You ladies are so funny! My outfits only match because on wear black on black on black. Workout clothes and otherwise. The only other color I buy occasionally is navy ;).

No workout again. Trying to kick this cold.
Susan~ Margaret goes to Johns Hopkins and the hospital has the same name. At this point she does not want to continue medical school there but that might change. She really wants to be in NYC.
Ryan and I are really not show people. We usually sit by the pool all day and at night gamble, eat and drink. Ryan has a conference the beginning of the week so we will be going to business dinners Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. Last time we were there we hiked Red Rock Canyon which was great. I just love the weather there!
Thanksgiving in NYC is tricky weather wise. It has been freezing or unseasonably warm. It IS always crowded from mid Nov to the end of December especially in the more touristy areas- Rockefeller Center, Theater District, etc. Margaret and I saw Wicked years ago when Kristen Chenowith was the good witch. It was really good.
It really is a shame the school does not give that girl the help that she needs. I do agree that she should not be grading papers especially in high school. These kids need to have all their ducks in a row for the college process!
You ladies are so funny! My outfits only match because on wear black on black on black. Workout clothes and otherwise. The only other color I buy occasionally is navy ;).

No workout again. Trying to kick this cold.

I would say that you are the most color coordinated, Lisa! :)
Lisa---Thanks for the info on NYC. We weren't going to go for Thanksgiving Day because we thought it might be crazy full of people. Abby wants to walk though Central Park and visit a couple of museums. Chris wants to go to the Empire State Bldg and head down to Wall Street and I want to find Laduree Madison so that I can get some macarons. :p I'd also like to do some shopping and check out the window displays. We also want to see the Rockettes. We've seen them in Nashville several times but thought it would be fun to see them at the Radio City Music Hall.

I'm sure Margaret will get into whichever school/hospital she applies for. She seems to be very focused and driven. :cool::)

Sitting by the pool sounds wonderful!!! It should be really nice in Vegas now. I doubt if there is any time that it isn't crowded. The weekend was ridiculous when we were there! There must have been a gazillion people there! :eek:

I am starting to follow Karen's Body Beast/Cathe rotation. So today was PUB & BB Chest/Back along with PUB abwork. Yowza!! :cool: Glad I remembered to do the ab work first!!
Last edited:
Susan~ I feel like the museums and Central Park are always crowded on the weekends regardless of the time of year. The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City is busy so you should get tickets a head of time. I haven't been to the ESB in years so no clue on that. Ryan works down by Wall Street and it's usually dead on the weekends. During the week is hectic. The views from some of the top of the buildings down there are amazing! Laduree has some GOOD macaroons. I can't remember where the shop is but there is SO much good food in NYC. I so want to live there! If you need more help, let me know.
How are you liking Body Beast? I have almost purchased that a few times.
I had to breakdown and go to the doctor for some antibiotics. I cannot stand to take them but I did not want to be sick the entire time I was away. I NEVER get sick and this was not the best to time to break my streak!
I most likely will not be back this weekend as I have to pack and get ready. I will try and check in while in Vegas.
Jann~ Have you ever tried the Wen treatment oils? My hair was falling out like crazy from stress when the kids were getting into college. The oils helped at lot. Can you tell I spend way too much time on my hair :)?
Checking in with RWH LI Hiit #2 and Core #1.

Lisa -- I looked at the Wen products back when you guys talked about them on yuku. I think my hair is just too thin for those products. Maybe I am wrong. I mean my hair is so so so thin. I am using Minoxidil 2% Topical Treatment and I think there is a difference. I have tried supplements and found those caused more side effects than hair loss. I will look at the WEN products again.
Lisa---thanks for all the advice!! I really appreciate it! It would be fun to go to the city more often and become familiar with it.

Hopefully, the antibiotic will start working right away and you'll feel great for your trip. Have a great time!!

I am loving Body Beast!!!! My chest and shoulders are still fried today. It's a little light on the ab/core work compared to Cathe workouts. I haven't tried the cardio and doubt if I will.

I'm doing am/pm workouts to catch up with where I need to be on the rotation.
Fri pm -- shoulders BB bulk & STS disc 22 shoulders only; 30 min TM
Sat am -- BB Bulk Arms + 100 reps bicep curls & skull crushers (light weight)
Sat pm -- BB Build Legs this was pretty easy compared to any of Cathe's leg workouts.
Hi ladies! It is an amazing 74 degrees and no humidity today in Las Vegas. I could get used to this as my November weather in a snap. I just took a walk and it was glorious. I most likely will just walk this week no formal workouts.

What is everyone up to?
Thinking of you Lisa. So wish I were there as well. Hopefully sometime next year. Plus we are planning a Hawaiian Island cruise for my 60th next November. But I do love Vegas - who woulda thought since I am not at all a gambler. Would love to see that Canyon you spoke of before.

Jann I could not use Wen - my hair felt dirty with it. I use Loma hair products which I now get from Amazon since my hairdresser began her own line of a shampoo and a conditioner - hers make my hair even drier. I prefer Loma and I also like the Alcame line which I also can get from Amazon. Before Deanna started her own line, she religiously had Alcame and Loma in her shop and I have come to love both lines.

Susan how is the school issue going for Abby? Glad you are liking Karen's workout rotation. I know you are a fan of heavy weights. Much as I admire how far Deanna has come with her bodybuilding, I much prefer a leaner less-muscular look but that is just my opinion. I think Amanda has the perfect physique and one that I would aspire to if I were younger and had the time to devote. I am not a fan for myself of bulging muscles. Maybe because I am so short.

I have done a total of 7 Cathe Live workouts so far and plan to do as many as I can, excluding the total step workouts and the senior and boxing workouts. I am not a fan of kickboxing or complex step choreography, and I am not ready to be a senior yet although my age tells it differently.

Should we change the name of our group to simply X-Trainers so we don't have to keep making a new group for each month? It doesn't seem like we can list the workouts like we did on yuku although I did try earlier on.
Shelley-there is definitely the misconception about Las Vegas because of the Strip and all the gambling but there is a lot to do here other than that. I am a gambler so I love that as well. The restaurants are amazing. We went to a tapas restaurant last night that was SO good.
That is great about your trip to Hawaii. You know it's so funny with how much I love the beach I have no desire to go to Hawaii. I really believe the length of the flight is what deters me. I about lost my mind on the flight here which was only five hours.
I am fine with changing the name so we just have no checkin month after month.
Hello to all the other ladies.
Hi everyone!

Lisa---glad to hear that you are having such warm weather. Hope you are feeling better! I'm with you on Hawaii....too long of a flight and the islands are all volcanoes with no where to go but in the ocean. :eek:LOL Some friends of ours sent us flowers from Hawaii at Christmas and they were gorgeous. Almost made me want to go! ;)

Shelley---we are still working on it but it doesn't look promising for Abby. Like society, the bad kids have more rights than the kids that are behaving and trying to work. She is looking forward to Thursday, though. We've got some surprise plans for her, hoping to make her feel a little better.

Jann---are you planting spring bulbs yet or is it too early? We've had several frosts so I'm hoping to get mine in soon.

Sunday---my own Bootcamp style workout as I needed to do light weights and cardio.
Monday--BodyBeast Build Ch & TRI + STS 19 ch & TRI PM---BB Build SH STS 22 SH + core
Tues---BB Build ba & Bi + redoing pullovers, pull-ups, curls & Hammers + Abs
Hey Shelley......I wouldn't mind having Cathe's level of fitness! Did you see her in that Catwoman outfit????
Happy Birthday dear Shelley!! I hope your day is a very special one and it's everything that you want. Enjoy!!!!
Hi X-ers!
Lisa I like Vegas as well, hope you are having a blast! Soak up that warmth, you are going to need it! Everyone is talking about around here how cold it's going to be this winter. ugh ugh ugh!!

Susan, no I haven't planted any bulbs yet. I have them and must do that soon! I am still working on grass. They just put it in and I am watering the heck out of it! It's the first thing I do in the morning and it takes 1.5 hours. Hopefully it will all pay off!

Shelley -- Happy Happy Birthday!! I have to say I am afraid to go to Hawaii also. You lived there a while correct? It's not the flight, it's the fear of no where to hide. Crazy, right!?

Our fall here has been spectacular!! The color this year is amazing. Here is a picture of where I live now. This was taken from a hot air balloon yesterday. The guy who flies it lives here in the Pinehurst village.

Pinehurst fall  2016.jpg
Beautiful view, Jann!! Most of our leaves are gone already So it's pretty colorless. Were you up in the balloon? I've always wanted to take a ride in one.
Your grass will do very well under your care! Next summer it will be gorgeous.

Lisa---hope you are still enjoying Vegas! (How could a person, not?) ;)

Shelley---are you still celebrating your birthday? Did you find some good wines? We've had birthday cake Thurs, gelato Fri, and cake again with friends on Sat. :eek:

We surprised Abby with a trip to Nashville for her birthday. She got to do some singing, recording and got to meet songwriters, including Liz Rose who collaborates with Taylor Swift, at a songwriters session at the Country Music Hall of Fame, so she was extremely happy. We found a gem of a museum at the Musician's Hall of Fame....great interactive place. We took her to the Ryman as she wanted to see Jaime Lynn Spears perform, she did an awesome job, great voice!! They had four "walk-on" performers in addition to the scheduled performers. The first two were Jamey Johnson and Allison Krause And the next two were Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood!! The show went over a half hour and the crowd was beyond ecstatic! Us included! LOL We did some other educational stuff So Abby could be excused from school a couple of days. The weather was absolutely beautiful so we parked the vehicle and walked everywhere. My hip flexors were starting to hurt yesterday. :( Now we are on our way home.

Workouts included:
Thurs-- walking 9 .5 miles push-ups and core work
Fri--TB weight workout
Sat---walking 6 miles + abs
Hi ladies. We are back. Yesterday was cleaning and laundry. I did Xtrain Chest Back and Shoulders today. It feels SO good to work out again. I love vacation and really needed a break but I feel much better when I work out.

Today I have a massage and blow out.

Susan -what a nice surprise for Abby. I am sure she had a great time.

Shelley- did you have a good birthday?

Hi Jann!
Happy Monday!
Today was All Out LI Hiit plus Core #1.
Susan~ do you only do walking for cardio in addition to lifting? I so wish I could do that but I cannot stand walking on the treadmill and it's too dark at 6am to do it outside. If I wait until after work, it will not get done.
Hi Lisa! Glad that you are back and had a great time in Vegas. Did the weather stay nice? Did you get a nice tan? :) A massage sounds wonderful right now!!

Right now I am doing mostly fast walking (3.9-4.2) or slow jogging (5.6-6.4)on the TM. I cannot get beyond 6.4 for some reason. I can only run about 30 seconds at speeds between 6.5-8.0. I get the spin bike occasionally but Abby is really enjoying it so I let her use it. I'm missing my kickboxing workouts and need to get back into them.

Today's workouts:
AM--PUB Chest & BB Bulk Chest + decline pushups and PUB Ba & BB Bulk Back + pullups
PM--45 Min Treadmill walk/run

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