Your dog's favorite workout move


Mine loves it when I do planks. During planks, it is apparently essential to lick my face and try to completely distract me so that I cannot finish. Granted, biceps done over a ball are also good -- excellent time to lick shins -- but I would have to say that Agnes is really more of a planks kind of girl.

Your thoughts?

It would have to be crunches. When I'm on the floor they both sit on either side of my head like bookends waiting patiently for me to finish b/c I always give them a little treat when I'm done working out. They can be anywhere in the house and when they hear the velcro noise of me taking off my lifting gloves they'll come running down to my workout room and sit there as I do abs.
Mine loves any with pullups. That's because I do the dvds in the basement, but the pullup bars are upstairs - they get excited when I race to the top, down the corridor, do the pullups, and run back down again. There's always time for a pat on the head inbetween!

The cat also thinks it's funny to wait for me at the top of the stairs, and leap out at me when I run by :eek:
My dog used to love crunches (because it allowed him to lick the sweat off my face) but now he seems to just like to lick the barbell. Maybe he isn't getting enough iron in his diet.
Great post! I'm enjoying reading the responses. :)

My dog loves the stability ball cardio drill from Drill Max. She is obsessed with my stability ball and bouncing it up and down gets her all excited and geared up to play! She's upstairs when she hears me start to bounce it and comes flying down the stairs in hopes that we will play "fetch", ha ha. I just have to make sure she doesn't jump on it, I think it's her mission in life to pop it :confused: :p
My dogs, by their own choice, stay out of the area when I work out. They just bolt. However I have a siamese kitty who is in love with Michelle LeMay and just litterally swoons when I get out her relaxation and stretching workouts. He rolls around on the floor and practically drools. No one is gonna separate him from Michelle.
Merrick (my frenchie) loves watching me workout in general! She even sleeps on my yoga mat if the sun hits it through the window!!!
But her favorite position is anything that involves floorwork where she can concentrating on licking my face and earlobes.
She also loves back lunges because she can chase my shin to lick off the sweat!
Needless to say, I can't keep proper form when she does that (afraid I might accidentally kick her) so I put my vacuum cleaner (she's scared to death of it!) at the door so she just sits behind it and watches me!!!

Snoopy is such a pill when I work out, I have to keep him out of the basement while I'm exercising.

What is it about dogs and vacuums? Our Hoover is Snoopy's mortal enemy.
All three of my dogs lay on the couch and watch me workout all the time. Then when it's time for abs or planks that's their cue. They figure if you are on the floor it's playtime. My one westie will get her frizbee and do shake and kill with it and she winds up smacking me with it while I am on the floor. That hurts. Two of them try and play with each other on my mat while I am on it.
Ripken's favorite workout is anything that has me on the floor (ab work, stretching, cool downs), lying on the step (weight work), or on the stability ball (abs, weights). These positions are great for licking the sweat off my legs, arms, and face, or mooching a little love. There is nothing quite as inspirational as having my golden retriever's smiling face hanging about 3 inches over mine. He's such a goof ball.
My pug Lilly loves the crunches because then she can lay on my chest and stare at me lol. Hey it's extra weight right? My cat also loves this because she attacks my hair or rubs her face on my head!

I have to keep both mine locked out of the living room with the child safety gate because otherwise, workout time = play time. They lay by the gate and watch me with their heads on their paws, and as soon as I open the gate to clean up they're running around my legs and tripping me (I'm kind of a clutz :cool: - hence the safety gate). There's nothing like a pet or two to make you feel good about yourself! :D
Sherman must have talked to all these dogs to get tips! He sleeps during cardio and standing weight work. He loves floorwork, time for licking face, arms, anything he can get to. Then he gets his bone and lays down right next to me on the mat and chews. The problem is that his 60 lb body is shoving me right off the mat! I end up on the carpet and he is happily munching on his toy, on my cushy excercise mat!!:D

I tell you what, I wouldn't have it any other way!:rolleyes:
Yep, my Boston Terrier and Maltese mix love the floorwork time... as soon as I whip out the mat, the Maltese curls up on it and passes out, and the Boston hovers right by my face when I'm trying to do crunches... when it's time for stretches, he plops down right in front of me and wants to cuddle. !!! They don't seem to realize (or care) how difficult this makes things for me!

Vlad is a fan of any kind of complex step workout. However, he doesn't ever come downstairs; I think he's afraid of the stairs. He stands at the top and spits his favorite ball down the stairs at me. I hear "thump, thump, thump" as the ball comes bouncing down, and know I better be watching where my feet are going. I think his goal is to have me twist an ankle and be sidelined on the couch to pet him for a week!

My gang loves low rows and planks but downward facing dog is by far their favorite move - it gives great access for trying to lick me in the face.

My gang loves low rows and planks but downward facing dog is by far their favorite move - it gives great access for trying to lick me in the face.


Now that you mention it... :D:D:D Merrick loves doing upward/downward facing dog... especially after her nap!!! :p:p:p

My dog doesn't seem especially interested when I work out, but my 10-month-old kitten loves it. She swats at the barbell and my band, and she tries to "play" with Cathe and crew on the TV. She likes to try to bat at the resistance bands that Cathe uses and goes to the TV screen and touches the faces she sees. I have tried to explain to her that she can't reach through the TV and play.
Floor work it is. She hides in the bedroom until I put away the weights or step. Once I hit the floor though, its play time. She does a pretty good downward dog pose - front legs stretched out and butt up in the air. And when I'm done she rolls all over my sweaty exercise mat then takes a nap on it. I have to shoo her off it to put it away.

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