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    Daytona Trippers

    Hey ladies! Drive-by check in! :D I broke out Intensity today. Hadn't done that one in a while. It was the step only premix :P ...I am SO not a "stepper" LOL!! I figure I better work them into the rotation now and again, since it always seems to make an appearance at RT. Just promise not to...
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    Daytona Trippers

    Did RK today! :) I'm not the biggest fan of most cardio, but I do love some kickboxing. I did a premix...I'm a premix junkie, you'll soon discover was the one with the kickbox combos first, then the kickbox cardio & gloves section. (I used 1lb gloves for the combo portion also)...
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    Daytona Trippers

    Squeezed in the 35 minute premix of pedal power this AM, may add a quick yoga tonight. My flexibility is also in need of major improvement lol. Hope you ladies are kicking bootay today! :D
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    Daytona Trippers

    Hey Angela! Of course you may ask ;). I'm 33 & I live in VA. I've only been to two RTs, my first one was in FL (Disney) & then second in NJ. Both very different experiences, but each amazing in their own right. For those that haven't been, I think that the destination trips are a perfect...
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    Daytona Trippers

    Hey ladies! My name is Kiki! :D I'm late to the party, but I'll be in Daytona as well! I haven't been to a road trip since...NJ 2012...I think :eek: so I am really looking forward to this. My endurance is the pits, LOL, so I suppose I will need to work on that over the next couple of...
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    Great Daytona Turn Out So Far

    Lisa- my hubby will be tagging along as well! (I never seem to leave home without him haha) :D Can't wait to meet you! :)
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    Wooo Hooo! who's going to Daytona Beach 2014?!??

    I hemmed and hawed over the Chi RT but never did...then did the same for this, lol... but finally committed, lol. I'll be there! Woot!! :eek: My last RT (I think) was cardio capacity isn't the best (never is! LOL) but I guess I'll have to step it up a notch as the time gets...
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    Getting excited for Chicago 2014!

    Omgoodness. I keep contemplating and putting off....and contemplating some more. Amazing there's still room. :eek: I've been to one destination (Disney) and one NJ...loved them both. No idea why I keep procrastinating. Lol
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    Who's in for Chicago?

    I can't believe there's still room... :eek: I keep contemplating, but haven't decided.
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    Back to Chicago - Our Next Offsite Road Trip?

    April! Woot :D
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    Any MyFitnessPal users?

    Makes sense to me. I eat back my exercise cals though. If you were eating 1200 and not eating back cals then you may not have been eating enough (since you'd be netting under 1200). Less than 1200 usually isn't recommended :( That being said...I think that most ladies that log but don't want...
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    Any MyFitnessPal users?

    Hey girls! Yep most of us are still there! And then some! Cathe is all the rage on MFP now! (or, at least with us! lol) Just look for the usernames mentioned in this thread and send an invite :D
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    What nutrition database/calorie counter do you use?

    I find that MFP actually has many of the recipes on it already. I just type in the source of the recipe (like, clean eating, taste of home or whatever), and the name of the recipe. Most are already in the database from other users.. ;)
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    What nutrition database/calorie counter do you use?

    I'm on myfitnesspal too, she's right, lots of Cathletes over there, it's fun stuff. I adore the app. I was a former fit day user for years, also & actually found the myfitnesspal app when searching for the fit day one. I never logged into fit day again. MFP is SO much easier, and so many more...
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    Cathe-what do you hear when filming a workout?

    Double post...