Where to buy clothes?? Size 4T


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Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to buy clothes? I can actually find pants in my size occasionally here and there, but I have the hardest time finding a shirt that fits in the shoulders, the waist, and has long enough sleeves? With fall coming, I so want to shop, but it is so discouraging when you can't find your size. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


Ha! When I saw the 4T I immediately thought of kids clothes because my daughter wears a 4T. Can you tell that the kids in the house get all the clothes. I'm still wearing clothes from years ago!!! Sorry I can't help you though. I was laughing at myself!


I thought you meant toddler clothes also!!! It seems I only get clothes when they are on sale...
I went shopping last week and spent $600.....all on my kids. I got nothing! Well, I take that back, I bought a cute little scarecrow on a swing that says Autumn Lane. It was $10.
As long as my kids look good, I can wear last years clothes...and the year before that, etc.....



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How funny, that is exactly what that looks like though. Can you tell my kids are out of toddler size?

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