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  • Awww, thanks Lisa! What a nice thing to say! If Cathe makes it, I BUY it! LOL! I have never, ever been disappointed by any of her workouts. The BEST in the field!
    It's so nice to meet everyone. I had no idea this forum had this kind of function. I'm learning all the ropes right now. And yes - I LOVE Capt. Janeway!
    Hi Lisa! Nice to "see" you! I have been around since Dec '99! I am so blessed to have found cathedotcom and it is my fav place to come! I used to be quite the gabber here but have had lots happenings with family, friends & classes that my posting time is so infrequent these days! I miss it so much. I'll bop over and request you as a friend too. Thanks Cyndi!
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