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    Cathe Friends, Followers, & Fans

    Dear Cathe Friends, Followers, & Fans, I am in the process of downsizing & simplifying my life to get ready for retirement! Everything that I don’t love 10 out of 10, or that doesn’t fit, or I haven’t used in the last 15+ years :p has to go!! Those of you here on the Cathe forums might be...
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    New Series

    Am I the only nut who's loving the blue risers? I want a pair!:D
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    Work stress

    I am leaving a position that I loved because of a narcissistic co-worker (with classic signs of Borderline Personality Disorder). For my physical health & psychological well-being, I am going on vacation (Cancun x 10 days with hubby), and then transferring to a new unit with the same boss (whom...
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    STS timesaver?

    I have done this! If I'm on a four day split, and since there are always two upper body workouts, I like to break up the leg workouts like this. Sometimes I add on a 10-20 minute core segment too. That way I get 2 leg (1st half STS leg, & next time 2nd half of that STS leg), and 2 core workouts...
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    Shoulder pain

    I had an issue with my left (non-dominant) shoulder caused by doing push-ups when I first started Cathe workouts. She made push-ups look sooooo easy :), but it was too much/too soon for the weak, Cathe novice that I was :eek:. "Luckily" I had a PT who thought I might have impingement syndrome...
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    Wandering the most popular age group for Cathletes

    Found Cathe on Fit TV in 2003 & pre-ordered every series since. I'm Fitty two & have always exercised, but I love the fitness level I have achieved & maintained with Cathe's workout programs. In my avatar picture with Cathe at a Glassboro roadtrip, I am 48. I recently broke my foot, and before...
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    HiiT Circuit UB is Mmm, Mmm, Good!

    Did this premix (#7), and loved it. I used the same weights as Cathe :D! The flow into standing Abs is perfect for this workout. My shoulders gave out during the last set of High/Low Planks with Jacks. Bonus Abs One is my favorite right now!
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    Too Much Off the Beat, Not for Me

    I totally agree with that, but Low Impact HiiT 1 & 2 are cardio/metabolic-endurance workouts. Maybe it's because I workout on carpet that I feel can not do some of the movements of this workout at the same off tempo speed as Cathe, or maybe my brain does not want to move that fast when the...
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    Crazy busy, but managed to fit in a "ME Mix" of X10 Step & RWH Bonus Abs1. Loved how the cardio...

    Crazy busy, but managed to fit in a "ME Mix" of X10 Step & RWH Bonus Abs1. Loved how the cardio kept going with the standing & weighted abs!
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    Missing Stretch on Premixes for Ripped with HIIT

    You might want to check out this thread 12-10-14:
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    Step Recommendations

    I like LIC (Low Impact Circuit). The combos are easy to learn with Cathe's great cuing. Good premixes too.
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    Too Much Off the Beat, Not for Me

    Yesterday my workout was a "mish mosh" with parts from Low Impact HiiT 1 & 2 and Plyo 1. I did premix #2: Extreme Low Impact 1 & 2 combined, paused and then added the main program of the Plyo HiiT 1. I was doing OK until the Dixie Cup Shuffles which were "off beat" (and I'm not loving that)...
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    Calories burned: HRM vs. Workout Manager?

    There is an afterburn that the HRM cannot pick up: Everyone burns calories differently:
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    Today is a "mish mosh". I'm going to try bits of each RWH Low Impact HiiT 1 & 2, and Plyo 1, but...

    Today is a "mish mosh". I'm going to try bits of each RWH Low Impact HiiT 1 & 2, and Plyo 1, but can't imagine liking any as much as Plyo 2
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    Advice on Adding Strength Training

    Welcome to "The Cathe Nation". You have gotten lots of great suggestions from the loyal and enthusiastic cathletes here on the forums. Under the "Fit Tips" tab on the home page you'll find thousands of evidence based fitness articles written by Cathe to help you too, like...