~*~We're In This Together~*~ Oct-Dec

Worked Sat and Sun and got workouts in both days after work :) My mom was in town watching B so Sat we did Turbo Barre which she loved. We did the lower body premix. The whole thing is tooooo looooong! Today I did HiiT 30/30.

Friday I had a telemetry class downtown. It's all about heart monitoring. After I finish my third class next week I'll be able to work the cardiac unit. Must study lots this week. So much to know.

B is amazing but unfortunately has been sick with a cough and congestion. Runny nose too, poor pumpkin. He is getting better though. He learned what a dog says today :) Proud mama moment :)
Today's workout was Ruthless: Drip (~20 minutes). Short and sweet! I am LOVING this Ruthless set!!! Did you guys see my post about it on OD? Yesterday I did Kettlebell Kickboxing: Cardio Lean (~28 min) + Horizontal Conditioning 101 January Year 2 (~35 min). A great combination. Kettlebells and plank work compliment each other so well.

Jen- I can't imagine missing the snow! I'm trying to picture it, me missing it and...yep NO. LOL I know I would miss fall though. There is nothing like the changing colors on the trees, the apple orchards and pumpkin patches. It's sort of interesting that my favorite season is quickly followed by my most hated season! :p

Marie- Are you still loving Cathe's new step workouts? They are getting such rave reviews on VF that even I'm tempted to try out Party Rocking #2! :eek: I already traded the first (more complex) one but I'm thinking...heck why not give it a shot??!

Oh totally still loving them! They are just too fun! I really hope she comes out with more for the next series. For sure give PRS#2 a shot! Keep me posted ;)

Must totally agree with you about fall being the favorite and winter be the the worst lol! Definitely would not miss the snow oh no never!

I did see your post in OD and was tempted for sure :) I also saw that you bought that Susan workout. No surprise there you "cardio and variety junkie." I'm with ya on the cardio part ;)
Hi everyone :)

My w/o yesterday was CCC...but not really lol :p. I only did 1 round of the exercises and for the "core" I did jump rope instead (with an actual rope). Came out to approx. 25min and felt more like a hiit w/o. I truly think my dread for the w/o stems from the repetition because I honestly don't mind the exercise moves. Still, I'm much more happier and in my element lifting some serious iron :eek:. Me and my barbell have a beautiful, loving relationship ;):D.

Have you guys seen Elliott's recent vid about walking? He is a big fan of walking for health (as you all know, so am I :D). Here is the link if anyone is interested: Out of Shape? Just Do THIS - YouTube

Have a good one guys!

Oh ugh CCC lol! Glad you were kidding! Major dread for that one!

Thanks for posting the video. I'll check it out. Speaking of walks I got out on 3-30m walks during breaks this weekend.

Way to keep on rocking Nias program. Unassisted chin-ups?! Wow chica! Nice!
Since I’m easing back into my routine, I took last night as a rest night (I worked out 3 days in a row and was ready for a rest ;)!). Tonight is Strong Curves BB Week 3 Workout C. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt Flextrain :rolleyes:. Yesterday I did BW walking lunges at work and got a great glute/quad burn going! I can do 42 one way down the hall outside the lab, so round trip I got in 84. I got some interesting looks from folks, but several joined in.

Have a great workout today ladies!

I can picture this whole scenario and I love it! Way to motivate! I always raz people at work for taking the elevator. I mean come on people there are only 4 levels, 5 including the basement. Most people don't go to the top anyways being that's it's labor and delivery. Drives me nuts when people take the elevator especially when going down, ummm even one level. Really people come on! Ok I'll stop ;) I do love getting people to take the stairs with me though.
Hi ladies!

I just did Day 4 of Nia's program last night. Loving it so far! :D I already feel stronger and more fit as in performance. I no longer struggle doing 10 pushups on my toes at a time (5 sets). My husband actually watched me do the pushups and said he knows men who cannot do 10 pushups. :D My challenge now is to find a creative way to do L Sit. I looked around the house and cannot find anything that would do the job. Last night I did L sit using an arm chair. Not exactly the correct form, so I have to figure something else out.


I'm so glad you're enjoying Nia's program. WTG on the push-ups! You rock!
About done shopping at IKEA. My apt feels more like home now. No longer on the phones at work now doing tax processing and got to choose my hours.
Walking away from someone I care about to learn if he feels the same way. Decided when I moved to Texas I was going to change things that I did to hurt my own self esteem. My family has been supportive, at least, my parents. My siblings haven't but my life is on my clock not theirs. Praise God, moving down here, my life is heading in the direction I want it to be & things have come together.
Have a great night.


I'm so happy you're enjoying TX! You definitely made a great decision!
Hi guys! I am so sorry I have been MIA. I feel like I have three little toddlers again. They literally take up all my time. I don't even shower regularly anymore, TMI. From 8 - 8 I am doing school work. The only room I have unpacked was the kitchen. Everything else remains untouched. It's not realistic for me to keep this up thats for certain. They can go to public school, but they don't want to and the schools aren't very good. I don't know if I'm not giving it enough of a chance or what.

Marie - I didn't get see any pics of B as an owl.


Good for you for homeschooling. That is not easy. You are doing a great job! Sorry you're having a hard time. Hope everything gets in order soon! You have a lot going on.

Here is my little owl :)

Hi everyone!

My w/o yesterday was EPIC :eek:

1) 6x4R deadlifts @ 115lbs!!!! I have not weighed myself in a long time, but this could be my own BODYWEIGHT! On a grand scale, I lifted a total of 2,760lbs (that's 115lbs x 4R x 6sets). I can't fully describe this feeling, but it was completely and utterly amazing. Not sure if next week I will increase the weight or stay around 110-115lbs.

2) 6x4R chin-ups superset w/
6x4R overhead barbell press @ 47lbs

3) 3x20R barbell hip thrusts @ 65lbs

Your new Avatar is precious {love} :).
Sorry to hear B is sick :(. I wish him a speedy recovery :).
I think I told you so many times that I love how you and your mom w/o together! No one I know (except for Mark) loves to exercise. Most of the time when I tell people I love to lift, I get funny looks lol :p.
WTG on the walking! Love it :eek:

Have a great day ladies!
Hi fit friends!

So this week is my deload week. I'm definitely getting used to the new style of not working out in front of a TV. I just turn pandora on high and set an online timer. 80's rap really got me going! :D My kids think I'm ancient. They don't know any of the songs that I love. I also notice that while I'm working out my energy level is high. I've been jumping around dancing while I should be resting between sets. Love the pushups now. Towards the last set my arms are shaking but I love it!

Hi Nancy,
It's a different feel of strong..if that makes any sense. Like instead of saying "look at my arms", I'm saying "I can do 10 pushups on my toes without breaking out a sweat". :D I focus more on performance now vs. how I look.
By the way, I found a way to do L sit now. I go between my desk and a book shelf (not exactly the same level but I think it's fine) and just start with tucks. I can't extend my legs yet but i'm working on it. You're doing on yoga blocks? That's pretty awesome. I had a hard time doing it close to the floor.

Hi Natasha,
Good job on the 115 lb lift!!! Wow, that's pretty amazing and empowering. You can lift your own weight. Totally badass. :D
Do you reset after each rep? Or do you continue on? I asked Nia that question about deadlfits. she said it honestly doesn't matter. It's just preference. I defintely get my heart going without reset. I'm not at a point of lifting my own weight but I'm working on getting there.

Hi Marie,
Love your new picture! It's precious. Looks like one you should put in a nice picture frame! I'm with ya on the stairs. I take the stairs whenever I can. My only challenge is walking the stairs with high heel shoes. I have done it few times with my shoes off and it helps a lot. I also try to stand as much as possible vs. sitting. I can feel my behind getting wider the longer I sit. Ha! :D

Hi Colleen,
I know. I love being able to do pushups on my toes. I couldn't do them like that a year ago. It amazes me the things my body is capable of doing if I try and work at it. Have you started Slow and Heavy yet? I talked about getting the DVD a while ago. I'm not sure if I can handle the slow movement. I'm the kind of go, go, go person. :D Let me know how you like it.

Hi Jen,
I only miss snow around Christmas holiday. :D I grew up in NY so around christmas time there is usually a lot of snow and the city is very festive. I miss that. Here in the South, I just want to see snow covering the trees and the ground on Christmas. It's funny;whenever it snows now, I go out and start taking pictures! :D Like I haven't seen snow before. :D

By the way, my friend battling cancer is responding very well to treatment. She is receiving a lot of support from famiy and friends!

Have a good day ladies!

First off: WAY TO GO NATASHA!!!!! I can imagine how triumphant you feel :eek:!!!! You OWN it, girl!!!

I started the week off with Bret's SC BB Week 4 workout A and added some push-backs between the sets of dead-lifts. I used moderate weights and it felt pretty good. Tonight is X10 Low Impact and some "beach muscle" work ;)!
Yesterday I had a feeling of a "sandy" or "gritty" throat and a very minor dry little cough. Nothing that made me really take any serious notice. But this morning I woke up to hardly any voice at all, and what voice I have is husky and raspy (and not sexy like Jessica Rabbit, more like Bea Arthur from "Maude" :p). I've been drinking lots of tea and sucking Burt's Bees throat lozenges all day. It's weird! I feel kind of tired too. I guess I was ripe for the plucking with how run down I had become with the lack of sleep and poor diet these past 2 weeks. DANG :(! So as long as this "thing" stays above my chest I'll continue to work out. My rule is once it goes below the neck, I rest!

Hope everyone else is dong well.
Sorry, but I'm going to cut this post short today....:rolleyes:
Yeah Nat! So excited for you. Where did you get all those weight plates?

Nancy- I'm sorry your getting sick, hopefully you'll get it before it gets full fledged. How are you likeing your new WO's?

Justina - I am excited for you and I hear you on the difference between "look at my arms" and " I can do 10 push-ups on my toes.

Colleen - I wished I would have known you wanted to try slow and heavy. I have them and could have lent them to you.

Marie - Thanks for the pic of your cute little owl. I love you new Avatar too.

So today I did All out low impact hiit! Well just part, but still. It felt...... exhausting I cant lie. I have been walking still about every other day but its fairly short lived because its only -5. I feel bad for the dog. But I am reday to get up and get a WO in before school takes over my life. I am thinking Beautiful Badass.

I went for a nice long cold walk on Tuesday night also. On Thursday I had some sore quads, so I just shoveled snow for about 10 minutes. Today ( Thursday ) I did hiit 30/30, ouch! I took a longer break before the tuck jumps and afterwards too. I made it and am feeling better already.

I worked out on Wednesday (did Strong Curves BB week 4 workout "B") and had to miss last night's cardio.
This cold bug has gone into my face and it's really sapping my energy...
the thought of cardio gives me much trepidation!
Tonight I'm supposed to do workout "C". I hope I can :confused:!
I feel AWFUL!
poor me
UGH I lost a post this morning :mad:

My w/o yesterday was:

1) 8x4R squats @ 90 & 95lbs. I tried 95lbs for the 3rd set and did very well. By the 4th set, 4th rep, I almost hit failure, so I dropped the weight back down. Perhaps I did not allow that much time for recovery or I'm just not ready for that weight. Gotta leave my ego at the door sometimes :eek:. I guess I got too excited because I'm this.close to reaching the BIG 1-0-0. Baby steps :).

2) 6x4R parallel bar dips superset w/
6x4R barbell rows @ 75lbs.

3) 3x15R hips thrusts @ 75lbs

I will BB today to write the personals!!!
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Hey Natty-

Just out of pure curiosity how long do your workouts usually take?

It all depends if I add the 10min beach work or not. Usually though, it's approx. 45min (including warm-up) to 1hr (with beach work). This also includes the rest periods (anywhere from 1min-2min -- between working sets). I foam roll at the end too, so that pushes me to the 60min mark. I'm ok with this length because I only have to do it 3X/week, and it's total body.
Hi ladies,

Hope all is well. I'm on workout 2 of Nia's program. It's going well. I do wish I have a power tower so I can actually do chin ups. I've been doing it with resistance band but it's just not the same.

Hi Nancy, I'm sorry you're sick. :( Hope you recover soon! Funny you said your voice is more like "Maude", we love that show. Her voice is not forgetable; definitely unique. When I'm sick I don't work out. I feel like my body would need rest most.

Are you ladies ready for Thanksgiving? Natasha, I think your Thanksgiving in Canada was in October right? I'm not ready at all. Haven't gone shopping for food or anything. I'll have to do all of that this week! :eek:

Have a good day!

Hi ladies!

Sorry I did not come back from personals -- I have been super busy these past few days! And plus every time I went to write the personals, I would hit a key on my stupid laptop and lose the whole damn thing :mad:.

GUESS WHO IS GETTING A SQUAT RACK FOR XMAS?!?! This girl, right here :eek:.

My w/o yesterday was:

1) 6x4R DL's @ 110lbs (I had a bad sleep the night before and didn't feel comfortable pushing above 115lbs)

2) 6x4R chin-ups superset w/
6x4R barbell overhead press @ 48lbs

*beach work*
1) 3x10R EZ bar curl
2) 3x10R lying tricep extensions
3) 3x10R DB lateral raises

You sure are coming along w/Nia's program :). How are you liking it?
Yes our Thanksgiving was in Oct. Did you read Nia's blog post on how to survive the holiday's? That woman sure is a breath of fresh air -- I love her outlook on food, training, life. She never makes women feel guilty for eating and working out LESS, you know?
BTW, I dance between sets too :eek:. I'm glad no one can see me through the window shaking my bum to rap songs :eek::p;).
About the reset, I sometimes do and I sometimes don't, depending on which set/rep it is. I do try to stop completely at the bottom.

We just got hit hard with snow a few days ago! You'll get used to the cold and walking in the snow, even though I'm not gonna lie IT SUCKS :(. Alaska is practically a Canadian province as far as I'm concerned lol ;). Canadian's brave the winter LIKE A BOSS :p;)
So are you considering one of Nia's program's? I think you will really be taken by it because it's only a 3x/week commitment.
BTW, I have been accumulating the weight plates for 2+ years now.

I hope you got to enjoy some nice R&R since you've been sick :(. How are you feeling?

Have a great day ladies!
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Congrats Natty on the squat rack, you'll love it!
Hope to start get into a workout schedule by New Year. Lost weight since my move due to watching my calories but no longer counting plus work in a campus setting so lots of walking & stairs.
No longer on the phones at work now doing tax processing and research.
There is a mutual attraction/connection with a guy at work who was my supervisor for three weeks before my job changed. Too many details to post here.
Finally, its difficult to make friends since my focus had been on finding work & learning my job.
All done with IKEA for now. I bought the krazog kitchen cart in dark grey shown in the catalogue in turquoise and black.
Cooking again.


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