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    mats for tile floor recommendations?

    I've been looking for a flooring option too and would love to have this insight as well :)
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    No Sound in Shop Cathe Video Clips

    I don't know why but the sound is working again. I haven't changed anything... Hopefully it will last. Thank you so much for your help; I truly appreciate it. Have a wonderful day! Jamie
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    No Sound in Shop Cathe Video Clips

    Unfortunately, no luck. I wish it was something easy like that (regardless of how dumb I'd look :D) Any other ideas? Thank you so much for helping me. I really appreciate it.
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    No Sound in Shop Cathe Video Clips

    Thank you for your help. I have cleared the cache but there has been no change. Is there anything else I can try? Thank you. Jamie
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    Let's chat

    Hi Cathe :D I'll be attending the RT in Glassboro this summer (first time-so excited!) but I'm a bit scared about being able to keep up. What would you recommend I do over the next few months in order to be up to snuff for the RT? I'm so worried I'll miss out on the fun:confused: Thank...
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    No Sound in Shop Cathe Video Clips

    Ever since that malware strike affected the boards I haven't been able to hear the sound on the video clips both on the Shop Cathe site as well as the video tab on the main site. The timing is probably coincidental; it is just when I noticed it. Has anyone else been having a problem with the...
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    Is there a exercise you just don't do?

    Squat digs. I'm good with at least trying everything else but I hear squat digs and immediately think water or breather :)
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    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    Hi everyone! #12 here. Pleased to meet you all. I'm going to be flying in to Philly from Arizona!:eek:
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    A good add-on after Total Body Trisets Lower Body?

    I've been doing the cardio from Slide and Glide with TBT Lower Body and it works out well :)
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    Anyone wear black workout shoes?

    Oh, I think I just found those pink shoes! They are the exact ones I ordered earlier tonight but in a different color. I already have a pair of them and they are sooo comfy. They were here. hth:)
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    Anyone wear black workout shoes?

    I love ASICS! They are the best fitting shoes I've come across :) I actually just bought a pair online tonight at I noticed they had a bunch of pink varieties on there; maybe you could find the pair your cousin has. Oh, and they have their athletic shoes 20% off right now too. I...
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    Any MyFitnessPal users?

    I'm on there too. If anyone in the future wants to add me as well my name is sagj :D Jamie
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    Anna's Cathe Compendium, Part One

    Oh my goodness Anna, you have no idea how much this helps me! I was just going to look through old posts for the Gym Styles but now I have that and so much more. Thank you so, so much!!:eek::D Jamie
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    Graphic Change: WM Calendar

    Hi, I have a suggestion for a change to the Rotation graphics on the Workout Manager Calendar. When the workouts that are added to the calendar individually they have an abbreviated title with them which is really helpful. On the other hand, workouts planned in the rotation feature then added...
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    Deleting Multiple Workouts from Calendar

    Hi, Is there are way to delete multiple workouts from the calendar? I want to replace what I already planned out with Cathe's new rotation. On my computer it takes a long time to delete them individually. Thank you very much :) Jamie