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    Song Question

    Rev'd Up Rumble 33 minutes - 35 minutes?
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops Update - 5-14-21

    Excellent point - thanks for the quick response!
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops Update - 5-14-21

    I have some fabric loops, and I wondered if I could get the dimensions of both the bands and loops'? I'm going to pre-order, and I was deciding if I should get new loops and bands, or will my current ones suffice? Thanks, Admin!
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    Boss Bands on Amazon?

    Will the Boss Bands be available for purchase in Cathe's Amazon store? If so, is there a date?
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    August 2020 Rotation

    Is Pyramid Pump Upper Body and Lower Body the premixes?
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    Greatest Hits Volume 2?

    I am about to do this one, and I wanted to ask if you have any intention of Volume 2? If you do, are you going to ask for our favorites? Maybe (if technologically possible) use portions of Live workouts, too? I hope you entertain this suggestion!
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    Is OnDemand down for anyone else

    Live, OnDemand and Workout Blender won't load any videos. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
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    Issue with Cathe Live app

    I just tried logging in on my Mac and I get the view your OnDemand videos, then it takes me to the screen where I have to pay again. HMM.
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    Workout for gym?

    Cathe- Have you ever written any kind of workout/sheet that can be done in a gym? I have to go to one when I am at work, and I am finding that I am neglecting my weight training for Spin Class and other types of cardio classes. I would like to find something I can do there for about 45 minutes...
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    Song Question?

    Thanks! You must be a musician. You definitely have a musician's ear!
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    Song Question?

    Does anyone know the name of the song about 13 minutes in to "Ready, Set, Step" - Cathe Live? Thanks @Jesse1
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    loved Fit Tower Light!

    Is this one doable with a chair and not the tower?
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    Cathe at gym???

    Thanks! I'm going to try that!
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    Cathe at gym???

    Hello- I was just wondering if any of you guys do any Cathe workouts at the gym? Because of my job I am a member of a gym. I find myself doing way more group fitness and way less weight training. Since we have so many great ways to watch Cathe I wanted to find out which videos you guys use, or...
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    Song Question! Attn: Jessie!

    OH MY GOD! You are amazing! You need to go on Beat Shazam! You would totally win!