What color is your workout room/area??


I am looking to paint my workout room. It is a room designated for my workouts only. The funny thing is it is my "formal" dining room so it's the first thing you see when you walk through the front door. But I wanna make it Mine! I wanna do funky bright and motivating colors. I have been reading that you can use bold colors that look best alone...and there are some big no no's for side by side colors. For example: blue and green require something in between otherwise it's not friendly to the eye. I work out at 4:30 in the morning and NOW my hubby is getting a bit into working out. I wanna make my room funky...but I don't want to turn him off because of the colors. I know each color of the color wheel effects moods. Red gives power, yellow gives energy....and so on. I am just curious to see what all you guys have in your rooms and maybe can give me some color schemes that jive with me!!!

I'm happy to come over and have a look, and give some ideas. My color is a neutral b/c it is my living room...boring color...let me live vicariously through you!! Please :D My husband painted his house this color, his parent's house is this color, and his brother's house is this color. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Its a soft yellow on one wall, a light peach on one wall and a darker peach on the other. The (this is my bedroom too.) closet has one small wall a dark raspberry color. I want to change out the carpet for pergo or something like that. Right now its just old brown carpeting thats been here for twenty years.
My workout room is in the basement and I'm the only one that uses it. I painted it purple. My DH calls it the "Barney Room" LOL
Tanya...my workout room is a creamy sunshine yellow. It helps on those days...well most days :confused: when I'm feeling tired and needing that extra motivation to get going. I especially love sunny mornings when I open up the blinds and it's just so bright :)

Mine is light blue, not really funky, but I like it:


It looks a bit washed out in this picture; it's more vibrant in real life, kind of a sky blue.
jodijodi, I need your stability ball in my w/o room. I like the blue. ;)

Mine is kind of boring. :p I really got daring and painted it white. :D I do have KY blue and white on the floors though. ;) I might need to spice mine up some. I've been running low on energy lately. You can check it out on my CatheSpace if you like. :)

I love the color of your workout room!

I have green commercial carpet and white walls. I should paint the walls. I don't know what color with the green carpet?

Here is my workout room.


Cynthia & Jodijodi - I want to come wo with you guys!!! How nice. I wish I had my own WO room. I'm stuck dragging everything out everyday & getting it done in my LR. Oh well, I do it!!!

When my boys have friends spend the night they kind of look at me wierd. But to my boys that's just Mom working out!!
Baby poop brown (sorry, :eek: but that's the best description for it). It's actually a wee bit darker than it looks in my picture trail. My puzzle mats are more of a dark tan and maroon, so the walls work well with them. Mine is also my basement.
Goodness, my basement looks so LAME compared to some of yours! But I still love it. :)

I used leftover paint from upstairs bedrooms. I have grass green & sky blue, with ocean blue puzzle mats. I wanted the colors of nature, they're both soothing and motivating. It's without a doubt my favorite room in the house! :cool:


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I just had to respond to your question. I painted my fitness center peach (you can see photos on my profile), and I really love it! It's so bright and cheerful and motivating. It's a basement room with only one small window, and I work out very early in the morning. I need all of the motivation I can get! :D

First, I decided that I preferred a warm color for them room. Then I decided that I wanted the color of the sky at sunrise and sunset, when the sun is low on the horizon and it reflects off the clouds.

Oh, and it's a very flattering color for me because I workout without make-up and I need all of the help I can get to keep from looking pale -- especially in the winter! I really love it and never regret picking such an uncharacteristically bright color!

Hope this helps

oooohhhh I like your too Laura!! Oh to have my very own room!! What is that metal thing that was by your step? It looks like it has some sort of venting going out the window.

We do have a nice size playhouse that my daycare uses out back - a seperate building. When I stop doing daycare I would LOVE to turn that into MY WO building. Only problem, no electric right now. We would have to change that!! ;)
What is that metal thing that was by your step? It looks like it has some sort of venting going out the window.

Thanks Tami! That's a portable a/c unit. I just got it this summer & it is the best money I've ever spent! I've also added a pull up bar & a rack w/hooks for my boxing gloves, resistance bands & other hanging crap since I took those pics, but you get the idea. :)

I would love it if you could wo with me!

Your workout room is beautiful!! Do you think that color peach would look good with my green carpet?
Wow...have I seen some awesome workout rooms! Thanks for sharing!!!!

I was thinking really funky colors but afraid I would hate it. I am torn between a calming color or a vibrant bold color. I was also thinking of doing each wall a different color. But, afraid it may look like a pre-school setting! I'm so torn....... Keep the ideas and suggestions coming!
My workout room is red, it's in my picture trail in My First Album. I wanted it to be energizing and I only did 2 walls so it wouldn't be too much.

-- Kathryn, I love your peach workout room.
Tanya when I read your initial post I thought of using the green from your avatar (the RT) and a bright yellow on one wall. I still think those colors would be fun!

I think you should only paint one wall "differently" from the other three.

Clearly JMO since I work out in the living room of our rented duplex! Sheesh; my DH is a very nice guy to have not mentioned how my ever-increasing toys are INVADING THE HOUSE. (Please don't tell him!) :p
My workout room is red, it's in my picture trail in My First Album. I wanted it to be energizing and I only did 2 walls so it wouldn't be too much.

-- Kathryn, I love your peach workout room.


I love the red on the opposite walls!
I'm totally inspired to go with color on my walls now. I'm going to hardware store tomorrow morning:D

BTW, your bunnies are ADORABLE!!! I had a bunny named Petey when I was a kid. His teeth were crooked and he couldn't file them down on his own. Every so many months, I would take him on my bike (in a basket) to the vet to get his teeth clipped. My precious Petey:)
I love seeing everyone's workout rooms. You all have some great set ups (with some great colors too!) thanks to those who complimented mine. Pugw, I got my stability ball at Target, but it was a few years ago, so I don't know if they still sell it.

Good luck deciding!

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