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    STS Strength and STS Shock Cardio Rotation…(three month rotation)

    it looks good, but.... what about a rotation for those who do not have the STS Strength DVD's? In my case i do not have these DVDs but i do have the STS S-cardio and other weight lifting dvd from Cathe... Thank you :)
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    how long is each workout from the terminator

    Hello Cathe!! First of all, I just wanted to say that i think you are great! Secondly, i would like to know how long is each workout from the DVD The Terminator? thank you, you are the best.
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    please help..

    thank you thank you, to both of you, for responding.I'm sorry I didn't respond soon, i was very busy. thank you again. so much..
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    please help..

    Hi everyone!! Well I rarely post here,but i do read a lot of what is said in the forums. I really need help. i don't know who else to ask or were to put this question (which forum)But i started school and this semester is really.. I have not been getting to much sleep. I'm really press with...
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    Jan 08 rotation

    thank you. for your help. really thanks a lot. :-) :7 :7 i'm so happy now !
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    Jan 08 rotation

    Hi cathe, i don't have this dvd's is there a way that i can substitude with others that i have I don't have: Cardio Kicks High Step Training Advanced Interval Max Rhythmic Step Imax 3 Maximum Intensity Cardio I have: i have all the body blast series "" "" Intensity series...
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    March 07' Intermediate Rotation

    I don't have power hour, is there a subtitution for this please. I do have muscle max and muscle endurance. thanks for the help in advance.
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    I have one question, and I hope cathe or anyone else will be able to help me. I'm totally crazy for the song that is in your " low impact circuit video" at the begining. please let me know the name of the song.. anyone please!!!... thank you so much in advance thank you.
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    DIVEBOMBER push ups!

    I also didn't think it was such a big deal? i don't let words get to me,as long they are still kicking my butt, is fine with me. bye ladies
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    what did i miss?

    hello is been a while since i check the blog ( i used to do it everyday) why haven't cathe posted anything, is there something wrong?
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    Will butts and guts DVD give me a bigger butt?

    hello i just would like to say something I'm new here, and "as far as i know" with this exercises you will get a firm butt but not a bigger butt it has to do with your genes. again that's "as far as i know" i read it on a medical magazine or fitness magazine, i just can't recall the name now...
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    Cathe,,,,hope this workout....Check this out

    hello I'm new to this blog, but i just want to say that I also have a daughter who is autistic, and i like that program that your daughter is in. Bless you and your family.