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Lately, I can't seem to get my heartrate up like I used to be able to in a Cathe aerobic dvd. I have been trying to make my own mixes to help me get a better workout. I would also like to buy some more dvd's to add more variety. I'm looking for suggestions of the workouts and/or mish moshes posted around here that get your heartrate up and keep it up.

I have The Intensity series, The hardcore series, and Step Blast/SPJ dvd's. Plus some tivo'd from Fittv. I also have p90x, but don't like that much - especially the cardio.

Lately I've been doing - Blast only mixes, IMAX 2 repeating each blast 1 more time rather than cooling down, or I'll do the blast from step blast twice, or the challenge from Kick max and the more aerobic part of kpc. etc.

Also, if anyone has a good suggestion of a programmable dvd player, I would love that as well. Then I could make even better mixes.

I have been looking at adding RS/IMAX/MIC dvd and possibly Cardio hits and/or KPC/legs and glutes.

Any suggestions? I'd even take non-Cathe if it will get my heartrate up, but I don't know that that exists.

Thanks for any help.


Kimberly...the Imaxes have been the only cardio that gets my HR up there. How high do you want yours? I have found with some cardio machines like Elliptical and the Nordic track using workouts from I can get my HR as high as when I run...hope this helps...:)


Interval Max and I-Max 3 are musts; do the Interval Max workout by extending each interval 8-16 reps and omitting the recoveries by nexting to the next step segment after the blast. Do the I-max 3 blast only segment, and follow that up with the Kick max Blast Challenge.

MIC hi/lo and the CTX hi/lo and Power Circuit segments are very intense as well.

Circuit Max and Cardio Kicks's Power Drills segment as well. Do a search with "Circuit Max" in the Open Discussion and Video Discussion forums to get some ideas on how to vary / upkick C-max's intensity.

Also Body Max.

I would suggest getting a 5-disc player, and doing a search for my patented mish-moshes (do this on the Open Discussion forum with "mish" as an advanced search word), and I promise you you'll have all the intensity you'll ever need.



Your heart may just be in really good shape, and very efficient at what it does. Do you feel you're getting a good workout even without getting your heartrate up?


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Thanks for the response. I really am just looking for my HR to stay in my zone. According to my HRM that is over 122. It does get up to around 145 - sometimes up to 156 or 7 with IMAX 2 or 3, but it recovers super fast. I know that is a good thing, I'm getting in good shape, I just want to keep improving.


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A-Jock - Thanks for the suggestions. I will have to get IMAX and MIC. I will also have to look into the CTX. I didn't think they would be as intense. I have seen your mish-moshes on the compendium and on the forums. I know I originally tossed them from my comptendium thinking they were insane, but I will have to find them again. (Once I get that dvd player that is.)

Thanks again


Just my two cents, but there is a lot to be said for interval training. Letting your heart rate come down for a short time before elevating it is quite beneficial. I know you feel like you are getting the most out of your work out by keeping your heart rate so elevated, but training in the anaerobic zone for a long period of time isn't really what is suggested in current literature. I try to train my clients in an interval format. Most are reluctant, at first, but then come to realize in a short time they are progressing toward their goals more quickly. Would you consider using some hand weights for curls, presses, or kickbacks while still moving your feet but bringing your heart rate down during the recovery period? You sound like a finely-tuned machine! Congrats on the quick recovery time! Goodness knows that doesn't happen overnight!

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