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    More Perfect 30 Workouts

    I would love to see the Perfect 30 series expanded. There could be: Perfect 30 Kickboxing Perfect 30 Step Perfect 30 Barre Perfect 30 Spinning Perfect 30 Bands You get the idea.
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    More (tough) Barre work!

    I would love more Barre from Cathe as well. Turbo Barre is great, but I find I'm really into the Fit Tower Advanced workouts right now, especially the lower body and total body workouts. Shelbygirl
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    So excited...order placed - anyone else?

    This series sounds fabulous!! I pre-ordered right away. Shelbygirl
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    Menopausal-Slimming Down All Over what's up with the Core

    I have to second cutting back on the BS (Booze, Bread, Sugar). I would also add pasta to that list. I lost 30 pounds during peri-menopause by joining Weight Watchers, eating mostly zero/low point foods and exercising a lot. I haven't quite given up on the BS, but enough to keep off the 30...
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    Fit tower brackets

    So, I called Fit Tower customer service back today and this time they said without hesitation that they would send me a new cross bar. (Not sure why I got the run around last time...strange). But, hopefully the new cross bar solves the problem! Shelbygirl
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    Fit tower brackets

    I'm having the exact same problem. I called Fit Tower customer service and they told me to "manually loosen" the bar. I have no idea what that means. I think I'll call them back, but when I am standing in front of the Fit Tower, so they can walk me through how to "manually loosen" the bar...
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    Fit Tower assembly question

    Thanks Aqua Girl and Teals for your replies. Aqua Girl, I'll try your press lightly and see how that goes. One of the springs does look sketchy, though, so like Teals, I might need to ask for a replacement. I did just contact customer service and they said to "manually try to...
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    Fit Tower assembly question

    I have a separate but related question... The movable bar on my recently purchased Fit Tower doesn't move smoothly up and down. One side seems okay, but the other gets stuck. Before I contact the manufacturer, might you have any tips on how to correct this? (I don't know if the bar is...
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    Proud Owner of 2nd Fit Tower !

    Are you able to move the padded bar up and down easily on your Fit Towers? I also just purchased the Fit Tower (and already have the old Turbo Tower). It definitely seems better than the Turbo Tower, but my padded bar doesn't easily slide up and down. One side seems fine, but the other side...
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    Looking for workouts for my fit Tower till the new ones are released

    KickMax also has a leg conditioning section that uses a chair, but you can use the barre instead.
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    Sprained ankle

    I actually sprained an ankle myself sort of recently. I was able to workout during my recovery by doing the following: 1. Upper body weights 2. Barre/Mat (i.e. TurboBarre, To The Mat) For cardio, once I was able to put some pressure on it, I road a recumbent bike and then I moved on to a spin...
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    Announcing Cathe's New Advanced Fit Tower DVDs!

    Yay!!! I've been waiting for this announcement; looking forward to these DVDs! Shelbygirl
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    The Fit Towers

    Cathe mentioned a couple weeks ago that she was actively working on the new DVDs but that she had no info to share just yet.
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    S&S Bootcamp = The best bootcamp

    I just did this one for the first time today and I really liked it. I matched Cathe's weight for everything but I did modify some of the cardio. I can see myself doing this one a lot. It was tons of fun! Shelbygirl