A complete Low Impact series please please please


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I've been having foot and achilles issues recently, so have been doing Low Max, LIC and LIS from 4DS for cardio days while on my third time through STS. I would LOVE a low impact, high intensity series...IMAX-style, bootcamp, kickbox etc. There have been some great suggestions on this thread!


I'm going to add my vote to this suggestion: Low Impact series please.

After all, which of us is getting any younger? Which of us has not had a brush with joint pain/injury as we age?

Included in this low impact series I would like to see a workout that takes its inspiration from physical therapy, building strong knees, strong and stable hips, strong glutes through all 3 gluteal muscles, not just the maximus. Use versaloops, resistance bands, light weights, BOSU and stability ball, and pay particular attention to balance work to strengthen the stabilizing muscles that help prevent injuries when we leap about to HiiT.

As we age, to keep us injury free and without muscle imbalances, so that we can keep on doing Cathe high impact workouts, we need this kind of workout in our weekly rotation. Please put this on the market, no-one else has yet. And for all those who have never rehabbed an injured joint in physiotherapy, do not be fooled: this kind of workout is tough and will make you sweat just as it makes you realize just how bad your sense of balance really is.




I can't believe the amount of responses and views this thread has had! Hope Cathe realises how many of us out here are just ACHING (literally!) for a Low Impact series. Have told myself not to purchase any more cardio workouts unless they are dedicated low impact high intensity. So Cathe and crew, we all know you'll make THE BEST Low Impact High Intensity Cardio series out there so back in that studio and start taping! ;)
I want to put my vote in for a low-impact series as well. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. My knees and hips are shot. I can't take much more high impact of anything.


I'd love Cathe to do her version of a functional fitness/body weight only/little or no equipment series.

Workouts that help correct & strengthen along with a low impact/high intensity cardio series.

I must admit I've learned to love the Shock Cardio Series even if I have to more than modify some of them. But Cathe (again) got me doing more than I thought I could do at 56. It's just that my jump is not so high anymore and my roll back/push ups are 1 to her 3 and when she says "Are you working?" I'm swearing at the screen every time.

Cathe has the best production quality, cuing and customer service and I'm spoiled and want to stay with her as I grow older (& wiser).


Add my vote to a high intensity/low impact series. I'd buy the whole series in a heartbeat. I love Low Max and LIC. I'm 41 and used to distance run, but now my joints don't like it anymore.

I have some of Cathe's higher impact cardio and they're so fun, but even though I modify them, I get carried away and do too much impact, then my knees really let me know I went too far!

In summary: I'd pre-order a low-impact, high-intensity series quicker than you can click on "Add to Cart"!!!


Yes, count me in for a high intensity/low impact series! My joints (especially knees) have been telling me to take it down a notch lately with the impact. As others have said, I'd pre-order immediately!


Hi Cathe, SNM or the powers that be:

I have knee troubles I'm an advanced workout person and have most all of Cathe's dvd's including STS Strength and STS Cardio releases. I have Imax 3 for example and that does not make my knees happy so I don't do that one often. It would be so awesome if you could either make a series of workouts not a lot maybe like the Intensity series or something meaning a few workouts not tons like STS but if offered a low impact modifier that still had the intensity in the moves in the way of a premix. That way you could satify both regular cathe workout fans and those with knee issues on the same dvd. I really think nobody does premixes better than cathe. I don't know what difficulties there are in providing them on the dvd, but I know as a avid Cathe fan I love the premixes its a huge plus and a slam dunk of a purchase. I'd dearly love you to come up with a series of intense but low impact workouts, I know my knees would give you a standing ovation, so pretty please Cathe think about it.


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Coming out of lurk-dom to add my vote for this. I'm another advanced exerciser that would love to see more Cathe quality, low-impact workouts. I'm still fairly young, but my knees have been screamin for mercy. I just can't do all the plyometrics and jumping and such that I used to. And I feel, in the past couple of years, as if my workouts have suffered as a result. (Not to mention feeling like a wimp having to modify everything)

Low impact, **High intensity** workouts are an EXTREMELY rare find. I'd definitely buy any that were offered.


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I'm fairly new to Cathe's style (love her by the way!), and I have to agree that a complete low impact series would be fabulous...I would snatch that up in a heartbeat! For now, I modify the best I can on higher impact workouts by avoiding squats and lunges (bad knees) and pylometrics, jumping moves. I still manage to get a thorough workout and keep my heart rate up, but a low impact series would definetly be a plus.


I like bettypcw's idea (above)

I am glad the response to this thread has been so strong. I just want to add my preference to what others above are saying. Please! Do a low-inpact series.

I also want to add my support to what bettypcw said above: I would like one or two dvd's -- in a set of four -- which include low-inpact with weights. One idea would be have one dvd that alternate's 3-4 minutes of low-impact with that of weights -- and have another dvd that has low-impact with light weights all the way through. Or some version that includes the above.
-- David


A low impact high intensity series would be awesome. I've always loved all Cathe's stuff, but lately, due to some injuries, I just haven't been able to handle all the impact. With Shock Cardio, I ended up trading away half the workouts; the impact was just too much and the lack of a modifyer prevented me from enjoying these workouts.

A low impact series created by Cathe would be the best thing ever for me. I prefer Cathe pretty much over any other instructor, but I sadly just can't quite keep up anymore. So, yes, pretty please, create a low impact series. I would use it all the time!!



Wow, Cathe... it sounds like you found yourself the next series! Or at least there seems to be some serious support for this. I know I would definitely buy it (shoot, I'd buy anything you make LOL). But truly the lower impact workouts (high intensity) are my favorites, and when given a choice I'll add more of them in to help protect my knees which tend to really cry out for mercy from the high impact workouts. So if you are looking for votes, you've got mine!


I would buy a low-impact, high intensity series in heartbeat! The nerves in my feet were damaged during chemotherapy in 2005. My feet hurt no matter what -but high impact cardio really hurts. I do it -but I really pay for it later.

I'm also getting older. .. . 45 this year and I want to do Cathe into my old age!

Oh - and I think I get a better workout when I do low impact - I mean - my thighs BURN in LowMax.

So Cathe -please, please, please consider your middle aged following! We have a lot of bumps and bruises and scars over time that need to be considered! LOL! :eek:

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