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    Lift it Hit it Chest Time Breakdown

    Is this the breakdown for just chest or for the whole dvd?
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    2014 Cathe Calendars Have Arrived!

    I haven't got mine yet. :(
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    customer service

    Thanks, Zenara. I used that address and it worked. It's just that the first one I tried was in my address book because it's the one that I had used before.
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    customer service

    I sent an email to support at cathe dot com and it bounced back as undeliverable. Has the customer service email changed?
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    Error in 90 day official rotation tabata premixes?

    What about the 30 day undulating + ride rotation? It has the same premix listings and I wondered why there would be premixes that include back exercises when no other body part is repeated.
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    Calendar ship idea?

    Mine wasn't shipped correctly and my mail carrier folded it in half and crammed it in my mailbox. I sent an email about it but haven't gotten a reply. Is there any way to get a replacement?
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    Am I just getting old?

    I am taking a little estradiol with the progesterone, per the recommendation of the doctor and the lab. I'm also taking DHEA but only a couple times a week since it can increase estrogen and testosterone. My DHEA was low which is why she gave me that to take. I did notice while researching it...
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    Am I just getting old?

    Janis, which hormones would be used to treat this? A saliva test indicates my progesterone is practically non-existant and my cortisol levels were considered sub optimal putting me in phase 2 adrenal fatigue. The doctor prescribed a progesterone cream, but didn't think we needed to do...
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    Bio-Identical Hormones - Anyone on them?

    But what if your estrogen levels are within range and your progesterone is practically non existant (which is my situation). I was told that made me estrogen dominant which is another potential cause for female cancers. And if progesterone is the balancing hormone and you aren't making any...
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    Which workout is this?

    When I was doing today's crossword puzzle I noticed that the photo was of Cathe, Brenda, Cedie and Lorraine, but no Jai. I know there was one series she missed but I thought there was someone else involved. Does anyone know which workout this pic is from? I don't suppose it could be from the...
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    Order Your 2012 Calendar and Get a 20% Off Coupon

    There should be an ordering code in your confirmation email.
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    2000 calories... I CAN'T DO IT!!!

    I can't even imagine having this "problem" since I love high calorie foods like nut butters. You can rack up a lot of calories pretty quickly with nuts or nut butters.
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    DOMSville anyone?

    I did 4 Day Split Total Body Weights Premix today so I'm sure I'll have doms tomorrow. :eek:
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    I have an odd question

    I only had one baby and my ribs got wider. I don't think my hips did, but they were wide enough already. :rolleyes: Not only are my ribs wider, but they stick out more on one side than the other! I used to tease DS about "distorting" my ribs but he took it kind of personal and I had to stop...
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    STS Cards (pdf)

    I'm afraid I don't know how. Someone here told me how to put them in Word and enlarge them or I wouldn't know that either. :o