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    Umbilical Hernia

    Thank you! When you need, I’ll be able to give better advice.
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    Umbilical Hernia

    Thank you!
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    What are your thoughts on massage therapy?

    I get one about every 10 to 14 days. I even go and just get my feet rubbed for an hour every once in while. I highly recommend messages!
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    Umbilical Hernia

    Hi! Well, I managed to go 15 years after my twins were born (I swear thanks to Cathe keeping me so strong)but it‘s finally time to get my hernia fixed. It’s now hurting. Has anyone had umbilical hernia surgery? What is the healing process like? any advice is appreciated. thanks so much!
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    Scary Restaurant Foods! Yuck!

    Check these out:
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    View the First "New Workout" Pictures!

    Wow!!! What hotties! Now, I am inspired!
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    cathes' that include firewalkers are....

    circuit blast!
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    Found a jewel of a quick Ab workout

    Thanks! I will do it tomorrow!
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    Should clean eating do this to me?

    Totally agree! I went to a party school, was in a sorority, was "popular", all that junk and I didn't drink. I tried, hated it, and it made me sick. When you are sober and your friends are drunk, you will REALLY love yourself. You won't gain the extra "15" because booze is what really stacks...
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    Eat, Pray, Love- can't wait to see it!

    Me, too! I nearly fell asleep when she was in India.
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    Would like more muscle definition

    HIIT and tough kickboxing always leans me
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    Should clean eating do this to me?

    Oh, yes! I am a fitness instructor and when my students me what my biggest secret (besides not eating meat) is I tell them I do not drink alcohol and the room always goes silent. It is like I turn into an alien when I tell them I don't drink. But, be proud of who you are and how well you...
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    needing new total body workouts

    Muscle Endurance is my forever favorite of Cathe's full body workouts.
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    Juice Plus

    I did use it for myself and my kids. They seemed to be sick more that year than any other. Coincidence? Probably - but, I stopped using it because it was expensive and wasn't a "miracle" like I hoped ;)
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    suspicious mammogram- really scared

    I do not have any stories to share...just love! Hang in there - our thoughts are usually the scariest things to fear sometimes. I am pulling for you!