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  • Hi Suzakusoul! Thanks for the blog comment - good luck to you as well and we are going to become Cathletes in no time!!
    Hey Suzakusoul! Happy Blessed New Year!! May it bring lots of happiness, peace, prosperity, neat adventures, new friends, and a healthier you!! I just enjoyed another one of your blog entries! I'm so glad you got to spend a quiet Christmas with your hubby, and now you're enjoying the New Year with your friends. I hope you enjoy some time with your family in the States before you go to Korea. Just think, not many people (me!) get to go to all those neat places! But try and bribe your parents and hubby to get that Step to your whatever it takes! ;) Hee! Hee!

    I'm so glad you're enjoying LowMax! LOVING interval 5 will just make you push all the harder to make it to that interval for Firewalker!! Either that or cheat and skip interval 4 and go to 5 (I won't tell :D). I just did some power yoga tonight which I really enjoyed. It's really good for strengthening my knees — all those warrior pose static lunges. If my knees hold up and I get some time between family stuff I may do Amy Bento's Advanced Step Challenge 3 DVD tomorrow. Cross my fingers!! She's my next favourite instructor besides Cathe. Her step workouts are more complex and dancier while still being athletic. She's awesome!

    Have a FUNTASTIC day!! *hugs back*
    Hey suzakusoul! I hope you had an awesome blessed Christmas with your husband!! And I hope you got alot of hugs and presents from your family and friends!! I had a wonderful Christmas as I got to be with all my family for the first time in over 2 decades so that was VERY special!! :) Looking forward to reading more of your progress, hope your legs aren't burning ya too much— Low Max is SO much fun :D!! In fact I just did it today and got up to combo/blast 6, couldn't even finish the whole blast!! I had to take a couple of standing rest breaks during the workout and by the end even a couple of sit down rest breaks!! It slays me!! As you can see, I'm still a work in progress too ;)!!
    Hi suzakusoul! I really enjoy reading your blog!! You are so funny!! And it's so neat to hear you get started and how pumped you are about it. That's the way I started and I still am about Cathe and it's not even been a year since I started. I ended up buying almost all her dvd's, because they're fun, intense, they get RESULTS, she syncs AMAZING music to it, she's awesome and her dvd's are AWESOME!! I hope you can find some free weights to do Low Impact Circuit with. I wonder if you can ask around or do a Google search in your area. Funny enough I believe Low Impact Circuit was one of the dvd's I started with too. That's so cool! Thanks for asking me to be friends!! Your my first friend!! By the way your thighs are going to BURN with Low Max! Hee! Hee!! Burn baby Burn!! It's fun when you know your muscles are getting a good workout!! And thank you about Rainbow, she's a real SWEETIE PIE!
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