Running, lifting, reading, politics, being with my animals (1 cat, 1 dog, 1 bird) family and friends
When I began doing Cathe Workouts
Since about June 2008, I think.
How I found out about Cathe Workouts
I think it was the article in Fitness magazine. Holy, that article has cost me a couple grand at this point, just 1 year later!
Why I love doing Cathe Workouts
I love lifting heavy - that feeling of power, that I could do anything I have a mind to do. I love that she doesn't go all girlie-girl and make things easy. I like her working hard and sweating with me - knowing it's hard for her but she still keeps going gives me the push to keep going too. If she can do it, so can I! And I love that I now lift heavier than her (at least, heavier than she lifts in her DVDs!); I'm nuthin' if not competitive! Maybe someday I can do her step workouts too - but since I am as uncoordinated as it gets, it seems unlikely. She's turned me into a cardio queen, and I'm lovin' the tiara!
Where I work out most often
Other Workout DVDs that I own
Ripped, all 6; Power Yoga - Bryan Kest and Adrienne Reed; Donna Read's strength workouts; Namaste Yoga; P90X; Chalean Extreme; lots of Turbo Jam; all of Jillian Michaels; Jackie Warner's Workout; Biggest Loser Cardio Max; Cardio Coach vol 1-8 and Pump; AOS Providence; AOS Santa Monica; AOS Newport; Lauren Brooks Body Sculpt & Conditioning with Kettlebells; Absolute Beginners Kettlebell 3 in 1 with Amy Bento; Insanity, STS Shock Cardio (eventually!)
My Fitness Goals
Build muscle, less emotional eating, lose fat, run longer, run faster, build my cardiovascular capacity, show my muscles!
My Success Story
Lost 115 lbs with diet and exercise, but who cares? It's what I do now that matters, right? I'm not sure what it was that enticed you to drop in to visit my page, but now that you're here, pull up a seat and sit for a while! I know you're tired from your workout, so chill out, have a beer, and let's chat! Whatchu bin upta?
It sort of depends - I work for non-profit organiz


I run for the woman I was. I run for the woman I am. I run for the woman I will be.

You can't outrun a bad diet and you can't outeat bad feelings.