Metabolic Blast = 2 thumbs up!


I love love this workout! I'm more of a cardio/step person and have to push myself to get those weight exercises in but this workout-just love it!



Active Member
Have to say, I keep coming back to this workout - love it and its Calorie Crush (well, when I say I love the CC, I mean until Cathe tells me I have to do a one legged burpee... :D). Recently I've been doing parts of it with heavier weights - 10s and 6s as opposed to 8s and 5s. I think this shows how this workout really works - it pushed me just enough so that I could advance but not so much that I would be injured or disillusioned or just too fazed to ever try it again. I have a tendency to favour workouts that are labelled Metabolic or Bootcamp - they're always so much fun and good value for your time as they cover so many different aspects of fitness in a relatively short time.

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