Cathe Friends, Followers, & Fans


Dear Cathe Friends, Followers, & Fans,
I am in the process of downsizing & simplifying my life to get ready for retirement! Everything that I don’t love 10 out of 10, or that doesn’t fit, or I haven’t used in the last 15+ years :p has to go!! Those of you here on the Cathe forums might be interested in the 20 or so Cathe DVDs that I put up on EBay (fitnu89). I only follow Cathe for my home workouts (she’s the BEST). I am into her newer stuff these days, so I am letting go of some of the classics (she keeps getting better). My Cathe collection will still be huge !! As a frontline worker (ICU nurse in the Bronx) her workouts kept me going through the worst of this pandemic.

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