kickboxing~ weight training~ spending time with my beautiful daughter Kylie, doing things for other
Jul 31, 1973 (Age: 50)
When I began doing Cathe Workouts
from fitTV 2002
How I found out about Cathe Workouts
Fit TV... The Best day of my life:)
Why I love doing Cathe Workouts
I love her clear on cues and she makes it fun... plus LOOK AT HER... DAMN... I WISH I HAD THAT BOD...LOL!!!! She knows what shes talking about while making it fun it is truly a FULL HARD WORKOUT, and the fact that she does the ENTIRE thing With U shows she really is a REAL person and not a fake like "others" who have dvds out and TELL THE ppl WHAT TO DO and They do NOTHING... HATE THAT...their is no one else like her...She makes it Fun& always bringing another newer workouts series that has PROVEN to work over and over, although Tuff feels but before u know it its over and its like having your girlfriend right there in your living room with you and you had one damn AMAZING workout!... she's the best!!!
Where I work out most often
Other Workout DVDs that I own
kickboxing dvds(Jeanette Jenkins),Gunnar Peterson have ALL HIS Core secret dvds... Jari Love Getted Ripped dvds (newest 2012)Love Cindy WhitMarsh(all abs workouts)... Flavia Delmonte full-body-licious(flaviliciousfitness)...some supreme 90 workouts(tabata interval, cardio challange,core on ball)
My Fitness Goals
Iam only 4'10" i want to stay at my goal wt. of 85-89lbs... but with solid muscle and look in great shape... no jiggle...since my son passed away 0n July 18,2009 I had gone up to my highest weight EVER of 98-100lbs with out muscle, HATING MYSELF!! wanting more lean muscle while loosing inches and getting back to NO HIGHER Than About 85-88lbs!!! I want to feel better about me...feel in great shape" It sNOT ABOUT What other ppl Think But What I THINK!!!!!!!!!!! THATS #1!!! I need to start liking myself again, and get myself to start liking the things i once did:) to Love myself and start to know that accepting that As long as Iam doing All I can to for me (without just phoning it in) makes me a better Mom, Wife, friend , Person and alot more HAPPIER!




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