Hey Lisa!

Checking in with Ba/Bi and ab work today. I did a few more sets of leg raises and curls just because we've just started doing them and I'm so enjoying them. LOL
Happy Monday!

Today was Knockout Rockout.

Susan~ You mentioned your hair was damaged. Do you do mask or deep conditioners and take Hair/Skin/Nail vitamins? I cannot tell you the difference it has made in my hair. I take the Vitafusion gummies - they taste like fruit snacks! The one thing I do not like is high quickly my nails grow. I like my nails really short and I feel like I always have to ask my nail girl to cut them!
Lisa---I do take multiple vitamins including a hair and nail supplement. We have extremely hard water and use a water softener but it doesn't work when the salt doesn't get added like it should. I think when traveling we encounter a lot of different waters, too. My stylist used to do conditioning treatments all the time but doesn't do them anymore. I do at home treatments...not sure how good they are. LOL
Do you use at home products or get treatments at your salon?

Checking in with Ch/Tris/Shoulders and 30 min TM walk/run.
Checking in with Tri Sets LB.
Susan~ I do get a treatment at the salon when I get my color done, but I also do a deep conditioner at home once at week. I alternate between a Bumble and Bumble pre shampoo mask and Oribe Mask.
Oh to have hair!! :)

I took a selfie before I went to a friends birthday party...
It's a little more up todate. 60 years old!!
Jann - Does your hair not grow?
Susan~ I am VERY surprised that the school does not take this girl more seriously. They are lucky they do not have multiple lawsuits on their hands. Our schools have a zero toleration policy with that kind of stuff. I am sorry that you have to put up with this. And isn't this suppose to be Bully Awareness Month??
Susan, OMgosh!! I read this story holding my breath. I hate the expression "kids will be kids!" I hear all to often when something really should be done. Kids act out mostly for a reason! I hope it gets better for Abby!

Lisa, my hair never came back fully after my colon cancer. It is sooooooo thin and being white you can see my scalp. I try to have it styled shorter on top, helps some. I used to have thick wavy hair.... ohhh youth! :D
Susan ~ How is Abby doing?
Jann~ Have you ever tried the Wen treatment oils? My hair was falling out like crazy from stress when the kids were getting into college. The oils helped at lot. Can you tell I spend way too much time on my hair :)?
Checking in with RWH LI Hiit #2 and Core #1.
Good morning ladies! Today was Lean Legs and Abs w/Barre bonus. I most likely will not be back until Monday. Margaret is home for the weekend!
Jann---I've always thought your hair was beautiful...it still is!!

Lisa---have fun with Margaret this weekend.

I did some back and TRI work on Wed but that's all I've gotten done. Thank goodness the weekend is here.
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Happy Monday Ladies. Saturday was a drizzly cold breezy day here. Margaret and I still went to the city for lunch and some shopping. No workout yesterday as we had to drive her back to school. I cannot believe how many trees have green leaves down in Maryland!
Today was RWH LI 1&2.
I am getting super excited for Las Vegas next week!
So far for October my workouts are:
3rd: 3 Mile Walk/Jog
4th: RWH Ch/Sh/Tr
6th: Cardio Leg Blast
8th: Chiseled Upper Body
9th: RWH Legs + Abs 2 + 2 mile walk
11th: Gym Style Chest & Triceps
12th: 3 Mile Walk
13th: RWH Back/Biceps/Shoulders
14th: AfterBurn
15th: High Reps + 4 mile walk
18th: Athletic Training
19th: 3 Mile Walk/Jog
20th: Total Body TriSets
21st: Cathe Live Cardio Boxing + Ball Abs (#23)
22nd: Cathe Live Rhythm Ride Spin (#104)
23rd: Cathe Live Total Body Barbell Burn (#116)
26th: Cathe Live Peripheral Heart Action (#57)

I am really liking Cathe Live as it is relaxed and imperfect (just like me) and even Cathe makes mistakes. Everyone is sweaty and not made up, and they don't jump so high or bend so low - they are real people and I became instantly addicted! It is so comfortable - just like belonging to a real gym for $9.97/month. And there are 118 more workouts for me to explore as she started this option May of 2014. I wish I had done this so much sooner, but better late than never.
Lisa I am glad you had time with Margaret - did you go into NY City? I haven't been there in so long. Is it a long drive to bring her back to school?

Susan I am so upset to read what Abby is going through and how the school is not being supportive. Bullying is such a prominent subject these days that I am shocked they are taking a deaf ear approach. How could they reprimand Abby when she hasn't done anything? What exactly is the bully doing to Abby? Are friends on either side supporting the bully and Abby? I wonder if the bully has influential parents and is therefore somehow "above the law". Please keep us posted on this matter.

Hello Jann and Kiran and Saundra. I haven't yet figured out the order of these posts yet but I will.
Hi Shelley ~ I am so glad you got Cathe Live. I really need to get my butt in gear and get started with that.
We did go to NYC. I love it there and if I had my way that's where we would live. We go in a few times a month. Margaret hopes that is where is will land for med school and after. Her school is in Baltimore so its 3 hours each way :(.

I am fighting off a little cold, so today was just Yin Yoga.

Hello to Susan, Jann, Kiran and Saundra.
Feel better soon Lisa!

You will love Cathe Live - it is so motivating and so real like you are literally in a class of your peers. It has given me the kick start that I needed. I still coordinate and dress as if I were showing up in person - that too helps my motivation. I cannot work out in mismatched or ill-fitting outfits.
Hi Everyone!

Lisa--- Which hospital is Margaret's school associated with? My great niece from TX is enrolled in a study at one of them but I can't remember which one. *sometimers disease is in full force today*
I wish I could fit into your suitcase!!! Vegas sounds as wonderful as NYC!! I hope you are feeling much better soon so that being sick doesn't interfere with your trip. Are you going to see any shows while you are there?
We have been talking of going to NYC around Thanksgiving but aren't sure if that would be a good time because of the holiday and the weather. Is it a good idea or bad? LOL

Shelley---I am so glad to hear that you tried Cathe's Live workouts and very happy to hear that you are enjoying them. I love her dvds but the live workouts are so fun and still very difficult.
How are your Dad and Mom doing? Many hugs for them!!! This cold rainy weather is especially hard on older people and worse is coming!!

My workouts have been:
Sun--1 hour on the TM/heavy leg work
Mon--Ch/Bi + core
Tues-- 1 hr TM/Spin + firewalkers & walking lunges
Thur-- 1 hr on the TM +core
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