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    NEW!!! Gaining Control (End of Overeating): 1st Thread

    This thread is timely... I'm so grateful for finding this thread and the empowering sharing everyone is doing. I've been reading and and applying Tom Venuto's Body fat solution for the past couple of months. I love how much time is spent discussing the behaviour aspect of food in this text...
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    Sept 08 ~~~ Tues. 23 ~~~ 1st Full Day of Autumn

    Finally... Wow this is a cool letter Hottie...How's the research going? I miss reading your posts and everyone else's messages as I've been stuck in the vortex of.....well, I don't know what to call it but, I feel more on top of my crazy schedule now. I've been doing a variety of workouts...
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    I find your posts so inspiring and to be quite...quick question Hi there :D First I want to thank you Janie for starting this thread as I've been insipired by Travisili story as well! Travisili What was your experience like with Cathy Savage online? Althoug I have no desire to be a...
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    Sept 08 THURSDAY's Check-In

    First official ww meeting today Good morning everyone, I hope you will enjoy your workouts no matter what you end up doing. I will be going to a WW meeting today and I'm actually excited because the leader is awesome and inspiring...I don't know why I hesitated to join, the program is such...
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    Sept 9th Checkin 2008

    I joined weight watchers... Hi everyone, I missed posting for a few days but here I everyone its been a bit busy. First, the smiley's you have integrated into your post are awesome. Second, I joined weight watchers and I am impressed by the leader and group discussions so far....I...
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    September 08 Check-in__Sept 2nd__

    I start next I have little more time on my hands so to speak. I may opt for the online version as I don't have much wiggle room this term to be on campus. How about yourself? Justine :-)
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    September 08 Check-in__Sept 2nd__

    Re: Health Issues Hi there, I live in Toronto (North of New York state) and there has been a Listeriosis breakout that has claimed 11 lives and counting nationwide. Toronto is "ground zero" so to speak as the company involved, Maple Leaf Foods, has headquarters in the surrounding areas of...
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    September 08 Check-in__Sept 2nd__

    Good morning everyone I hope everyone has an amazing workouts. Its the first day of school here for every non-university student so there is a dramatic increase in traffic. I will do 4DS KB and Legs, but currently need to leave for a rather early meeting to deal with a health issue affecting...
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    August Check In ~*~ Holiday Weekend The 29th - 31st ~*~

    Happy long weekend everyone My hope is that you will all have an amazing time with your family, friends, and workouts. For those of you who may live in the gulf area and are preparing or are in the midst of a storm, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Today I'm workout legs out at the gym...
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    Where are u from?

    Great thread... I'm Canadian and live in Toronto. I look forward too visiting Cathe's gym the next time I'm in Jersey. Have a great day, Justine:D
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    Hello from a new member

    Congratulations... Welcome, This is an awesome place to learn so much! I wanted to congratulate you on completing the 1/2 marathon. How long did it take for you to train? Justine :D
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    August Check In ~~ Tuesday 26th ~~

    Hi everyone I'm glad I'm not the only one not really enjoying the music on STS. I don't own P90x but keep on reading that the music is comparable. Nevertheless, I don't intend on doing these right away instead I'll be doing Chalene Extreme when those workouts get released. Today I did a 60...
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    August 08 Checkin Sat 23rd

    Happy Saturday everyone... I feel like my fitness level has dropped or I'm just having a bad day. I just started reintroducing Cathe's workouts this week and boy do I feel them...the funny thing is that I'm not6 even doing her hard workouts i.e. CTX cardio + 2 weight I did...
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    August Check In ***Friday 22nd***

    Hi there everyone... Wow I really missed posting here :D Unfortunately my nana fell sick, is in the hospital and will be for a while because she's rapidly decliining... I am however grateful to have faith, exercise, family as an outlet...I found myself working out even harder than I could...
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    Thanks for sharing awesome :-)

    Thanks for sharing awesome :-)