I wonder if the boys from STS will be in this series? Love the eye candy, don't get me wrong, but I miss having the original crew! Cedie, Jai, Lorraine and Brenda are the BEST!!!
I love the girls too, but I have to say this...I really appreciate the guys for the faces they make during the workouts. :D The girls too often have frozen smiles. Not 100% of the time, of course (thanks Brenda! :eek: ), but most of the workout anyway.

The boys, on the other hand, do not hide the fact that they are hurtin'. I love that.
I'd love to see the guys back for at least some of the cardio workouts. My DH doesn't do step and he's more likely to do the others if there are guys in them. Plus I enjoy seeing a mixture on the crew. Deazie's site says she's planning to go back to Turkey this spring and work, but it would be great if the others could make it.
I would love to see the dudes in this series! (well, I'd love to see the dudes anywhere. Just sayin'.)

But I have to wonder if they could keep up.............;)
I wouldn't mind seeing the guys but I'd rather see more than just Greg. Isn't he the one that is forever on the screen in STS. I'm almost tired of looking at him. I want more Robert & Stewart & Eric. JMHO.

Have to say that the guys have grown on me :eek:. At first I wasn't wild about them, but they have cute smiles and yes, when they are toughin' it out and looking kind of humbled...well, I like them even more;)
I like the guys! I especially like that sweet, shy smile one of the guys (I can't remember his name) gives in Pilates-based Ab Circuits when Cathe announces she won't make the guys do the Mermaid pose.

Of course, I like Robert and Stewart and Eric and Greg and Cedie and Rhonda and Denise and Brenda and Deazie and Jai and Lorraine and . . . oh hell, bring 'em all back. Film it in Madison Square Garden.

I definitely want the guys to be included in STS cardio! My DH, who is also enjoying STS would be much more likely to do the MMA and heavy bag workout if guys were included
Yeah, bring 'em those guys! :) I'm sure they'll do well in HIIT and MMA since the workouts are mostly athletic cardio. I don't think there will be intricate and complex steps to learn.
I vote for the guys, too (but much more Robert and Eric and much less Greg). I'd like to see them more mixed in, as well, instead of stuck in the back corner. I've always worked out with guys, so I like to see them there, and it's more like they're there if you bring them out of the shadows.
I have to say that I have not been impressed with the guys in STS. Their form isn't great, much of the time their weight selection is significantly less than Cathe. They do not seem very coordinated so I have a feeling they would suffer on the cardio workouts. I know that sounds harsh, but that is honestly my opinion.
I don't even have STS

And I wouldn't mind seeing some guys on the ST Cardio. That would be nice. Maybe they could make an appearance in the MMA or jump rope workout?

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