Lower Impact Imax 2


I LOVE Imax 2, but my right knee is getting pretty tweaky these days. I can jump upwards to some extent, but when impact is combined with lateral motion it gets trickier. Like doing toe taps on the step... I really miss doing Imax 2!!! I would also like to see an Imax 2 lower impact circuit premix. With a choice between upper body, lower body and/or abs.
I love IMax 2!! I would love to have a new one as well.
Did u ever do low max? I like that one to.
But I get what u mean lateral with impact !
There is a move some times even in the other workouts that u hold a weight and lunge side to side and going to my left if I do it without thinking the outer part of the knee will almost feel like it is torn.

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Hi Renee. Yes! I Love Low Max! I still do it sometimes. And yes.... sadly side to side lunges especially with weight are very hard on my right knee. Also feels like the knee cap is going to rip off!

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