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  • High Reps Upper Body Premix I added Back since it wasn't included in the premix. Odd..+ Hollywood Trainer Kickbox Bootcamp & Awt Jeanette Jenkins I like the high energy music.
    Body Bar Below the Belt Keli Roberts (all standing)+Absolutely Fit Kathy Ireland pt 3+ CIA 1003 pt1 - 2 Kirk Lawrence awt pt3 Teri Wexted
    CIA2505 Kick Box Boot Camp Kimberly Spreen, she does Boxing with hand weights, fighting with Body Bar, Awt with Bar, then Core+str + Absolutely Fit Kathy Ireland pt2.
    Hi-Lo Jam w Yvette Quez
    Tm 30m 4.0 + Absolutely Fit Abs Kathy Ireland pt1 aka. Monday. 10m
    Brand New Butt 2 & more Janis Saffell (2 1/2# ankle weights)+Kathy Smith Timesaver cardio pt 2 I muted her and put my own music.
    I haven't done this Janis wo since Dec 2001, my loss it's good!
    Elements of Form MYB Clare Dunphy she does stretch,abs & balance (I did Upper Body weights during portions of it)
    I was looking to do an easy fast wo and before I knew it I was pulling out my weights. Lol
    Cathe Cardio Core Circuit Premix: Drills only + Raising the Bar Margaret Richard Upper Body & Abs only..
    No one has posted for a week?
    Buns and Thighs Gay Gasper at the Clevelander 25m + Standing Legs from Winning workout Petra Kolber + Crunch Washboard Abs pt3+ Great Moves Step PV102 Kari Anderson
    Winning Workout (Upper Body only) Petra Kolber + CIA1002 pt 1&2 , Haha the high impact is tough so I walk on the Treadmill to the beat of the music.
    Poohpeggy, wise motivation.. I hope you're ok!
    I, for one, can't do everything I used to do. (Pain is a hard barrier to avoid) but as you said we must we must do what we can.
    Military Muscle Gay Gasper Upper Body she does 1 set I did 3 heavy. (is 26m)
    Cathe KICK MAX w intervals on Treadmill 4.0 during knee moves + Blast
    I did not know I could get DOMS from Dynabands!
    Now I do!
    Cathe's workout yesterday made my shoulders, chest and back sore.
    But I did use red, purple and blue bands while she was doing green!
    Lite Body Weight & Bands Basic Premix #7 which includes Calorie Crush! Wow! ... Abs&str
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