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    What kind of classes on the roadtrip?

    I have the same question for Cathe or any of the experienced road trippers - what can I expect as far as workouts are concerned - type and intensity? I'm in week 3 of STS meso 1 again, and I'm afraid of being too fatigued if I keep up my regular workout schedule this week. That is the last...
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    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    This is my first road trip and I'm very excited. I just signed up a week and a half ago and have been dying to post on the forums, but for some reason didn't have permission. It has taken forever to solve the problem, but now I can post. YEA. Hopefully that will make me less nervous. A...
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    What's the weather like in Houston now?

    Yesterday and today have been beautiful, (lows in the upper 50s, low 60s, highs in the 80s) but I wouldn't count on it staying that way. It usually doesn't get cooler and stay that way until the end of October. You'll have to keep tabs on the weather until right before you leave. Right now...
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    Details Please!

    All of your ideas sound great. I live here, so I could do any of them. How early are you thinking of starting? I normally teach piano lessons on Thursday and Friday and was going to try and still get them in, but if there is fun to be had, I'd rather be there. :)
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    1RM Test - So Easy a Caveman can do it

    Thanks so much for the pictures. I started to do my 1rm, but was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of exercises available to choose from, and not sure what some of the exercises were. This chart is extremely helpful. Thank you.
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    Help - DH afraid of me lifting

    Thanks! That is how I feel. I think I just needed opinion and support of some other exercisers. I plan to start doing couch to 5 k tomorrow with a friend. I don't need to do it for stamina (I ran a 1/2 marathon in October) but I figure DH won't have as much difficulty with me jogging 60 sec...
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    Help - DH afraid of me lifting

    Short history - I'm 17 weeks pregnant. I have been on major exercise restrictions due to getting pregnant with fertility (IUIs and injectibles) then I had some spotting issues week 12-14. (I could only walk, and wasn't to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk.) However, I'm fine now...
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    Rate Fun Factor of New Series

    I really like the new series. I think they are some of the funner workouts I have done. I was having a bit of motivation difficulty before they came out as well, but I have managed to follow the November rotation using pretty much only the new workouts, and I am still motivated. My favorite...
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    Clothes for tall thin people?

    OK, reposting because 4T does look like Toddler, and I meant 4 tall. I just have a hard time finding clothes that fit period. Pants are easier to find that shirts. I can't find anything that fits both my shoulders and my waist, and I rarely can find things with long enough sleeves. Does...
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    Where to buy clothes?? Size 4T

    How funny, that is exactly what that looks like though. Can you tell my kids are out of toddler size?
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    Where to buy clothes?? Size 4T

    Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to buy clothes? I can actually find pants in my size occasionally here and there, but I have the hardest time finding a shirt that fits in the shoulders, the waist, and has long enough sleeves? With fall coming, I so want to shop, but it is so...
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    advanced exercisers -suggestions?

    A-Jock - Thanks for the suggestions. I will have to get IMAX and MIC. I will also have to look into the CTX. I didn't think they would be as intense. I have seen your mish-moshes on the compendium and on the forums. I know I originally tossed them from my comptendium thinking they were...
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    advanced exercisers -suggestions?

    Thanks for the response. I really am just looking for my HR to stay in my zone. According to my HRM that is over 122. It does get up to around 145 - sometimes up to 156 or 7 with IMAX 2 or 3, but it recovers super fast. I know that is a good thing, I'm getting in good shape, I just want to...
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    advanced exercisers -suggestions?

    Lately, I can't seem to get my heartrate up like I used to be able to in a Cathe aerobic dvd. I have been trying to make my own mixes to help me get a better workout. I would also like to buy some more dvd's to add more variety. I'm looking for suggestions of the workouts and/or mish moshes...
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    O/T - Bare Minerals - where to find perhaps cheaper

    I buy my Bare Minerals at Ulta. I have bought all of my brushes at Sally's Beauty supply. The brushes are just as good and tons cheaper. (like $3-8 not $20+) I acutally like the $3 eye shadow brush from Sally's better than the $20 something one from Ulta. I am also wierd in that I prefer to...