Your dog's favorite workout move


I block off my workout room, but sometimes Fluffy finds her way in. She likes to attack me with lots of kisses during ab work or when I'm stretching out. If I get up off the mat she gets on it and looks at me like what are you going to do about it b/c I'm so cute?!


Jimmy is a yoga dog. Every time I do Downward Dog, he does it with me. He also likes the stretching at the end of videos because I pet him to keep from getting bored.
Football Drills during Drill Max. She goes NUTS and I have to lock her out of the room or be very careful that I don't trip on her while she's barking and bouncing around me.

Her second favorite is the heavy bag. She barks and tries to nip at it. She's too funny!


Anything where I'm on the ground... he'll jump on top of me! It makes it impossible to do anything which is why I have to crate my sweet doggie... I can't just close the door. He knows how to open them! :eek:


Mine dog loves ab work she lays on belly to. She loves shuttle runs. She graps my props I have down as a marker lol she will run with me as I run and bark.

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