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Hope everyone had a great TG! I worked till 3:30 but it was no big deal. I feel privileged that I'm able to take care of people that are sick and not feeling well and be able to add a little more joy to the holiday while they are in the hospital. After work we went to Tony's mom's house and ate some amazing food. Yum yum!

Today I did AOLIH before work and also went on a walk during my break. It was cold but not as cold as it has been. It's only 7:15 here but B just want to bed and Tony's at band so I'm heading to bed early. It'll be nice to gets more than the usual six hours of sleep tonight. I work tomorrow but hope to catch up and do personals.
I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. It was my first time doing all the cooking 100% on my own. I did pretty good but forgot my beloved brussel sprouts.

I did Cathe's newest kickboxing last week. It was fun, good song choices.

Marie - I am glad you didn't mind working on the holiday. You have a great way of looking at things. We need more people like you. Thank you.

Nat- I am just so confused as to which one of Nia's programs to get. I think I should go with BBA package number 2. I don't know? I agree with the time commitment, I am actually excited about that. I am afraid I don't have the proper equipemnt and won't be able to purchase anything right now.

Jen- Glad things are calming down for you.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
Hi everyone,

I had a great Thanksgiving week. Hope you did as well. I ate too much and worked out too little. :eek: I'm aware of this but not feeling guility these days. I guess it's because Nia's way of thinking is rubbing off on me. I'm trying not to stress about fitness and eating. I'm getting back on the wagon tomorrow; picking up where I left off.

Natasha, I love Nia's program. I find it less stressful. I play my own music and go at my own pace. I do find myself taking less rest though because I can't wait to start the next set; feeling energized. LOL

What kind of food did you make for Thanksgiving? We go to my sister in law for Thanksgiving every year and I pretty much make the same stuff. But this year I bought something special; White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. :) It's very rich and delish. Everyone loved it. My girls ask that I make it again for Christmas and New Years. :)

How are you feeling? Hope you were able to enjoy Thankgiving.

Your job seems rewarding. I hope when I retire (hopefully before I'm 90) that I can find something to do that would allow me to make a difference in someone's life. These days it's working to pay bills.

Did anyone see last night's Walking Dead???? Pretty intense stuff. Can't wait until February!

Hi everyone :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day :p.

So I have been doing this program for about 5 months now. I am seeing such incredible changes in my body and strength. My posture is much better, my core is firmer, my legs and glutes look GREAT ;) (if I do say so myself :eek:), my entire upper body has visible muscle definition. I feel very confident, strong, healthy. This is such a wonderful program and I'm so happy to have embarked on it!

My w/o on Sunday was:

1) 6x4R deads @ 120lbs!!!!. The lift felt great! My back feels REAL good :).

2) 6x4R chin-ups superset w/
6x4R overhead press @ 50lbs

*beach work*
1) 1 drop set of barbell curls
2) 1 drop set of tricep extensions
3) 1 drop set of lateral raises

I'm glad to hear "Nia's Way" is rubbing off on you :). I feel like a total obsessed groupie fan when I say that I freakin' LOVE HER :eek:. It's true, the more you get stressed out about nutrition and fitness, the harder it is to be consistent and find enjoyment in it.

BBA is one entire package. I'm not really sure which one you are talking about :confused:. Is it this one: Beautiful Badass with GetDPD » Nia Shanks. This is the one I have. There are 19 rotations to chose from. There is a rotation that uses just dumbbell's if you don't have a lot of weight plates for a barbell.

I'll say this a 1000X more, nurses are very inspiring :). How you guys do what you do just amazes me. YOU are amazing :).

Congrats on losing weight. Yup, walking plus decreasing calories is the magic ticket for sure.
Ohhhh a "connection" with a man from work? ;) Sounds interesting ;).
How do you like your new position at work?
I think in general, it is harder to make friends the older you get. I know this is true for myself as well :(. Hang tight! You're doing great :).

Have a great day ladies!
Hello ladies!

Sorry for being MIA. :eek: I did want to pop in and let you all know I'm doing Slow and Heavy this week. :eek: :D LOVE IT!! I really hope Cathe makes a S&H 2 in the future! I love the slow and controlled movement. I have decided to focus on heavy splits this month using a different Cathe series each week...S&H this week, PLB and XTrain Burn Sets next week, STS Meso 2 and then finally Gym Styles. Then I plan to take a week (going into the first of the year) of cardio and endurance workouts for lower body before heading into another STS rotation. :) This will take me away from my beloved HoCo and kettlebell workouts for a bit, but I may try to squeeze in some HC 101's at some point. We shall see! If nothing else, I may bust out Core Max and Ab Circuits to make sure I maintain some core.

I also just got a new bunch of workouts called "Classical Stretch" which is beloved on VF. They are short (23 minutes) workouts that involve dynamic stretching and light "toning" (hate that word :rolleyes:, but you know what I mean). It is a series that runs on PBS so they sell it in "seasons" of 30 episodes. There was a sale going on right now that I just couldn't pass up! LOL :eek: I also got a few other similar ones called Essentrics which is similar and done by the host of the show's daughter. I want to try and get some CS in at night before bedtime to help with flexibility and stress relief. :) My goal is to do CS most nights, but we will see how many I realistically get in. ;)

Natty- as usual you are so inspiring! :eek: I think I mentioned this before, but you should really check out the women's section of reddit fitness. The ladies on there are REALLY into lifting! So much so, that sometimes there is a little negativity toward cardio, but the women on there are very inspiring! I think you would love it! Link: Fitness for Women!

Justina- Oh I made some goodies for TG! :D One thing I always make, that my family just oohs and ahhs over is my Magic Pumpkin Buckle. This is the recipe I use: Magic Pumpkin Buckle Recipe | Taste of Home I always use 3 eggs instead of two, though (and I don't worry if they are "eggland's best" eggs either lol). A dollop of whip cream and I'm in heaven! :eek: I must admit, I indulged quite a bit! :eek: It took me awhile to get it down so that the crust would come to the top like it does in the picture. This time, mine looked just like the picture! The trick is to get all the ingredients ready to go and wait to add the milk/vanilla to the crust mixture until you are ready to assemble the two layers in the pan. The baking powder gives it a bubbly consistency almost right away so once the milk is added you have to pour it in the pan right away and then have the pumpkin mixture ready to pour on top as soon as possible. You have to be careful when pouring the pumpkin mixture on top though so the layers don't mix. I used to dump the pumpkin filling in too quickly so that it would break through the layer of crust filling and mess up the layers. It still would taste yummy, though. ;)

Marie- I sure hope I get a nurse as dedicated as you the next time I have to be in the hospital. :) AOLIH is one of my favorites! I just love the music in that one, especially in the warm up.

Sarah- I have finally cracked the code on how to cook brussel sprouts that my family and I like to eat! I always tried boiling them before, which...just like when I did that to asparagus is just not how my family (and ME) enjoys vegetables. Too slimy! :confused: I also never cut them in half before, which worked a lot better as well as roasting them. I used this recipe the other night and they were NUMMY! Parmesan Brussels Sprouts Recipe - Allrecipes.com Great job on taking on the TG dinner all by yourself! Even though I did most of the cooking, I had each family member bring a side dish. If I have TOO many things going on at once I tend to lose track and inevitably something gets burned. :eek:

Jen- Congrats on losing weight! Good luck with the new potential interest. ;) ITA it is tougher and tougher for me to meet new people these days. In college it was so easy. You were almost forced to meet people. With the kids and work, though, the only people I meet nowadays are parents of my kids' friends. I have lost touch with so many girlfriends over the years because we are ALL so dang busy with families! :(

Nancy- How are you doing? I hope you are feeling better and resting up!

Okay, my novel today may have made up for the ninja/lack of posting these past few weeks. LOL :eek: Have a great day ladies!
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Quickie check-in for me...

Just wanted to say hi and let ya know....

Party Rockin Step 2 this morning. Love my step :)

B and I want to storytime late afternoon and then came home and put back on our PJs and just played all day. Love those days!

Just got B to bed. DH is at band. Time for this mama to watch The Mindy Project on Hulu. I just love that show. Have a great evening everyone!
Hi awesome ladies!

My w/o today was:

1) 6x4R front squats @ 85lbs

2) 6x4R push-ups w/a 16lbs vest! superset w/
6x4R inverted rows with 1 foot elevated (NO BRIDGE POSITIONS!)
I'm getting really strong at these :eek:

3) 3x15R barbell hip thrust w/75lbs
*just a note about the thrusts. I find that I get better glute activation with 4 risers on my step. I took a vid of my form and it looks very controlled and my back feels good during the movement. If you look at Bret's new hip thrust equipment, the height of the neck and shoulder's are even higher than 4 riser's (could be 6, actually), if I were to compare. Here is a vid: Operation Get Strong & Sexy: Session Eight - YouTube scroll to 5:52*

YAY for S&H :eek::eek::eek:. You either really get taken by that type of training or you hate it LOL :D. One thing to consider, I saw/read somewhere (perhaps Elliott or Bret?) that you should NOT keep that slow tempo with heavy squats. Going down slow and controlled is ok, but you should ideally explode back up. Not sure if has to do with a risk of injury or what :confused:.
I think it's great that you are doing stretching w/o's! I keep telling myself that I NEED to do yoga on my off days :rolleyes: but no dice :eek:.
Thanks for the Reddit link. I have my hands busy with this forum and Nia's group on FB, so I'm not sure when the hell I would have time to post there lol :p.

I should do a step w/o again soon. Maybe during my de-load week next week.
Staying home all day in jammies is my kind of day ;).

Have a great day ladies !
Natty- S&H is awesome! Do you have this one? I'm trying to remember how she did the squats and I want to say she did go down slow and then came up with a count of 2. I think that's right...I did it on Sunday and my workout amnesia is setting in. :eek: I did chest/back on Tuesday and the bi's/tri's today (the shoulders were done with the leg workout). I SO hope she does a S&H 2!!! My upper body especially feels so dense and strong even though it's only been a week! :D

I also did Ilaria's Body Strikes yesterday for my cardio. LOVE it! Ilaria is awesome. She reminds of Cathe in that she is a no-nonsense, friendly instructor and someone I can respect. So many instructors out there, while I may like them, can come off silly or over the top or say things that makes me roll my eyes constantly. LOL I like my instructors to be more down to earth and real. :)

Interesting about the hip thrusts...I think I usually use 3 risers, so next time I'm going to try 4 risers and see if I notice a difference. Thanks for the tip!

Gotta run...TTYL!
Thinking some UY is in order today. It's been awhile. I feel like my body needs it.

Yesterday was the ever dreaded CCC. I only did it cuz B was up and that one is easy to just bring upstairs and workout while he plays :)

Nice job on the workouts ladies. Keep em coming :)
I starting tomorrow! Beautiful Badass that is : ) I'm super excited. I'm going for it and we will see how it fits into home schooling. I don't so much like to do weights in the morning, but maybe I should try it. Because I know my focus would be so much better in the morning before all the yahoos get up out of bed. I ended up purchasing the BBA with the bodyweight WO's also. I have been watching a ton of videos. Well I have always watched the videos that Nat posts. But now I been watching even more. I still need to decide what program to do though. So I better get everything nailed down today so tomorrow I have NO EXCUSES. LOL

Hi ladies!

This week is my de-load week! The last w/o I did was on Sunday:

1) 8x4R squats @90lbs. I can't go heavier because the TT is not really a squat rack, and I don't feel comfortable loading/unloading heavier loads with it. Can't wait for my squat rack!!!!! :eek:

2) 6x4R bar dips superset w/
6x4R barbell rows at 80lbs

I didn't add any beach work because we were kinda in a rush to go see the new Disney movie Frozen. It was really good :). Bella seemed to have enjoyed it as well :p.

Don't forget to get your timer, music, worksheets ready! I always forget what set I'm on :eek: so I HAVE TO make sure to check off the sets as I go along. I hope you enjoy the program as much as I do :eek:.
Regarding video's, I am absolutely borderline obsessed with squat and deadlift tutorials :eek:. Elliott's vids has by far, helped me the most. He is my go-to for everything and anything deadlift! If you have any muscle imbalances, watch his video's and they will help you tremendously.

WTG on fitting in a w/o while B plays :eek:.

I just went to check out S&H legs, and Cathe does a count of 4 going down and coming back up, on the squat. This is probably ok with lighter loads, but I absolutely cannot imagine doing this with 90lbs and not getting injured somehow -- just something to be extra cautious of. Anyway, I find the name S&H a bit of a misnomer because you can't really go that heavy lol.
Yes, try the hip thrust w/4 risers and see how you like it! Let me know how it goes.

Have a great day ladies!
LOL! I was just going to message you on Facebook. I still might. What worksheet? I was going to ask you how you keep track of which set your on. How long of breaks you take in between sets. Your warm-up? Just basically walk me through your WO, please ; ) LOL

I did do it this morning it felt great. I really liked it and it went by fast. I lost my clip thing for my pull-up bar so I used the band instead. I really dont think it does anywhere close to the same thing, for me anyways (just my opinion).
I did 5 S of 6 R at 60lbs on my deadlift (not including bar)
6 S 6 R chin-up alternative using band
6 S 6 R Barbell overhead press at 20 lb.
3 sets of planks.

Yes I have been watching a lot of videos too. I have a slight butt wink ; )
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I gave you some info on FB. As for the warm-up, I usually foam roll and do the shoulder exercise w/the rod shown in Elliott's vid: Best Exercise for Strong Shoulders - YouTube. If I do my w/o after I have taken Bella to school, I just came back from walking 40min, so to me that's good enough to be counted as a warm-up. I also do warm-up sets from my squats & deads, working up to my work-weight:
Example- 6R @ 65llbs
6R @ 85lbs
6R @ 105lbs
6R @ 120lbs (work set)
Nat - I worked up to my working weight with the DL yesterday. So that does work out very well for a warm up. I will try the shoulder exercise. Darn you.... everytime you send me a link to Elliot's vids. I always have to watch more than one. He is so funny. His eyes are about the sexiest eyes I have ever seen next to Taye Diggs.

Oh just watched that video. Sexy eyes is right haha!

I did CF this morning. I needed to crush some major calories. I ate a bit too much last night. My sweet tooth had been on fire lately. Oh well, as long as I get my exercise in I figure I can enjoy the holiday season with a treat or two right?!

Have a great evening ladies!
Hi everyone :)

My de-load w/o yesterday was:

1) 4x12R goblet squats

2) 4x10R push-ups

3) 4x10R lunges

4) 4x10R inverted rows

5) 30 sec mountain climber's

Working @ 65% 1RM. EASY :cool:.

Yup those eye's are stunning. Elliott is absolutely beautiful, both inside/out. My dream would be to someday meet him and train at his gym ;):eek::D.
Regarding the butt wink on the squats, most people have it. Here is yet another Elliott vid on this: How to Stop the "Butt Wink" When Squatting - YouTube

Don't feel guilty about enjoying "treats" during the holiday's and EVER! Here is a great article to read: 3 Tips to Thrive During the Holiday Season » Nia Shanks
I always link articles from Nia because they are just too darn good not to have you guys read them! And they pretty much erase any guilt associated with eating and exercise :).

HAve a great day ladies!
Today was my second WO. I waited 1 more day, because I was still sore from the first day. It went good I used 40LBS for my reverse lunges. I tried to do the inverted rows many different ways on make shift items, but none felt very comfortable : ( I will probably just use a band until I can think of a better alternative.

Thanks for being here through my in and outs with exercise ; ) I really do appreciate having a check-in group.

I hope everybody is doing good.

Marie - What is B getting from Santa?

Okay today was my final WO for the week. I was trying to figure out a way to do dips and pulled out my chin-up bar and low and behold their was the clip for it rubberbanded to the bar. I was so happy and felt stupid at the same time. So I used that proped up on a credenza and my feet on a ball. I think it worked out pretty nice.

I did 5 Sets 6 reps of:

front squats @ 40lbs
bar dips

with firewalkers, jump rope, and hula hoop in between.

Hi everyone!

I'm back to the office today. Sorry I havne't been posting. My husband had a hernia repair sugery done and had complications. We went to the ER back to back and then he landed in ICU for few days. He was released from the hospital over the weekend. I have been working from home and taking care of family matters; doing everything. Needless to say it was a stressful situation.

I tried to do as much as possible as far as work outs. I start WorkOut 3 tonight.

What's everyone up to these days? Are you all ready for the holidays? Are you done with shopping? Marie, are you starting with Nia's program?

Nancy, what are you up to? Hope all is well.

Natasha, I see you are doing very well. :D What are you lifiting now? Did you get a squat rack? let me know which one you got and how you like it.

Hi Sarah, Colleen, hope you are doing well.

Just popping in and say hi! I worked today. Usually I don't work Thursdays but had to make up for that weekend I took off. It was insanely busy but went well. It was like I was in a time warp. I looked at the clock and hours passed. It's always crazy when you wish there were a couple more hours in the the but I got everything done and all went well :)

I did AOLIH this morning. I'm headed to bed soon. It's only 8 o'clock here but I plan on getting up at 4:30 to get another workout.

My sister and her family are coming in town tomorrow from CO and then were going up to Duluth for Christmas. Everyone have a Merry Christmas if I don't chat with you before then :)

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