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  • Hey Jen! I accepted your request! ;). I'm at Disney for the Road Trip, so I haven't been on the forum much this past week or so. I'm responding from my phone now, but I'll be back home in a few days. Look forward to talkin to ya!
    Hi Kiki:)) I asked to befriend you, hoping u could help, you reply so much to my posts and u seem like such a great positive person, Ineed that right now!! Thanks oh and P.S.... DAMN GIRL... I think u own the entire cathe collection, Ia,m soooooooooo jelous, i would love to have the gym style series!! I workout at home and having all those weights and stuff is hard and expensive, but i do have alot of weights ect in celler ( well my hubby does and he never uses Them) so i do!! lol!! hop eto hear a reply from you! Thanks, Jen
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