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    Beginner/Intermediate Series

    Just chiming in with a ME TOO!
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    If you workout in your living/family room- where r your weights?

    I took the dining room. I folded down the wings of the table and shoved it against the wall. It holds my 10" DVD player and workout sheets when I do STS. All of the various weights and my step bench are along the other two walls. If I need the table, I stack the weights in less space and pull it...
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    Cardio Fatigue? Help!!

    I couldn't do cardio at all during meso 1 or 2. I was just too wiped out.
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    Does anyone modify MMA Kickbox and boxing to low impact?

    I've modified everything in Cardio STS to be low or no impact. My knees are not thrilled with many jumping moves. I just make sure my movements are big enough to be equivalent to jumping. For the moves that are OK for my knees, I end up doing them slow and exaggerated, usually at half the speed...
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    Rotation with just shock cardio?

    Thanx. I definitely won't be doing two a day (LOL!), but half of that will get me started. :-> ltg
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    Rotation with just shock cardio?

    Does anyone have a rotation using just the shock cardio workouts?
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    Dr. Sears' PACE program and DVD

    I'm curious about this too. People keep bringing it up in conversation, and I'm wondering if it's good science or snake oil.
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    STS LEGS--HELP!!!!!!

    I had the sick-to-the-stomach thing in meso 1, too. I found that, while my 1RM and the weight given for the number of reps were technically right, I was not able to do them with the elevated heart rate of an endurance workout. I lowered a lot of my weights for meso 1 and ended up raising them a...
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    R2 Week 2 DISC 1 - 3 AGAIN

    In meso 1, I often would find the second time through a given disk harder. I figured I was either still not recovered OR, since I had a better idea what was coming and what I was doing, I was putting more into it. In mesos 2 and 3 that didn't happen very often. For those, I'd usually find...
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    STS travel friendly?

    If I recall correctly, Cathe has a travel workout coming out (yay!!!!) around the same time as STS Cardio. I know that doesn't help much now, but... For a nice hotel workout, I do Kari Anderson's Reach. (Gotta love that video iPod!) Definitely not on the level of STS, but a nice all around...
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    Still doing push-ups on my knees!

    I never got off my knees during Mesos 1 and 2. But now that I'm on the last week (6-month rotation) of Meso 3, I can do a whole bunch on my toes. The strength work of these last few weeks has really made a difference. If doing them on your knees is work and is working the right muscles and is...
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    anyone else feel sick?

    I had the same issue with Meso 1. It seemed to depend on my hydration and what I'd had for dinner (and how long it had to go down before starting to work out).
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    60% 1RM to heavy???

    Definitely don't sacrifice form. If your body wants lower weights in order to get through the sets, that's fine. You'll be going nowhere but up (in weight) as the program progresses, so there's no point in starting out at a disadvantage. ltg
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    Advice before buying STS

    If you're looking to tighten and tone, STS WILL do it. I encourage you to take the leap. I'm doing the 6-month rotation and have tightened and toned like crazy! ltg
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    Help! I stink at plyo legs

    Boy, that's an understatement. LOL! I'm glad to hear of people improving as they go. I'm doing a 6-month rotation, so I get to do the first plyo legs workout again next week. The other two workouts this week were wonderful (and challenging!). Hopefully, legs will move more towards the...