A complete Low Impact series please please please


HIGH INTENSITY/LOW IMPACT HAS MY VOTE. I'm going in for knee surgery in 2 weeks due to a workout injury. Many of us are 50+ years old, and the knees are starting to show their wear. I don't want to slow down, I just want to be safe!!



I totally agree. I have knee issues and would love a low impact/high intensity series. I do my own modifications with Cathe's current dvd's when necessary but it would be nice to not have to modify. I would buy this series without hesitation.



Yet another vote for LI. I would pre-order a low impact series on the first day possible if Cathe were to start filming one!!!!


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Another vote for low impact series

I too would love a low impact series - I am 63 and have quite a collection of Cathe but now having had a hip fracture I am beginning to rethink how much I will be able to do when I get completely recovered and think I will be doing only modifications my high impact DVDs which are not always easy to figure out.

I hope that there will be some consideration for those of us are not youngsters anymore but still want to maintain the fitness with Cathe we have worked so hard to get but cannot do the newer high impact workouts.



Any thoughts from Cathe?

Just curious if this idea has been explored by Cathe and her crew. With the awesome sale/promo that's going on, I could only buy 3 workouts; I wanted 12. My knees, although I'm in my late 20s, cannot handle the high impact anymore. I've been tossing that idea around bc of the great deals, but I know they won't get used in my collection- I often reach for things that don't cause me pain...if you know what I mean.

Heck, I think I'd settle for a full-blown modifier, but knowing that a workout was all low impact it would help our joints for the long run. Having some new workouts to toss into the mix would be nice. Otherwise, like some others have said, I have to go elsewhere for my cardio these days. I have to protect my knees and now hips for the long haul. It stinks but I don't really have a choice.


Low Impact Series!!!

L Longer Leaner muscles
O Overwhelming & Outstanding
W Well-balanced & Wonderful (for our knees)

I Inspirational, Irresistible & Impeccable timing
M Mesmerizing & Masterful routines
P Perfect & Perceptive
A Amazing & Awesome
C Cute Clothes
T Tremendously Talented Trainer!


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