1. forum_admin

    Video Clip of Cathe's Cardio Weight Mash-Up

    Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday, September 9, 2021, at 9:30 am EST we’ll be doing “Cardio Weight Mash-Up” LIVE! Get ready to get sweaty with today’s breathless mash-up of cardio bursts alternated with weight exercises! See you soon!!! Equipment Needed: A variety of weighted...
  2. forum_admin

    Lisa, Cathe & Jai in STEP BOSS- PHA 3 Step

    This pic was taken during the filming of the STEP BOSS PHA 3 Step workout. PHA 3 Step is a time efficient workout alternating upper and lower body strength exercises, many of which are more functional movements, with very little rest between each segment. The combination of these elements...
  3. D

    Peripheral Heart Activity - Type DVD's

    This type of weight workout really works for me. What DVD's do you have that are similar in method? I have figured out that the PHA Training DVD from Strong & Sweaty and the Metabolic Total Body DVD from ICE offer cardio with weights. Can you recommend any other Cathe DVD's that offer the...
  4. hawgwild

    Lower Impact Imax 2

    I LOVE Imax 2, but my right knee is getting pretty tweaky these days. I can jump upwards to some extent, but when impact is combined with lateral motion it gets trickier. Like doing toe taps on the step... I really miss doing Imax 2!!! I would also like to see an Imax 2 lower impact circuit...
  5. ~Elsie

    Categorization of Cathe Lifting-Weights DVDs

    Hello Cathe, I would like to know if it is posted anywhere which of your Strength workouts are high reps, high endurance, medium endurance, strength, strength+mass etc.? I feel I understand a few from the titles. I am thinking Slow & Heavy (which is a fave of mine, thank you for that gem), 4 Day...
  6. forum_admin

    About Our Muscle Meltdowns

    All of our ICE Muscle Meltdowns are uniquely filmed videos and not taken from our other ICE workouts. Most of the Muscle Meltdowns are around 13 to 15 mins long and are designed for people wanting to add a single strength training body part to their cardio workout. Muscle Meltdowns are also...