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This type of weight workout really works for me. What DVD's do you have that are similar in method? I have figured out that the PHA Training DVD from Strong & Sweaty and the Metabolic Total Body DVD from ICE offer cardio with weights. Can you recommend any other Cathe DVD's that offer the same combination of cardio with weights?
Hi DebParo, Cathe and her crew may like to respond to this, but thought I would chime in in the meantime....

You are in luck! Cathe has MANY DVDs that combine cardio and weights within a workout for that metabolic effect. Although Strong and Sweaty's PHA Training is her first and only workout that specifically uses the PHAT method, her bootcamp and metabolic workouts will also help you achieve that toning/strengthening you want while keeping your heart rate up for that cardio effect. Here are some examples of programs that may fit what you're looking for:

  • LIS Afterburn
  • XTrain Super Cuts
  • X10 (Fat Burning Circuit section)
  • To the Max (the Compound Legs and Core with Upper Body sections)
  • Cross Fire (Premixes 7, 8 and 11 focus on metabolic work)
Bootcamp and/or Circuit:
  • Bootcamp (sold in a DVD with Muscle Endurance)
  • Drill Max
  • Cross Fire
  • ICE Bootcamp Circuit
  • Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp
  • Circuit Max
  • High Step Challenge
  • Low Impact Circuit
Weights and Cardio in One Program:
  • 4 Day Split
  • Cross Train Express

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