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  • Thankyou mare :) I just added u to my contacts in my email... By the way my email is: [email protected]
    You ARE Soooooo Lucky I would so LOVE to meet Cathe Sooo Much:) I never knew she was only 5 foot... she looks taller on Tv lol!! Iam Only 4 foot 10 inches so Its awesome knowing someone else is short too, lol!! ttyl!! have Fun and Yes PLEASE I would sooo appreciate pics, means alot!! Take care hun!! Someday hopefully I will be able to go and we will meet... if she Ever has one in Boston I will most def be at that one ;)
    I am going to the RT:) My first one was last year. It kicked my but but it was lots of fun and I lasted longer than I thought I would. Walking through the airport on Sunday was painful...every muscle was screaming! Hahah. Cathe is ssoooooo friendly. A fun note, she is only about 5 foot...never knew that. I'm coming from NC so it is an expensive weekend but I saved up all year and its my treat to myself:) You will be able to watch the classes live! Last year was the first year they did that:) I will take pictures and email them to you if you'd like. Here is my email address: [email protected]
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