Favorite Calorie Crush


I'm curious as to which Calorie Crush of the Lite series is your favorite? I love the metabolic one so far, I think. I'd love feedback from you all!
I've done the Metabolic Calorie Crush twice now, but still can't get through the whole thing. That's ok though - I like a good challenge! So far my favourite is the step Calorie Crush, but that's because I'm a step girl at heart. ;)


I like them all but for me the calorie crush in Revd Up Rumble is my favourite, followed closely by Metabolic Blast. The calorie crush in Bodyweight and Bands is easy to modify to low impact and still get a good burn because you are working with the loop.


Metabolic Blast definitely - can be done without any equipment and therefore added onto anything else easily. I did Bodyweight and Bands without the loop because I fear it will make me fall over. I like the Cardio Party one but I have to remember to get my step up from the cellar to do it (then of course take it back down after) and because I tend to workout at 5am before work I don't always want to do that...don't think I tried Rev'd Up one yet, must get onto it.

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