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  • Hi, twinkle! No, it just seems to be a series of viruses gently and not-so-gently kicking my ass for the past two months. I'm so sorry to hear about the achilles tendonitis. What caused it? Can it be avoided in the future?
    Comme ci, comme ca. I've been fighting a virus for about 2 months now and it's really starting to get me down. How about you? I haven't heard anything from you for ages!
    Hey Twinkle- thanks for getting back! I was about to send out the SPCA looking for you! Let me know what you think of Insanity- and thanks for the tip about Total Fitness- I have used them in the past with great results.
    Love the pic of your cat! I have 3 cats that like to help me when I do abs and core work. They are all long haired and beautiful like yours.
    Heya twinkletoes! Christmas was pretty quiet but that's a good thing since the hubby was at least here and not the desert. I can't complain. ^_^ I did eat WAY too much HAM though. >_< Sooo thrilled to hear you got to spend time with your whole family!! Living overseas I know how awesome that must feel!! (My family is spread out all over the country and since we are slated to go to Korea in June, family Christmases are out for another few years :( )

    LowMax and I are gearing up as we speak!! I think I'll stick with the Intervals 1-4 again which is MADDENING because I LOVE the song in Interval 5? (The Firewalker one...) I may just throw Interval 5 in there just because! *lol* Hope you are having a FANTASTIC day! *hugs*
    Hey there twinkletoes!! Thanks for accepting me as a friend! ^_^ *insert group hug* I'm still looking forward to LowMax! (Burn!!!!) I am super hopeful that I'll fall in love with actually doing the workouts and not just the awesomeness that is Cathe. I also discovered that my step is called the "Circuit Step" so its actually a bit smaller. I'm not concerned or anything but when you are stepping with size 10 feet, the more space the merrier!! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas with your kitty and your family!! ^_^
    Thanks for reading and commenting! I just previewed Low Impact Circuit and it looks like a blast! I'm still trying to figure out how to get barbells here in Germany...I'm sure a store around here must sell them but I still haven't found them yet....I will soldier on with the DVD purchase though! :p Oh and your kitty (Rainbow, right) is GORGEOUS!
    Thank you Marnold!! And she thanks you too!! She's a real sweetheart!! Her name is Rainbow. And have an AWESOME day too! P.S. Love your furry babies!! :)
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