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    having trouble with live

    For the past few days, I've been having trouble with live. It either buffers or there's a black screen that I can't click on. Please advise.
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    Slowing down

    Thank you all for your great replies. BlaKKat, I am right there with you on everything you said. It was weird becauseeverything kind of happenedf suddenly after I had a minor back surgery. I guess the moral of the story is to listen to our bodies, do as much as we can, but honor them above all!
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    Slowing down

    I have been working out with Cathe since 1999, almost exclusively. I have noticed in the last year I can no longer do high impact or use the amount of weight I used comfortably. I turn 64 in January, and I'm wondering if it's natural process of aging or something else. Has anybody else...
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    Having such a bad day, just needed to vent

    I'm so glad you're feeling a little better. My heart goes out to you as I know how painful it is to lose a beloved pet. I lost my little Monica last July to a brain tumor. My heart was broken, so I know how fresh it is for you. Good luck with your search for a new sounds like...
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    low pulse rate question

    My rhr is always in the 40’s as well.
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    Total Body Trisets

    I love TBT trisets, but I really struggle with the music choice. To me, it's abrasive and unpleasant.
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    the best of both worlds

    And might I add, make it advanced!!!
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    LITE for advanced users?

    I love LITE. It is new and fresh. I feel that for the most part is is pretty easy. You can up the weights, but like alot of other posters, comment, it is easier to modify down than up. For me, it is more motivational to have Cathe using heavier weghts. I am really enjoying the series for...
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    Lower Body Solution ADVANCED

    I concur....ANYTHING advanced!!!!!!
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    Favorite Calorie Crush

    So it sounds like they're all equally fabulous!
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    Favorite Calorie Crush

    I'm curious as to which Calorie Crush of the Lite series is your favorite? I love the metabolic one so far, I think. I'd love feedback from you all!
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    Metabolic Blast = 2 thumbs up!

    Cathe Friedrich, you have outdone yourself with this new series! I love, love, loved metabolic blast and the calorie crush was excellent! I love all the new moves and the music! So fun and so awesome! Thank you, Cathe, you've done it again!!
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    Cathe, please, please do another workout series similar to Ripped With Hiit. I love the splits and I'm sure a lot of other Cathletes do as well. Hoping for an upper body split on your next series. Fingers crossed!
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    I would love an upper body/lower body split similar to those in Xtrain and RWH.