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  • Wed 4 July
    Body Bar Strength Resolutions Lashaun Dale + Slim in Six Keep it up Debbie Siebers
    Cathe STS disc 1 chest,shoulders&Biceps
    CIA 2002 wu Greg 10m + GM302 United Steps Kari Anderson
    Afterburn Low Impact Series i subbed some Treadmill for some tough segs. + Kathy Ireland Absolutely Fit Abs pt 4
    Warm up from Karen V. Strong & Smooth moves 8m Margaret Richard TV shows 1711/12/13 Upper Body only (Brazilian music in 1713 - nice!) 1h10m
    The Firm Super Body Sculpt Upper 2x Nancy Tucker Good Times + GM202 Kari Anderson Step
    I am tortured about ordering Cathe's new videos. Wondering if there is any weight work to them. Bc I go on my Treadmill whenever it's a Step wo. Day. I love her intervals Training.
    Today: Slim in Six Keep it up Debbie Siebers TM 32m at 3.5 I added leg lifts w 4lb ankle weights & Abs.
    Yesterday: CIA 2303 Step it Strong Keli Roberts 46m Circuit+27m weights section Abs
    Brand New Butt & Pilates Janis Saffell is actually a Lower Body workout with the Dynaband. She used a Red band which is tougher. I used red and sometimes purple. Interesting that it is possible to do every single Body part with the band!
    Leg presses are easier on my knees with the band!
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