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Short history - I'm 17 weeks pregnant. I have been on major exercise restrictions due to getting pregnant with fertility (IUIs and injectibles) then I had some spotting issues week 12-14. (I could only walk, and wasn't to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk.) However, I'm fine now, and my Dr. said that after 16 weeks I could do more exercise. He still doesn't want me overdo it, but I feel great now, and want to be in better shape.

I have started to rotate back in some Cathe's, just low impact for now - I did lower intenstiy step - just the step part on Saturday, and today I did LIC - just one segment with warm up and cool down. However, DH is afraid for me to lift. I think that if I half my weights I should be fine. (Pre-pregnancy I just used what Cathe used.) Obviously if I have any trouble or pain, I know to listen to my body, but I almost feel guilty wanting to exercise. One the other hand, being fit is supposed to be better for your pregnancy right? DH just says "we worked so hard to get pregnant that I don't want to take any chances."

Any suggestions, advice, etc? Anyone else been labeled high risk, but then been allowed to exercise?



I spotted in my first trimester and was labeled high risk as well.
I didn't go through the fertility things that you did, so I can't relate to that. But I spotted all through week 9 and also week 12.

Both times, I only took a week off, and that was just at my discretion. My doctor said that exercise really had very little to do with whether or not I was going to miscarry.

Fast forward to now, I'm 32 weeks, and have had a very easy and healthy pregnancy following that - and I really believe that it's due to my being able to work out 4 days/week. I've kept doing what I've done pre-preg. So all that you listed, LIC, LIS, Low Max, MM, Drill Max(weights only), etc... I've even kept doing TaeBo.

Just came back from my doc's apt, and he marveled at how good my weight is too. I've only gained 18 lbs so far.

If your doc said you were OK to work out, then that should be enough. Maybe DH should call your doc and ask questions about what's making him so unsure?
I understand you guys worked hard to get pregnant, but if exercise can give you a healthier and easier pregnancy, wouldn't he want that too?


You should take DH with you to your next appt. and both talk to your dr. My dr. said there's no proof of excercise being related to miscarriages or pg complications. Listen to your body definitely and if you feel uncomfortable, go with a weight that is lighter for you, but still challenging. I've worked out through my first 2 pgs and this pg I'm starting up again. I've only slowed down due to major 1st trimester blues (nausea and fatigue), but now that my energy is returning, I'm working out more. I do have to restrict certain things only because my back tends to bother me esp. during pg. So listen to your body and I think you'll be fine excercising, but do talk to your dr. with DH to get things cleared up.



You've gotten great advice.
Hope all goes well for you.
My DH questions me sometimes too but trusts me. My mom gets pretty upset about my exercising and is even more upset about me going on RT.
Good luck w/ your pg!


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Thanks! That is how I feel. I think I just needed opinion and support of some other exercisers. I plan to start doing couch to 5 k tomorrow with a friend. I don't need to do it for stamina (I ran a 1/2 marathon in October) but I figure DH won't have as much difficulty with me jogging 60 sec. then running 90 seconds. The Drs. have always limited my HR to 140. Everything I read says the new news out there is perceived exertion. I've been trying to stay around there, but if I go over I'm not overly concerned at this point.
That is a good idea to take DH to my next appointment. He has been to most with me this time around. But he did miss the last one. Hopefully th Dr. will be OK with me upping the exercise. I figure I have to take advantage of feeling good to stay in shape.
Thanks again for the advice and support!


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