Axe = 30 min.
KCM has a lot of premixes on that dvd, just found 2 more under the ab section :)

I got a phone call from my doc this morning. the X-rays confirms I have arthritis in both knees :( I was hoping he was wrong, lol.

Debbie - I watched that show before :D Very funny :) My doc told me to take Tylenol for arthritis of the knee and before I workout to put heat on my knees. And ice my knee after a workout. Or try supplements for arthritis. Come back in 6 month. Of course, if the pain gets worst come back sooner. I was reminded this morning not to do any high impact anymore, no jumping at all. I do want to keep my knees for a long time.

Kirstin - that's not a small wedding, LOL! Your husband is Italian? How long have his parents been living in the US? Italians do like to party, lol! I was really shocked that parents don't sit at the head table...that really surprises me. We went to a few military weddings in Germany, they parents sat at the head tables. Do you think, I drive 3 to 4 day's in an RV to go to my son's wedding and a bunch of her friends/family members are sitting at the head table? What kind a crap is that? I don't think so :D I did called my sisters in Germany just to make sure I am not insane, they think it's rude not to sit the parents at the same table as the bride and groom :) We are always here for them, not their friends. It would brake my heart :( What do parents usually give ? I mean presents and so on?

I will be back tomorrow. Have a great day and workout, everyone.
Good afternoon ladies,
Doing well with the rotation, no knee pain so far.

Belinda- STS is on my list to try this year. Weddings are so stressful. Did your Dr. discuss hyaluronan injections for your knee.

Cookie- we camp just about everywhere we go. Beach is prob our fav.

Deb- hope your feeling better today. I have never tried a yoga class before, feel like I would need to practice positions first.

Kristin- fell better soon.

Great job on your workouts everybody!!!!
Have a great day everyone!!!
Hey guys. MMA Kickboxing done. I am still doing "medium intensity" cardio until this freakin' never-ending cough dies and goes away forever, lol. It's been two weeks with this cough hanging on. I am beyond frustrated with it.

lovetocamp- I have never camped on the beach, but it is something I know I would love to do one day. . . I am feeling better a little bit every day. . . except for this cough.

Belinda- I understand that not being at the head table would seem insulting to you, as it is the German tradition. It just isn't a tradition here in the states. I guess, and I don"t know at all, that the idea is that the "kids" are grown up and on their own? I don't know. DH and I had our own table for two at the center. My wedding party had their own table and then my parents' table and Jeff's family's table were on either side of us. DH is Italian-American, born here. His great-grandparents came from Italy.

Deb- feeling any better today? I think I have a good chance to win the rep position. I am the Action Committee Chairperson this year for the union, so it has given me more of a platform. I already have teachers in my building coming to me with union issues, so I feel they already see me as a rep, lol. One of the building reps, my good friend, is going to run for Secretary, which opens his position up. I wouldn't have to run against him, which I wouldn't do because he is my good friend. Right now I know that it would be me and one other guy running for the position. The other guy is not well-respected, so I think my chances are good. Only time will tell though.

Waving hello to Cookie.


Today I took a yoga class. I'm going to visit my Mom 1st thing tomorrow, she wasn't feeling well and they admitted her to the hospital. I was going to go there tonight but the Dr. came in and said he thinks it's vertigo so my Mom insisted I not come. Plus she doesn't want my germs LOL.

Belinda - DH takes a supplements called ArthRenew but it expensive someone told him they have less expensive brand at Costco. Basically it is joint, cartliage & tissue repair but it may be worth a try to try a supplement. We used to give a supplement of Glucosamine & Chondroitin for our dog who had arthritis and it really helped I bought in Walmart or Costco. For some reason that supplement is expensiveo_O

Kristin - It does sound like a good opportunity and the right time to run for rep. I agree this is the never ending cough!

Cyndi - The beach sounds like a really nice place to camp. Where do you live?

Waves hi to Cookie:)

Good morning,

Just finished my last workout in STS :) I did STS D36 and Brazil Butt Lift Tummy Tuck. I am not sure, what I will do for my recovery week? If I take one :)

Debbie - thanks! I will look into the supplements. One of our dog is taking Glucosamine & Chondroitin. I agree, supplements are expensive :(

Kirstin - that is weird how different weddings are in different counties. It's almost like isolation people in weddings:( The idea in German weddings is that you have a great time with both parents and talk to them. I have never seen anything like this before, must be a new trend in the US? I been to US military weddings in Germany...the parents were always sitting at the head table :) I told me when all this came up about the wedding....don't worry will be sitting at my head table right next to me :D I searched the internet, it's not only a German tradition :)

I will be back tomorrow. Enjoy your workouts and day.
Hey guys. I just finished Flextrain. Yesterday I took a rest day, which I didn't want to do, but I was exhausted. Thursday night I did not sleep well at all. I kept having coughing fits. at 3:30 I woke up with another coughing fit and had no room on my bed between DH, my younger DS, and the dog. I went downstairs to get a drink, and stayed on the couch. I tried to fall back asleep, but the coughing wouldn't stop. Last night the coughing started up again, but this time I took some of my DH's leftover prescription cough medicine. It knocked me out and I slept very well. Thank God! I am happy that I at least got five workouts in this week. Not bad considering how I have been feeling.

Belinda- out of all the ICE workouts you have done, which one do you like best? I am still on the fence about getting the series. I don't know why. I am very interested in Hammer and Chisel. I don't know. My goal is to do at least 5 workouts a week this month with no excuses.

Deb- I hope your mom is feeling better!

Waving hello to Cookie and lovetocamp.

Hey there! Remember me? Sorry for not checking in but I've been struggling with a flare up of my lupus.
Belinda, when is the wedding? I hope you're able to work the seating arrangements out so all can enjoy. Are your sisters coming over for the big event? Congrats on finishing sts again. Using a rebounder has allowed me to do many more workouts than I would otherwise.
Kristin, hope you're doing better. Good for you with sticking up for yourself. I'm going to be stronger with that this year.
Cyndi, we go to Nags Head every summer but we don't camp. I love the beach.
Deb, hope you and your mom are doing better. Has she suffered from vertigo before?
This has been a really bad week for me exercise-wise. Hoping a change in meds will take care of things. Going back to dr on Tuesday.
Good evening,

I just got my workout in. I went dress shopping for the wedding. Couldn't find anything :(

I did Cathe Timesaver DVD #1 = 38 min + Cathe Yoga Relax = 52 min

Cookie - sorry you are not feeling well. Sending you quick healing vibes. We did worked out the seating arrangements :) Only the parents and bride & groom are sitting at the head table:D They also incorporation a few German and Mexican wedding traditions. My nephew from Germany is coming, he is the best man. Both my sisters are not coming:( My best friend (she's German) from Colorado and her husband are coming. Family from my husbands side are coming too. Does a rebounder take up a lot of space?

Kirstin - I only played around with a few ICE workouts. I really liked the Metabolic TB workout. I wasn't a big fan of the Blizzards blast, I find them too high impact for my knees. Amanda isn't doing a good job as a modifier :(

Debbie - how is your mom doing? Sending her lots of healing vibes. How are you holding up?

Good night ladies.

Today I took a rest day, yesterday I took a hot yoga class and have DOMS from it. My cold/cough is finally improving, still tired but hopefully by tomorrow will feel rested.

We visited my Mom at first she didn't look good but we went to get something to eat and she looked much better. Lately I have been worried about her health. She is lucky to be healthy but you just never know.

Belinda - It's not easy finding a dress, I think it is a little bit easier here because we have so many stores and malls close by. You can even try a bridal store because they sell other dresses besides bride's gowns.

Kristin - I hope you feel better, it was a relief to finally feel good. Losing sleep is the worse part:(

Cookie - I hope the new meds help you, do you think the stress with your son and holidays may contribute to flare-ups? How is your son doing? My Mom hasn't had vertiago before. The 1st time I ever hear of it was a few years back when DH had it.

Waves hi to Cyndi

Hey guys. Workout done for today, Low Impact Challenge. I haven't done this one in ages and it was the perfect intensity as I continue to recover from being sick. I really worked up a good sweat and my legs were burning by the end of it. I have a ton of work to do today, so I am glad it is raining. DH and the boys will be watching football as I lock myself in the office to grade and plan my next unit.

Yesterday was my niece's first birthday party. My dad went upstate to pick up his fishing boat from my uncle's house, so I had my mother. I had to help her shower and get dressed. I think she felt awkward about me helping her, but she appreciated it, I could tell. Anyway, I took her to the party. I think she had a good time. She kept trying to sneak sweets behind my back though, which was a bit frustrating. My dad was definitely appreciative. I think he was relieved to get a day to himself.

Deb- I know what you mean about worrying about your mom. If she is healthy, just enjoy her. I try to enjoy my time with my mom, but it is very sad to be around her and she the state she is in mentally.

Belinda- glad the wedding seating arrangements all worked out. I saw a few of Amanda's modifications on the previews and wondered how often she modifies the moves.

Cookie- hope you are feeling better too! With all this nonsense with APPR and the testing, I feel as if we all have to stand up for ourselves. I have dedicated my life to this job and to have someone "nickle and dime" with subjective points, when she didn't even ask me questions about those categories to assess my knowledge. . . not happening. My new principal is a moron. Let me tell you what is happening in my building at this point. There is an 8th grade girl, who is in the special education remedial skills classes, life skills classes. She got into a fight at the end of the school day a month ago, and beat the hell out of this other girl. A few teachers broke up the fight. She PUNCHED one of the teachers, THREE TIMES. She was suspended for only 3 days, no hearing on her and was allowed back in the building. Fast forward to this last Friday. She had a substitute teacher, she gave the teacher an attitude and when the teacher told her to go to the dean's office, she told the teacher "You don't know who you are dealing with," and threw a CHAIR at the teacher. The student gets escorted to the dean by security. The principal calls the teacher out of the classroom and has her write up a report. She makes her rewrite it THREE TIMES, because she doesn't like the way the teacher worded it. Then proceeded to tell the teacher it was the teacher's fault, because the child has a disability and she shouldn't have tried to reprimand the student for her poor behavior, when her poor behavior is part of her disability. WHAT? So the student was brought back to the classroom, the teacher was removed and sent to sub for another class. The teacher was sobbing all morning. This child has created an unsafe environment TWICE now, for the students and the teachers and the principal reprimands the sub. Unbelievable. Union is getting ready to grieve her under health and safety clause in our contract. No one in the building feels she has our backs, no one. The school is getting more and more chaotic in the hallways every day.

Okay, on that note, I am off to get my work done.

Good evening,

I just got my workout in. At least I got one in, right? I went shopping for a wedding dress today. I found one too. It's really pretty :)
I did Cathe's Timesaver #2 = 40 min.

Debbie - I know what you mean worrying about your mom. I hope she feels better soon. I had a vertigo a few years ago. We also have lots of malls and stores here. I still didn't find anything.

Kirstin - I can understand it was awkward for your mom. LOL, your mom sneaked snacks behind your back :) Glad you had fun at the party yesterday. Hope you got all your work done.

Cookie - how are you feeling today?

I will be back tomorrow.

Today I did ICE Rock'em Sock'em Kickbox. I also started organizing & filled the garbage pail & it didn't even make a dent:confused:. I'm off tomorrow so will continue:)

Belinda - Great that you found a dress!! How long will you spend in Texas? (That is where the wedding is?)

Kristin - My MIL hides snacks all the time too:( they find it in the couch, clothes & draws. That is a crazy situation with the principal, it seems as if she rewarded the girl for her behavior. TG for the union.

Cookie - I hope your feeling better.

Good Afternoon Ladies....

Really long time and no talk....I've been doing some catching up on you all for a few minutes now. :)

Really hope you are all doing well!!! My New Year's goal is to get back in the game of checking in with you all... I have missed this.


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